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A relay for many years into the illegal disclosure of assets within the foreseeable future

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"Im listed companies to disclose false information disgust, hoping retail investors will unite to listed companies to have a say." Yesterday, Lanzhou, an investor holding Liu A relay call "public securities News "that" major shareholders of listed companies commitment to the delay in injection of cash, so we are extremely disappointed. "

A false statement is 10 years old accounts, a major shareholder in recent years, the new assets into account, when the A relay to give investors an idea?

Disclosure violations for many years

From 1999 to 2004 for six years, A relay in its annual report disclosures are not provided for the controlling shareholder of the company following the Groups commitment to Afghanistan and 74HC86 datasheet and the financial costs of bank loans debt issues, which were related to the amount of 151 million of debt , 1.51 billion yuan, 141 million yuan, 1.40 billion yuan, 160 million yuan and 74HC86 price and 2.15 billion yuan, an annual financial cost involved from ranging from 4.87 to 12.2 million yuan. A relay of the above acts by the SFC as "any false record, misleading statement or significant omission of the act."

2008 Nian 7 24, announced the receipt of the Commission A relay "administrative penalty decision." SFC 30 million fine imposed on the company, and 74HC86 suppliers and Zhu Dameng 6 people give a warning and impose a 30,000 to 100,000 yuan in fines. A penalty to the Commission

stock plummeted relay. Statistics show that Arab stock relay notification from the SFC issued a penalty of 13 yuan, fell to the lowest all the way to 2.48 yuan, as investors suffered heavy losses.

"Executives of listed companies to pay a fine of several million Paipaipigu trouble, we have investors lost tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands are carrying their own, too unreasonable." Wang said angrily.

Litigation claims still row Tu Yong, Jiangsu

Lawyer Zhang Gang told reporters that the relay because of its misrepresentation Ah, investors should bear civil liability. Investors, listed companies may bring a civil action to claim, the claim covers the difference between the loss of investment, stamp duty and interest.

So, what kind of investors to meet the claims conditions? Counsel said Zhang Gang, A relay false Disclosure Annual Report from the beginning of the disclosure, some time in March 2000 about the implementation date of this illegal act. Found in the disclosure date, it may be controversial, on the one hand can be considered July 24, 2008 the Commission formally announced the date of punishment; the other hand, February 9, 2006, A relay released "Cheng Relay Corporation shareholder funds used self-examination on the situation of the announcement, "the disclosure of its false statement of fact can also be seen as exposing day. Therefore, if a conservative look around in March 2000 to February 9, 2006 A relay between the buy and hold until February 9, 2006 after the lawsuit claims investors.

The same time, lawyers said Zhang Gang, but the two-year statute of limitations should be from July 24, 2008 the Commission formally punished date information disclosure, that is, in the July 24, 2010 before the investors filed litigation should be considered valid.

Assets into the foreseeable future? In addition to the old account

aging, A major shareholder of the relay when the share reform promises made by investors of assets into the down.

2006 by the end of debts crucial moment in the share reform, A relay staged Jedi escape, HEC Group took over the shareholding walked onto the stage to share transfer shall bear the bank debt and on behalf of a way to help companies clean up Big Shareholders 390 million yuan, achieving a successful share reform, restructuring, debts triple.

HEC Group in Afghanistan when the commitment to change the relay unit: share reform is completed, start to choose the asset reorganization, the automatic control of Harbin Power Groups underlying assets, capital works integrated into the listed companies, listed companies to achieve strategic transformation.

2007 Nian 9 4, A relay announcement that, HEC Group has been in the way of capital injection, the method, but not yet formed a concrete plan. But the 19 trading days after the A relay emergency suspension, followed by the October 8 announcement of a paper will be crushed injection: Harbin Power Group intends to east trillion Changtai Investment Group Limited to transfer A relay controlling stake. This decision was the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the SFC, the strong opposition of SASAC.

2007 Nian 10 18, A relay announced the transfer of controlling shareholder of the right to terminate. October 25 announcement that the company, major shareholders "not discussed the overall market share by following the Arab-Israeli issues, not related to recent plans, and to ensure that the last three months will not raise the matter."

Today, A relay has been in the past two years the share reform, and Harbin Power Group assets into the year that the commitment is still no real action, not specific programs. Assets into the foreseeable future I do not know how long to let investors?

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