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Chinas software and IC industry will introduce a new support policy

As a "file 18" (that is, "to encourage the development of software industry and integrated circuit industries a number of policy") and "upgrade", the new software and IC industry the introduction of supportive policies are in the pipeline. Yesterday, Vice Minister of Ministry of Information Industry Lou on the "First Financial Daily" said that at present the Ministry of Information Industry, the relevant departments are jointly research new policy rules. He said that in the original "18 files" on the basis of new industries to support policies will be refined in the WTO context. Lou is on the same day the information industry held its sixth major technological inventions conference selection results revealed that the above information. The poll, with nearly a hundred projects to participate, ZTEs "fixed number of key technologies 3G ...
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Specification of e-payment licenses issued in the second quarter is expected to

June 2005, the Peoples Bank of China, "Administrative Measures for payment and settlement organizations (draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") the first draft, but nearly two years later, the "measures" the official regulations have failed to introduced. Here, the introduction of formal regulations on the time of speculation and central bank responses of external stakeholders, from last September, the end of this year by the end of March, until now, but all there is no schedule published. Industry insiders believe that the "approach" involves many sensitive issues, such as unlicensed companies out of foreign entry, etc., need to agree on a number of government departments, so lead to "approach" to postpone the introduction. Xu Luode central bank payment and settlement of Foreign Secretary, said the introduction of formal r...
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Localization of the standard Bluetooth chip urgently

Mobile phones, laptops, GPS, PDA, automobile communication ... ... the new equipment of modern life are all embedded in short-range wireless Bluetooth technology. According to IDG reports: In 2005, global shipments of Bluetooth chips has reached 316 million, expected in 2009 will reach 866 million. Most of the Bluetooth industry and domestic distribution chain are in Shenzhen, in the second session, held on Friday Bluetooth technology trends and products worldwide exchange Summit, the Chinese domestic manufacturers will release the first block of the Bluetooth chip. For the vortex in the certification and imitation Bluetooth struggling businesses, this is good news. First block of Shenzhen this week released the Bluetooth chip Recently, the reporter learned from the Bluetooth Summit Organizing Committee, the Chinese acquired the Bluet...
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U.S. semiconductor tester STC will develop standards bodies around the interface standard tester

Semiconductor Test Consortium (STC) began to develop called "Semiconductor Test Interface eXtensions (STIX)" the new standard. In the July 16 ~ 20 at San Francisco, semiconductor-related event "SEMICON West 2007" on, STC in the exhibition a comprehensive introduction STIX making process. SEMICON held in late June before, STC announced the launch and related documents STIX (English release information, PDF). Earlier, STC has been developing is called "OpenSTAR (Open Semiconductor Test Architecture)" modular-oriented standard LSI tester. STC leading member companies - Advantest (Advantest) had been put into the basis for OPENSTAR standard SoC tester "T2000" series, now has another dominant STC member companies - the United States on the Intel supplied hundred units T2000. STC in October 2006 was arguably the release of STIX notice. The...
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The safe use of notebook PC lithium battery Manual

The recent explosion of things phone repeatedly occurred in the last week, Nokias worldwide recall of 46 million cell phone batteries, it is causing the industry to the mobile phone battery safety questioned. Reporter was informed that the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, the battery industry will, Information and Communication Industry Association and video network equipment industry will have begun to cooperate in establishing technical standards for the safe use of lithium batteries. According to reports, the industry associations involved in the notebook computers, mobile phones and digital cameras, and other industries. Prior to that, for the safe use of lithium batteries, the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association and the battery industry, has been co-developed a...
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"Notice" issued by digital radio market is about to open

Recently, Radio Authority, Ministry of Information Industry released the letter and no letter [2007] No. 81 document, "released on" Radio frequency digital radio system equipment technical requirements "(for Trial Implementation)." "Notice" states: "technical requirements" for 137MHz-167MHz, 403MHz-425MHz and 915MHz-917MHz. "Notice" also noted that "technical requirements" specified in the original configuration of the channel 25kHz, 12.5kHz and 6.25kHz additional channel configuration, the legitimate user can choose 25kHz within the channel to use. In this way, the original analog radio frequency system equipment has become a legitimate user, can continue to use the channel spacing 25kHz analog radio system equipment, the analog system equipment can also be upgraded or replaced for 2 or 4 channel 12.5kHz channel spacing 6.25kHz digital...
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Jiu-off system for film producers to create innovative new media industry standards

Pictures Jiu-off movie excitement continued on October 25 "The Second China Internet Industry Development Summit Forum video" won "2007 China Internet marketing value of video content providers the best video" award after a re-delivery to the industry blockbuster stars, its innovative system of Jiu-off producer of new media industry Jiu trigger off a new wave of concern about the film. Nowadays to promote the domestic film industry in terms of general system of independent producers, this system also is becoming the mainstream way of production release. The so-called "independent producer system", primarily by an independent producer with distribution networks or in a cinema, a business organization of the company, provide some financial support of the film. Before shooting the film in theme, script, cast and crew mainly funded companie...
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IGRS 3C over half of the FCD ballot is the first field or Chinese standards

FRANCISCO IGRS alliance has been interest from journalists, IGRS standard won in this round of FCD ballot support in many countries, but also won more than half of the votes, but voting rules of international standards, the current round of communication with some countries still need to work, voting to continue the work. Official said IGRS will communicate as soon as possible, answer their questions, to expedite the adoption, the field of the global 3C standard --- the first from China IGRS standard. It is understood that submitted proposals to the international standard as an international standard, to go through the new work item (NWIP), Committee Draft (CD), the final Committee Draft (FCD), the international final draft standard (FDIS) and international standards ( IS), and several stages, in general, professional process can be di...
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TI pioneered the industrys first DTS-HD audio standard DSP implementation of the main program

Texas Instruments (TI) is committed to developing the highest quality performance and innovative technology, recently, the company announced that its audio DSP to become the lead through the main 192 kHz DTS-HD audio (DTS-HD master audio) embedded implementation of the standard certification program, allowing for the home theater system brings unmatched audio quality. DA7xx series based on TIs award-winning DSP technology for audio / video receiver (AVR) can fully support 8-channel 192 kHz lossless audio, for the consumer great power of the ideal home theater experience. The technology to achieve a perfect bit by bit mapping (bit-for-bit) reproduce the original audio, home theater systems so filmmakers can truly reproduce the sound design. DA7xx DSP DTS-HD through the main audio and DTS-LBR (low bit rate) of the full certification, is th...
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MP5 industry standards into the drafting stage

"MP3 is a music player, MP4 is the video playback, MP5 is playing what?" For MP5, many consumers do not understand, even in the industry, even if the definition is still not unified MP4, MP5s standard is even more ambiguous. Many Computer City sales staff also said that a deeper understanding of consumer MP4, MP5 is there six months ago, time products, wider compatibility in performance. It is understood, MP5 one that was first proposed by the Patriots, followed by multiple vendors after another to follow. Present, including Aigo, Lenovo, Founder, and other domestic brands of digital products manufacturers participation standards. Patriot MP5 video project manager Lijun said that the current industry standard MP5 into the drafting stage, and industry standards such as MP3 or MP4 is different, MP5 industry standard does not specify the s...
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