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Webber Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Mianyang City in 1989, has 20 years of history, power isolation sensor technology is the worlds leading enterprises, with a number of patents, is the first in the production of electricity companies isolation sensor . Webber, based in Sichuan, Mianyang city landscape. Isolation of its production of green electricity for all automation and DAC-08ED datasheet and control sensors and DAC-08ED price and related industries, especially in military and DAC-08ED suppliers and industrial automation, with strong international competitiveness.

Confidence in the reform is more important than gold

2008, the sudden earthquake and the financial crisis sweeping the globe, to every employees mind Webber left a lingering haze. But Webbers performance has forced all the people who know them spontaneously Qijing, disasters and difficulties in front of Webber who did not flinch, but the courage to face the crisis. In 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao at the national political conference on an important proposition: "confidence is more important than gold." Yes, in fact more serious than the crisis is fear itself. During the interview, the reporter from the given element Nguyen cordial hearty laughter, felt his courage to face the crisis of confidence and always full of strategizing.

Economic downturn in the global environment, Webber won in e-business to buck the trend, sales in 2008 exceeded ten per cent growth, which can be a miracle. When asked to give Ruan Yuan key success factor is about anything, thanks to Yuan Nguyen said proudly: "This is all thanks to my effective team, Webber each and every employee is an essential element of our success, with a united team , then a big crisis are not afraid! "while Nguyen element to a successful strategy given for journalists Tiaofenlvxi. He believes that, first, high product quality, safe and reliable; Second, there is a good sales team and technical team; Third, good service, customer satisfaction; Fourth, the logistics system can respond quickly to meet customer demand.

Hundred years of economic crisis Webber electronics and the cooperation of all the joint venture ceased, resulting in a comprehensive foreign trade enterprise shrinking situation. In this case, Webber did not lose confidence, the company formulated a "consolidation of the main business, operating characteristics, outward development, leveraging the development," the following guiding principles, and to strengthen the network propaganda efforts, see their own funds relatively strong, good cash flow advantages of operating conditions, Webber Electronics will actively market the occupation can not occupy other people, other people can not put into the field, will make the industry in quality products, the company into the field of electrical measuring the most a well-known and most powerful professional manufacturer, take the operating characteristics of the road, while the depth of excavation, it is Webber Electronics 2009 goal.

"Where there is faith, the difficulties can be overcome, the winter comes, can spring be far behind? 2009, we can show the better!" Nguyen said given per firm.

Countermeasures under financial crisis

Financial crisis, the global economic landscape will inevitably have a major impact, each company has to face the harsh reality of financial crisis. Electronics for Webber, they have been fully prepared to deal with the crisis of the preparations. As weblogs cover a wide range of products, the companys operations around the country emerged as a good development trend.

Weblogs electronic based "grasping order to maintain growth and promote development" approach to development, this year to do the following three things: 1, high quality and orderly growth of the enterprise; 2, the product better configuration to to better serve users; 3, with industry colleagues to carry out more cooperation, consolidation of weblogs in China can not shake the power isolation sensor status in the industry. To this end, Webber gave the Ruan Yuan Under the leadership of Webber in 2009 formulated the four major marketing strategy:

Strategy First, the initial establishment of the North, East, South, Central, West Area, the expansion of the five marketing channels based Services. In the five patches, Webber sent the company e-elite carefully selected strong in the future management and use of long-term overseas marketing manager of the management. It is understood that a move to promote it in a short time after obtaining encouraging results.

Strategy II, the head of the department Webber implemented electronic rotation system. According to Nguyen given element introduced Webber E head of each department, through the accreditation of professional managers, with more than a dozen e-Webber professional managers, three senior professional managers, two MBA, four international companies through the United States project management training certification to accompany the professional elite. Rotation system implemented, so that staff at all levels across the company and procedures to enhance the understanding of job content, the formation of a strong cohesion. Learned that in order to ensure Webber continued, rapid development, the company continued to develop new business and also did not forget wide CentreStage is currently expanding the sales positions of personnel. Nguyen given element, said: "In the current economic situation, the companys most valued talents in communication and teamwork capabilities, we plan to recruit a number of good quality personnel confined mentality."

Three strategies to increase product research and development efforts. Webber spends huge sums of money for the development of more efficient, more environmentally friendly power sensors. So far, has successfully developed a number of supporting national railway construction, telecommunications development, smart products, military equipment, and other areas of the country played a huge role. The fine tradition of innovation that the brand became the WB series power sensor field isolation in the "high quality" synonymous. In 2009, Webber made electronic systems in research and development of new changes, and continuously strengthen the implementation of new products, diversification of investment and project management, research and development purposes to enhance the effectiveness, improve product quality, the real product to do the fine. In addition, thanks to Ruan Yuan introduced many products have passed Webber CE certification and RoHS certification, most of the products to achieve a lead-free, no welding of the year, Webber plans total investment of 500 million into the RoHS green product line.

Strategy four, take the time to step up training. During the 2008 Olympic Games, Webber E knock off time by most companies to step up the training of the staff technical knowledge, improve staff skills, which Webber Electronics percent in 2008 to achieve growth of more than a dozen closely related to the performance of .


Given by Ruan Yuans interview, I was deeply impressed by the confidence of Webber, no matter the challenges of any crisis, Webber confident people and always maintain an optimistic attitude to face the difficulties, I think this is the weblogs of people 20 years of sustained and steady progress of the important reasons, in 2009, Webbers goal is to achieve double-digit growth performance, Webber confident that people will be able wind and waves, to create a more brilliant future!

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