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Blade commercial launch in China standards

Recently, the first meet the Chinese standards dawn TC2600 blade servers available in the country, marking the blade server line with national standards put into commercial products. It is reported that in the global market, blade servers have been widely used in high-performance scientific computing, data centers and other large areas of the network to show their talents. However, the blade server products in the domestic market is very different from the development trend of Chinas blade server product user acceptance has been less than satisfactory. Relevant CCID Consulting analyst believes that the domestic users of the cold blade products mainly on traditional values and spending habits of the reasons, the tower to the rack, to the evolution of the expansion of blade server line, China Most users are still in the first transition p...
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Mobile TV to promote disruption "Warring States" standard calls for unity

This year, with analog mobile TV in the market promotion, mobile TV is also gradually come into our lives. But difficult to uniform standards, fees and charges can not be determined system, but also to drag the fragmentation of the industrys "Warring States Period." Therefore, the experts called for in the 3G and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games approaching, as soon as possible to determine the appropriate standards and charging mechanism so that the full and healthy development of the industry. Mobile TV dream closer and closer After a long game, the mobile TV management ownership appears to be uncertain. In some time ago at the "International Radio Film and TV Expo Science and Technology Development Forum", the State Administration of Radio, the first clear ownership of mobile TV business problems. Zhang Haitao, deputy director of SARF...
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Japanese companies targeting the next generation of standards for electronic components

Electronic parts and components to accelerate the pace of technology development, various Japanese manufacturers to meet the mobile phones, digital home appliances, automotive technology needs a strong, full use of cutting-edge technology, high value-added products. At the same time as "the next growth" as the subject for a new field of research and development activities, refining line with the key technology of the next growth. Continued expansion of the worlds electronic parts and components market demand in Japan electronic parts, components industry, the world market, constantly introducing new cutting-edge technology. October 2 opening of the CEATEC2007 exhibition is aimed at next-generation standards to manufacturers of new products, new technology, focus on appearance. Expected output value of electronic components in Japan in 2...
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The power of technical standards currently used

Rapid development in electronic technology today, more and more power electronics attention has been paid, the upgrading of power technology which is more relevant to promote the development of electronic equipment and components. Peoples daily lives, whether or modern electronic warfare, power supply system as its power source, its status and importance of self-evident. The quality of the product of power, whether military or civilian, are similar foreign products there is a clear gap. Therefore, the use of advanced international standards, to learn advanced foreign technology, as soon as possible so that the quality of power supply products catch up with international advanced level, all in the power of our development and production of engineering and technical personnel imperative. Production and in daily life, power is a large wide...
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Shenzhen terrestrial digital TV signals the formal implementation of the national premiere GB

With independent intellectual property rights with Chinese national terrestrial digital TV standard as the core of the high-definition digital TV signals broadcast for the first time in Shenzhen, Shenzhen became Chinas first declaration of a formal implementation of the national standards of the city. Is reported that the first broadcast terrestrial digital television signals mainly in support of the State Development and Reform Commission to promote, which means people from Shenzhen to watch digital high definition television programs free of charge, while the national standard issued by the Shenzhen Multi-carrier signal will cover Hong Kong most areas, the people of Shenzhen to Hong Kong in Hong Kong can also be synchronized to keep watch high-definition digital TV programs in Shenzhen. It is reported that by the end of TVB in Hong Ko...
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Electronic payment is expected to license specifications released in the second quarter

2005 Nian 6 months, the Peoples Bank of China, "Administrative Measures for payment and settlement organizations (draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") the first draft, but nearly two years later, the "measures" but no later than the official regulations not later than the introduction. Here, the introduction of formal regulations on the time of speculation and central bank responses of external stakeholders, from last September, the end of this year by the end of March, until now, but did not timely issued. Industry insiders believe that the "approach" involves many sensitive issues, such as unlicensed companies out of foreign entry, etc., need to agree on a number of government departments, leading to the "measures" to postpone the introduction. Xu Luode central bank payment and settlement of Foreign Secretary, said the...
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CDMA Development Group published the Ultra Mobile Broadband Air Interface Specification

CDMA Development Group (CDG) and the Third Generation Partnership Project 2 (3GPP2) has released Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB) Air Interface Specification - 3GPP2C. S0084-0v2.0. 3GPP2 UMB specification is expected to be quickly converted into an official organization partners, the global standards, including the Japan Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), China Communications Standards Association (CCSA), the United States Communications Industry Association (TIA), Korea Telecommunications Technology Association ( TTA) and the Japanese Telecommunications Technology Committee (TTC). TIA plans to UMB standard name for the TIA-1121. Marks the release of this specification all the worlds first IP-based mobile broadband standard can achieve 288Mbps in 20MHz of bandwidth, peak download, and while maintaining a wide range and l...
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Need to finalize our mobile TV standard

Recently, the French government signed the resolution, the three ministries will determine its national mobile TV standard is DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting Hand held, hand-held digital video players), and hope before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games push mobile TV market for the end of 2008 the French to enjoy this service. In the previous news that, as a part of DVB-H standard developed by the European investment and therefore tend to support the EU members as a unified standard DVB-H mobile TV standard. Looking at Taiwan, although the discussions on the mobile TV standard has already begun, but so far this has not truly determine the state of the mobile TV standard, telecom systems and mobile TV broadcasting system is still on the game more than standard support. In this regard, the industry has recently said that with the 3G era an...
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Standardization of digital camera batteries blank face

Battery problem has become so IT vendors and users of concern and worry about the topic, Dell laptop battery explosion last year, a large number of recall Sony laptop batteries 10 million event. This year, mobile phone battery problems again cause for concern. Previously, mobile phone battery died after the blast users, Nokia announced a recall of 46 million products from Panasonic mobile phone battery. Laptop computer and cell phone batteries out of accidents, digital camera batteries into consumer focus. 【Case】 Digital camera battery is discharged too quickly Not long ago, in a number of photography forums, there the user on the digital camera battery discharge excessive complaints. Wang You Miss Chang said she was 3 years ago to buy the Fuji F420 normal use for a year probably only about a year later, her camera there this kind o...
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Detailed Global Ministry of Information Industry standard charger

Recently, there have been reports for "OMTP organization released a mobile phone charger interface standard, and not compatible with Chinas standards", Ministry of Information Industry of China Academy of Telecommunication Research Laboratory He Guili Gentile said, OMTP involved in the mobile phone charger standard side of the interface problems, China is running a release in the charger side, there is no incompatibility between the two issues. Ministry of Information Industry of China Academy of Telecommunications Research under the Ministry of Information Industry Ter laboratory is responsible for testing and mobile phone standard-setting body, He Guili is released near the Chinese mobile phone universal charger interface standard is mainly responsible for the drafting of the people. He said, the report referred mainly USBIF (USBImplem...
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