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TDs first dual-mode built-in network card test

China Mobile and TD stimulating effect of government departments has been evident on the progress in product development. Yesterday, the Shanghai Alliance core technology on the "First Financial Daily" said, the worlds first notebook built-in network card LC5730 TD-HSDPA/EDGE yesterday has passed the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology network testing, and formal market-oriented . Which built the Internet using a MiniPCI-E interfaces, specifically for smaller laptops and netbooks. The dual-mode automatic switching TD-HSDPA/EDGE feature that allows users to 2G network and 3G networks free to use, which proposed the development of China Mobile TD of "3G and 2G of integration" strategy. Core Technology Alliance, a middle revealed at the Dell, Lenovo, HP, ASUS and Acer and other international brands of notebook manufacturers h...
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Domestic fiber supply and demand gap will reach 10 million core km

Market demand Since last year, Chinas demand for optical fiber market showing rapid increase. Fiber production enterprises related statistical data show that the total market demand in China last year about 45 million core km, an increase of 20% or more, is the worlds largest consumer market in the fiber. The market demand and supply of fiber optic capacity enterprise market was essentially flat. However, due to the Beijing Olympic Games, the market demand to the real outbreak until the second half, so the second half of last year to supply Chinas optical fiber market has been very tight, production enterprises increased sharply at full capacity can not meet the market demand. Into 2009, the completion of the restructuring of telecommunications operators and the 3G license issuance, driven by demand in China continued to show rapid fib...
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Morgan Stanley: the Internet of the PC industry will result in deterioration

Recent months, apparently not many people buy PC, even if the buy is to buy the very cheap PC. Morgan Stanley on Monday announced the latest PC industry outlook report, noting that falling prices and reduced consumer spending will adversely affect the PC industry. By Catherine Huberty (Kathryn Huberty) led by Morgan Stanley analyst team in the assessment of the Asian PC industry, released a report after that slump in the global PC market is worse than initially expected, and announced lower 2009 and the 2010 PC industrys performance expectations. Morgan Stanley now expects global PC market revenues in 2009 decreased by 24%, 11% of the overall industry demand, the average price fell 15%. By 2010, industry revenue will continue to decline 3%, the average price will fall about 5%. The Internet (that sells for $ 500 or less low-cost mini-...
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European telecom operators will delay construction of a rational choice of 4G network

Recently, Vodafone, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom and other European telecom operators have said it will postpone the 4G network construction, re-focus on HSPA. European telecom giants this initiative can be said that makes sense, is the current rational choice. Telecommunications industry has long been considered to be technology-driven industry, follow the "decision to supply demand" Says Law. In the technology-driven, the telecom industry has been technology upgrades passion and impulse. Reflected in the network construction is the "first network of after-market", which first built up a large-scale network, consider stimulate market demand. The early construction of the global 3G operators general loss of all is that "there is a network and not demand." After the painful lessons of 3G, operators will definitely consider buildi...
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Forthcoming: 2009 China IC Market

2008 years is the ever-changing global economic trends, ups and downs of the year, but also Chinas macro economy by "prevent overheating" to "maintain the growth" of the year. Changes in the economic environment of the semiconductor industry increasingly prominent: the financial ups and downs of environmental turbulence, rising raw material prices, the RMB exchange rate continued to rise, the gradual implementation of the new labor law, tax reform started one after another ... ..., pour in a lot of factors, semiconductor companies are facing unprecedented economic challenges. At the market level, 2008 was a challenging year for the same. Although the slow recovery in the global semiconductor market, but still want to vibration fatigue, Chinas IC market has bid farewell to years of rapid growth started to enter the adjustment period. Cha...
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Mainland demand for thin film solar equipment was polarized

Amorphous silicon thin film solar plant output of 2009, those firms, but in the mainland market, demand for the device having a polarized, the industry pointed out that mainland China is mainly due to government policy, depending on whether the Government is to foster enterprise, not every enterprises have access to subsidies, resulting some film factory is also actively expanding plant, but some plant equipment was deferred entry of polarized time. In the financial turmoil, the film plants also increased the difficulty of financing, especially in the mainland market, the Government support has always been an important decisive points for enterprise development, Taiwan-based device industry pointed out that some mainland film factory in cash due to the hands of government grants ample, a pair of engineering advances is 50%, far exceedin...
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LED lighting business: moving parties seeking calm setting

China Construction News: 2009, many industries are full of speculation of the year, I believe the lighting industry is no exception. As an industry association, you master a lot of data and information, based on the analysis of this information, you are what this industry hold the view? Chen Yansheng: the first half of the industry will remain difficult. From last years data, by the financial crisis, export growth of electrical lighting products is slowing down, while, in the past almost all types of lighting products exports was broad based, the trend has changed, some types of products negative growth. Thus, the industry is not very optimistic about the current situation. But I guess there will be a smooth recovery in the second half of the industrys situation. Although the foreign market has not recover, but the demand for electrical...
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Slowdown in IC industry is still downward pressure on

2008 Nian by the world economic downturn and the international financial crisis, the global IC industry growth cyclical slowdown, Chinas IC industry maintained a low growth, sales and revenue growth flat to down, to further accelerate structural adjustment, increase in corporate mergers and acquisitions, market structure and development of the industry there are many new changes. Operating characteristics Sales flat to down "Fifth" period, Chinas IC industry growth of 30% or more annually, but in the fourth quarter of 2007, the global IC industry downturn, industry sales growth has declined. In 2008, sales revenue of IC industry, 210.73 billion yuan, an increase of 5.2%, the growth rate down 6.8 percentage points over the previous year; complete the export 24.3 billion, an increase of 3.4%, an increase of 12.6 percentage points decl...
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Anti-risk ability Shenzhen enterprises

National IC Design Industrial Base in Shenzhen, director Zhou Shengming Last year, the Shenzhen design of several major semiconductor companies have shown positive growth in sales and a larger increase. Hisilicon 2008 sales revenue was 30.9 billion yuan, up 139.9%; Shenzhen Zhongxing Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (ZTE Corporation and Great China and China Semiconductor Co., Ltd. established a joint venture high-tech enterprises) sales 2.17 billion yuan, up 47.0%. ZTE Microelectronics (part of ZTE Corporation) sales also increased rapidly. Hisilicon growth and ZTE Microelectronics Corporation, by their rapid growth driven. But the two companies can not represent the IC design companies, because they are not completely independent. Shenzhen Zhongxing Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a standard Fabless companies, their growth in 2008 thanks to its en...
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First, the domestic IC to improve the quality of product innovation

2008 Chinas IC industry, along with the international climate has experienced an unprecedented challenge. However, I think Chinas IC business opportunity is greater than faced dangerous. The one hand, a strong national measures to revitalize the electronics industry to the IC industry in greater support; the other hand, as countries in the communications, information appliances and other areas of electronics and the strong investment in the local IC industry in China will be a rare space for development. The past few years Chinas IC industry in the state of the layout of the integrated circuit industry macro environment, showing a leap in the development and cultivate a large number of professional and technical personnel and management personnel, research and development to produce a number of IC products than good. Current domestic IC...
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