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BAK Battery 2.4 billion into the field of automotive battery

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BAK Battery, the person in charge told reporters, BAK focus on research and PCI1225PDV datasheet and development of electric vehicle battery project, was included in the national 863 major projects, will be a total of 20 million yuan of national research funding. In the "major projects of National 863 Plan" with the support of BAK to be a major push into the market promising areas of automotive battery, is planning to build a 2.4 billion investment in the "Power Battery Industrial Park."

Revenue growth last year, 40%

Was founded 8 years in Shenzhen BAK Battery Co., Ltd. mainly focus on mobile phones, laptops, wireless power tools and PCI1225PDV price and other portable digital electronic products development and PCI1225PDV suppliers and production of lithium batteries. In recent years, using the global rechargeable battery industry to accelerate the opportunity to gather in Shenzhen, BAK continued rapid "jump" from a few years ago a Japanese lithium battery production is only 200,000 enterprises, China and the world quickly become the largest The lithium-ion battery manufacturers, and successfully listed on NASDAQ.

The global financial tsunami last year to Mozambique caused no small impact. Under its influence, Mozambique in November once the order has dropped by nearly 50% of the original financing of the project had to be postponed. "Financial crisis is a crisis, there are opportunities." Zhang Shu, vice president of Mozambique All told this reporter a few years ago, Wang Cheong because of market demand, a variety of battery companies to fish in neighboring Shenzhen, there are only hundreds of battery manufacturers, vicious competition and quality , varying skill levels to the whole industry has brought many problems. By the financial turmoil, such as the BAK-leading technology with strength and manufacturers, but can survive the crisis and usher in development and growth opportunities.

It is reported that since last December, BAK domestic and foreign orders have rebounded sharply. Shu-wide revealed that preliminary data show that, BAK 2008, good and rapid development, to realize an annual sales income of more than 20 billion yuan, representing an increase of more than 40%.

First to layout car battery

Actively carry out technological innovation and develop new projects, despite the grim situation is the BAK has been rapid development of the "secret." According to reports, after years of rapid development, Mozambique has become the most competitive lithium leading domestic and foreign enterprises, as of now, the national patent number 700, and participated in the drafting of a national safety standards for lithium-ion batteries.

"Cultivating" the field of lithium batteries at the same time, BAK also used the technology, targeting the global energy crisis and vigorously promote energy saving of the favorable opportunity to actively enter the field of automotive battery. Through cooperation with relevant international research institutions, now has become a global pioneer in BAK electric vehicles powered by lithium iron phosphate battery developed by enterprises, and have been positive results.

"BAK declared electric vehicle with lithium iron phosphate battery systems project has been included in the national 863 key projects, has just received the first batch of more than 900 million national research funding." Shu-All told reporters, the development of electric vehicles in the world, the lithium battery industry has been high hopes.

Heavily built battery industrial park

Reporter was informed, BAK car battery is listed as 863 final project plan focused on supporting the "energy saving and new energy vehicles" project, will be a total of 20 million yuan for scientific research funding. "Energy saving and new energy vehicles" project is the biggest "selling point", will be in the global energy crisis, the solution of electric vehicle power, the energy crisis and promote the industrialization of electric vehicles in-depth and rapid development.

"BAK battery developed in the automotive field, has been living in the world, the next industrial project is very promising." It is reported that the project for the realization of industrialization, BAK has been planned investment of 2.4 billion battery start construction in Tianjin Industrial Park, is expected to be completed within this year, annual output of 30 million lithium-ion production line, sales volume of approximately $ 500,000,000. By then, the Industrial Park as the largest and most advanced technology lithium-ion battery production base to meet the power tools, electric vehicle battery market development needs.

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