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Dianjiang County, North Zone signed a cooperative agreement with the common eating cake LED industry

Dianjiang County, North Zone yesterday and signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in accordance with the agreement, Dianjiang County Industrial Park will be the New North Zone LED industry chain extension of the regional industrial park, the production of low-end LED products and accessories, and LED industry, the new distinction between the northern food cake. LED is the acronym for light-emitting diode, the North District Management Committee briefing, the district planning and construction of the LED industry park will eventually be formed, including core applications, supporting the three industrial zones and exhibition and trade, the two R & D center expected 3 to 5 years in the region formed 50 billion yuan output value of the two-scale enterprises, 10 enterprises more than a billion production value of 10. "North Zone is only...
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the iPhone is not a Windows Mobile phone rivals

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer), said in an interview, iPhone is not a Windows Mobile opponent. Ballmer said, "telecom operators and handset manufacturers the actual market trend seems mainly by the brings Windows Mobile and Android." Although he acknowledged that Apples iPhone is the "darling of the consumer market," he suggested, iPhone does not have the control of Microsoft and Google mobile operating platforms in the same category of the market potential. Ballmer never liked to belittle iPhone. He was the smart phone market from the above evaluation can be judged, he is still unwilling to accept the iPhones success. Data from market research firm Gartner shows that in the third quarter of 2008, RIMs BlackBerry and Apples iPhone market share is far behind Nokias smart phones, ranked second and third. Nokia of the global ...
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TD Guangdong Mobile plans this year to 50 million users will be developed

Cities across the province of Guangdong Mobile plans to complete the TD in the full coverage of this year, TD will be developed to 50 million users. Xu Long, General Manager of Guangdong Mobile in Guangdong, "two sessions" have said the company will invest 60 billion new TD base stations 6300. Guangdong Mobile to sources, to support the independent 3G standard TD-SCDMA, Guangdong Mobile has invested more than 50 billion purchase of domestic manufacturers of network equipment, base stations in 2008 to build 4,600 TD; last TD of more than 10 domestic terminal procurement million. Internal information Guangdong Mobile, Guangdong Mobile in 2008 revenue 64 billion yuan, up by 9%, the number of customers exceeded 80 million, an increase of over 10%, and paid 9.0 billion revenue, the contribution of GDP over Guangdong Province 1.8%. However,...
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China Mobile Shanghai by the end of March will be the first to launch TD Internet

In Shanghai, China Mobile is preparing to accelerate the deployment of TD. China Mobile Shanghai company official said March will be the first to launch a series of TD terminals, including wireless landline TD, TD Internet, TD home gateways, and TD network construction and tariff adjustments will be further developed. Market in Shanghai, China Mobile, in fact these measures are also being deployed throughout the country. As of last year, China Mobile Shanghai company has developed a TD customer 75600. Among them, 53,200 commercial customers test. Commercial trial data on the card customer 45800, are the country. Relevant person in charge of Shanghai Communications Administration said yesterday, in the network coverage, prior to the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai more than 1,000 TD Jiangzai new base stations, making the total close to Shan...
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Microsofts strategy to push mobile phones Wphone Last Stand

Giant Microsoft to lend Telstra Telstra (Telstra) an executive of a mobile phone, but then this phone was pick-pocketing. A small cell phone stolen, while filling the company into a rush of "panic", worried that this is the industry espionage. This is the place in Feb. 16 opening of the MWC 2009 (2009 Mobile World Congress) during an episode. Lost the phone, install the latest version of Microsofts competitive weapon - not available in Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. Many reporters from around the world move in Microsofts new strategy this phone conference, seen live, but was "No shooting" ordering. Windows Mobile 6.5 is Microsoft facing Apple, Google, Nokias instrument, is Microsofts strategy of moving back a step to adjust competition. According to Microsoft, new ideas, it will not produce their own cell phone, but it is the use...
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VDSL2 line transmission scheme rising star show their skills

Present, VDSL2 chip solution provider focused on for a few established players. IIC in the spring of 2009, the emergence of a new face to let everyone shines. "Dart devote themselves to creating more than two years to do long VDSL2 chip development, and finally succeeded in developing products and has entered volume production, is the worlds fourth to provide VDSL2 central office and client solutions company. Triductor The VDSL2 chip solution with the performance of several other programs quite, and the IC as a local company, we have a significant advantage in that the localization team more efficient and effective support to customers in China. "Chong Dart Technology Co., Ltd. (http : / / president and co-founder Mr. Fang Xueyong said. Record established in 2005, is Asias Dart is the only technology to provide a com...
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Shanghai Mountain View proudly unveiled IC IIC-China 2009

After the financial turmoil since 2008, the International IC market was not a small impact, especially in the consumer electronics market to show a significant downward trend. Many local businesses have closed down due to the impact the general trend, large international companies have also had a negative news. In this environment, not all companies are pessimistic about prospects of a precarious situation, or, Mountain View, Integrated Circuit Technology Co., Ltd., or Shanghai is a special case. Longitudinal and deputy general manager of Mountain View, Han Yong Liu, general manager of the IIC-China 2009 exhibition site in an interview to show confident, ambitious state, they said that although the companys main market is for consumer electronics products, but for the company this financial crisis is almost unaffected, the current state...
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Electronic Components: Order has been restored recovery is still too early to say words

08Q4 fast down the industry, 09 continued Care is expected in Q4 2008, the global economic crisis under the weight of the already down in the economy of the electronic components manufacturing stage sharp decline in business performance, whether it is the worlds leading electronics manufacturers, or domestic electronic components manufacturer, the quarterly results generally have a more significant decline. Industry into the economy low. And resulting in 2009s cautious forecast industry conditions, international research institutes generally agreed that the global semiconductor industry revenue in 2009 will be down. Into 2009, orders picked up 4 quarter results dropped sharply, there are many reasons for the decline in end demand is the main reason for the precautionary principle and the downstream businesses to adjust inventories to ...
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Nokia, Qualcomm fell in love with the wireless market prospects

Mobile World Congress in a week so over. Now I want to summarize here, see, hear or learn of the most interesting, most surprising, the most significant, the most controversial and the most bizarre thing. Finally, I want to tell you, these are long-term evolution (LTE) or femtocells (femtocell) does not matter, at least not now. I hope you agree with my point of view. The most interesting thing, is not long ago we had guessed before: Nokia will not actually purchase chips to Qualcomm? Although at the time may be two sides are and the respective lawyers in San Diego, Helsinki, Finland Aisi Bo or plotting how to win the intellectual property dispute. This conference Qualcomm and Nokia to shake hands, let the speculation became a reality. Nokia, Qualcomm plans to develop will use the latest high-end 3G baseband chip, mobile phone. The ch...
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Semiconductor manufacturers will be in the end energy

Driven in the green Olympics, the Chinese government promulgated the "Regulations on Energy Conservation of public institutions", and officially launched in October last year. As home appliances is the first energy assessment indicators, because the rural and urban electricity upside down, there are still a lot of electricity in rural areas, 50% higher than the city. Survey data show that Chinas urban households is equivalent to the average standby power consumption of these families use every day with a length of 15 to 30 watt light. And various home appliances, the average standby power consumption in the 15 to 30 watts. Therefore, the development of energy efficient products are also to be a vendor to pursue. Semiconductor Marketing Engineer Long Yi pointed out that as the growing global energy consumption, in order to save energy, n...
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