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Even behind the Ministry of Information Industry will develop a complete TD-SCDMA development

Held in 24 "ICT China 2007" High-level Forum on Science and Technology Ministry of Information Industry, said Zhang Xinsheng, deputy director, will work hard to support our 3G standard TD-SCDMA, and for the future development of TD-SCDMA develop a complete plan evolution path. Same time, he also made clear that, TD-SCDMAs success, or that applications can not meet the needs of customers; Chinese industry a sense of urgency, to follow the evolution of technology law and actively follow up. Zhang Xinsheng, entitled "Information industry trends and technology directions," the report, highlighting the TD-SCDMA. And just last week, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) announced the acceptance of a global mobile WiMAX wireless standard, WiMAX technology squeezed into the 3G family, and the European WCDMA, CDMA2000 and China, the U...
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TD industrial chain mature TD / GSM dual mode dual standby mobile phone standard is published

Can be used for both TD-SCDMA/GSM (GPRS) are two dual-mode dual standby mobile phone network standard by the Ministry of Information Industry recently issued. Dual-mode dual standby mobile phone technology requirements (YDC 063-2007) and test methods (YDC 064-2007) has been CSTC network ( posted to meet the follow-up TD-SCDMA commercialization process. Second day of the extension of the International Telecommunications Exhibition revealed the sources said, including terminal equipment, mobile phones, including a series of achievement standards, marking the TD industrial chain increasingly tend to mature. Dual-mode dual standby, is to allow mobile phone also has "TD-SCDMA", and "GSM (GPRS)" function of the two networks and allow the two networks at the same time online, and can be achieved between the two modes seamlessl...
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WiMAX is a global wireless standard approved by ITU

According to foreign media reports, the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said Friday it has approved the WiMAX wireless broadband access technology as the global standard for mobile devices. Analysts said the move will help the next generation of WiMAX as the preferred high-speed wireless Internet access programs, while driving with WiMAX-related hardware sales. ITU held a meeting Thursday to discuss matters relating to WiMAX as an international standard. In the participating members, the United States even behind the WiMAX standard. Analysts said, ITU Fridays decision shows that, IMT-2000 standard of the other technology can also be used in future network based on WiMAX technology. The current fixed-line network connection speed is usually 2MB / s, while the WiMAX connection speed of up to 70MB / s, range up t...
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ITU as WiMax "rectification of names" to approve a fourth 3G standard

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on Friday announced that ITU has approved a mobile WiMax wireless standard. This means that, WiMax as 3G IMT-2000 standard, a full member of the family, and WCDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA in China side by side, as the worlds fourth largest 3G standards. WiMax as 3G standard, after a member of the family, WiMax standards pave the way for the global harmonization of spectrum. Operators to deploy networks will be more convenient. WiMax can also be fully involved in future high-level ITU 4G plans. IT giant WiMax is the traditional tool for trying to enter the telecommunications market, the technology from the PC areas, such as Intel, IBM and Samsung are all their supporters. WiMaxs core patents owned simultaneously by multiple vendors, the forum has more than 400 companies, ranging from the core of ...
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WiMAX has become a global 3G standard: TD how to deal with?

International Telecommunication Union meeting on Thursday formally approved WiMAX as an international standard. Analysts said the move will help the next generation of WiMAX as the preferred high-speed wireless Internet access programs, while driving with WiMAX-related hardware sales. Other technologies within the 3G standard can also be used in future network based on WiMAX technology. The current fixed-line network connection speed is usually 2MB / s, while the WiMAX connection speed of up to 70MB / s over distances up to 40 miles. However, with Chinas TD-SCDMA TDD spectrum sharing is unavoidable, at present, China Mobile TD-SCDMA commercial trial under way, WCDMA, CDMA2000 deployment in China did not sign. Today, WiMAX TD emergence of what kind of impact will it? "WiMAX as 3G standard may be Chinas 3G licensing and industrial policy...
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Integration of the two major mobile TV standards brewing

Bit Network (ChinaByte) 10 22 message (in the arts-wan) even though the final national standard has not yet introduced, but the SARFTs CMMB mobile multimedia broadcasting mobile TV standard in the entire country has been the subject prepared by the selection process concern, recently there is news, CMMB has been formally submitted to the National Standard Committee of copy, while the bits in a recent interview with Network ChinaByte compete with Taiwans head of mobile TV standard CDMB F Virtue professor also noted a surprising news. "CDMB CMMB has now been fully considered and integration issues." China Association for Standardization Technical Committee of Standardization of multimedia communications, broadcasting director of floor Virtue said. Building Virtue said, CDMB standard DAB channel demodulator technology and CMMB standards ST...
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ITU approved 3G standards for the global WiMAX

According to foreign media reports, October 21, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on Friday announced that ITU has approved a mobile WiMax wireless standard. WiMax IMT-2000 3G standard to become a member of the family after the deployment of the network operators will be more convenient because in the current market, wireless spectrum primarily allocated to IMT technologies. Following the launch of ITUs decision, the first may be the most affected "UMTS extension band", from 2.5GHz to 2.6GHz frequency band between. European regulators plan began in January 2008 from the distribution of the band. This band WiMax vendors and operators are also the focus of attention. WiMax Forum board member, Airspan Networks Chief Technology Officer, Paulo Sérgio Neil (Paul Senior), said: "We have developed a 2.5GHz and 2.6GHz frequency ba...
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Mobile phone baseband chip market integration will be survival of the fittest suppliers

According to market research firm iSuppli, mobile phones and mobile phone semiconductor market will enter a consolidation phase, may lead to the baseband chip suppliers through survival of the fittest. ISuppli said in a report, in recent years, many small mobile phone manufacturers in China have been withdrawn from the market, combined with BenQ - Siemens (BenQ-Siemens) bankruptcy, resulting in increasing concentration of market share to the hands of five mobile phone OEM manufacturer. In 2006, the five largest OEM manufacturer of global mobile phone shipments of 83%, higher than the 75.6% in 2005. According to iSuppli, following the 2006 global mobile phone shipments grew 20.1%, the expected annual growth rate dropped to 13.1% in 2007, dropped to 11.6% in 2008. iSuppli said that mobile phone penetration rate rose to developed areas wi...
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TD MBMS mobile TV standard has been approved by international standards

To informed sources, TD-MBMS has been approved by 3GPP, is accepted as international standards, which means that, in several mobile TV standards are still debating the same time, TD-SCDMA mobile phones will use the MBMS mobile TV service foregone conclusion. This situation for the 2G mobile phone TV standard is not clear what impact the war. TD MBMS terminal using a foregone conclusion The mobile TV market has great potential, the current standard heated dispute has occurred. It is reported, has launched several major mobile TV standards, including SARFT CMMB, China Association for Standardization of CDMB, new shoreline TMMB and Tsinghua DMB-TH, and MBMS common international standards. To informed sources, TD-MBMS technology program was presented in May this year, 3GPP, has been accepted as international standards, the program is the ...
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UPS to accelerate the process of standardization

Recently, communication with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) standard of review workshop held in Xiamen. The meeting by the Ministry of Information Industry Research Institute, China Communications Standards Association, a leader of domestic UPS Xiamen Branch Hengsheng Co., Ltd. --- the contractor, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Netcom, China Railcom and other related communications operators person in charge, UPS experts and participate in the drafting of the power supply manufacturers have standards for joint participation in the meeting. The symposium, which means UPS power supply in the key industries of importance of the application, the objective is also to promote the standardization of the communications industry, the process of UPS. The main content of this meeting is to review the first time in 2000 to develop a "commun...
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