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Semiconductor manufacturers will be in the end energy

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Driven in the green Olympics, the Chinese government promulgated the "Regulations on Energy Conservation of public institutions", and TL594CDR datasheet and officially launched in October last year. As home appliances is the first energy assessment indicators, because the rural and TL594CDR price and urban electricity upside down, there are still a lot of electricity in rural areas, 50% higher than the city. Survey data show that Chinas urban households is equivalent to the average standby power consumption of these families use every day with a length of 15 to 30 watt light. And various home appliances, the average standby power consumption in the 15 to 30 watts. Therefore, the development of energy efficient products are also to be a vendor to pursue.

Semiconductor Marketing Engineer Long Yi pointed out that as the growing global energy consumption, in order to save energy, new energy efficiency standards will be following several directions: First, a further reduction in standby power consumption for the current development rapid LCDTV, require no-load standby power consumption of 0.1 watts or less. Second, when light-load and TL594CDR suppliers and full load efficiency. Such as ATX, For 1 / 4 load, 1 / 2 load to full load efficiency requirements when 85%, respectively, 88%, 85%. Third, the power factor.

To further reduce energy consumption, energy conservation, new energy efficiency standards have been promulgated. Entered into force in November 2008 the "Energy Star" products version 3.0 specification is designed to improve the energy efficiency of LCD TVs. This requires panel suppliers need to improve panel performance, providing higher energy efficiency of the screen, provide the same light output in the case of reducing the use of light and reduce energy consumption. LCDTV standby power now requires less than 1W, soon to be less than 0.3W, and even may be less than 0.1W. And older than television, meet the new certification standard TV energy efficiency improved 30%.

Data show that about 2,750 million U.S. television, the average annual consumption of over 50 billion kilowatts of electricity, accounting for 4% of household electricity consumption is about. New York, which supplies electricity to all households a year of electricity. If the new standards, each year you can save 10 billion dollars in energy costs and reduce the equivalent of 100 million vehicles exhaust emissions. Set-top box products for the "Energy Star" version 2.0 specification plan January 1, 2009 to take effect. The computer power is introduced for the "Energy Star" version 4.0 specification.

Energy efficiency standards in all modes of operation requirements of the growing popularity of power conversion with higher energy efficiency, including reducing standby (no load) power consumption, improve power efficiency, the use of power factor correction (PFC) or reduce the harmonics. Long Yi said that once the choice of a good power management chip, the power supply topology and operating mode to be determined. To further enhance efficiency, in addition to optimizing the design, selection of components should also pay attention to. Such as switching power semiconductor devices in the MOSFET and the output rectifier, to try to choose low-resistance MOSFET turn-on voltage decreased with the output rectifier. Of course, in the application of high current output, if output can use synchronous rectification, improvement of efficiency will be of great help. In addition the design and selection of magnetic components is also crucial, such as transformer design, copper loss and iron loss should be considered as a factor.

He said that ON Semiconductors new chip to meet several new energy standards. NCP1392 is a 8-Pin integration of multiple protection functions of the LLC controller such that the design of the power supply is more simplified. NCP1237 is a fixed frequency flyback controller, light load to go back to using the frequency characteristics of integrated input over voltage protection, over power protection and other protection features to meet the latest Energy Star 2.0 standards. NCP1654 is a 8-Pin the continuous mode PFC control devices, input under-voltage protection, and good dynamic response. In the introduction of new products, the company also promote the overall solution, these solutions applied the latest technology. Secondary synchronous rectification, such as resonant half-bridge architecture for highly efficient ATX power supply. Trends in personal computer power supply efficiency requirements consistent with 80PLUS specification, energy efficiency than the 68% and 73% of half-bridge two-switch forward program were 12% and 7% higher. Semiconductor GreenPointATX all load points can be guaranteed to meet 80PLUSSilver energy efficiency requirements for various markets worldwide.

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