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IIC-China 2009 Hall Festival Highlights broadcast of electronic components

Fourteenth International IC Conference & Exhibition (IIC-China2009) Spring Show was the end of February after another in Shenzhen, Xian, and Shanghai began. After consumer electronics, the power supplier is also optimistic about what new applications? There is no suspense in the miniaturization trend, who is expected to be the next star refinement of a passive component? HDMI and DisplayPort meet again on the same stage, in turn given rise to what kind of cremation? Unexpected, 3G on the road with fire who? A lot of electronic components wonderful museum, the following one by one to you. Car power suppliers and security applications favor White elephant exhibitors Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen was established in 2006, focused on switching power supply field, related product lines have exceeded 120 species of models and product types,...
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International buyers favor innovative design opportunities for IC companies face

Global financial crisis led to a drop in demand, e-export market has been unable to accommodate low-cost, imitation products, Shenzhen IC design companies and manufacturers are by virtue of innovative design and high quality products, in the fierce competition. Held at the Convention Center in a recent Global Sources "the International IC China Conference & Exhibition", a feature that was particularly prominent. Reporter saw at the show site, the opportunity to win more international market, Kay Suntec, long-Express, Ming micro IC design and manufacturing in Shenzhen and other exhibitors enthusiastically, not only taking 60% of the booth, and Shenzhen IC Design division is active in the exhibition site and seminars. They are designed to create a rich gold content, using various channels to capture cutting-edge trends inspire design. Con...
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IIC 2009 to drive away Chinese-style economic winter warm

Sunshine we ushered in the electronics industry in Shenzhen, a major event - the fourteenth session of the International IC China Conference & Exhibition (IIC-China2009). The most influential components of the system design and procurement of high-end event, overshadowed by the economic crisis today, is also responsible for the industry, "weather" this particular mission. Just opening, visitors had already registered at the crowd, such as weaving. Entered the pavilion, the luxurious atmosphere of each companys booth no secret to people showing their full confidence in the market. In Shenzhen, IIC-China2009 this exhibition, in addition to NXP, STMicroelectronics, ON Semiconductor, Intel, Maxim, ADI, IR and other international companies, but also no shortage of long-Express, Telepath, Haier Integrated Circuit, Shanghai, and other local m...
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MEMS: leveraging consumer electronics market, the leverage

With the MEMS captured from the traditional areas of consumer electronics, automotive map, with a large consumer electronics user base, its shipments are growing at a geometric level. According to In-Stats report, MEMS unit shipments within the next few years, a compound annual growth rate of 19.87% growth in 2009 is expected to reach nearly 60 million. 2008, there were 10% of the mobile device using the MEMS accelerometer, and this proportion was only 2% in 2007. Boost the number one MEMS sales rose hero is none other than non-iPhone. IPhone, 2007, the subversion of the traditional meaning of mobile phones can be said that invented the cell phone again. Its unique multi-touch, vertical and horizontal screen automatically switches to become a pioneering demonstration of MEMS for mobile phones. Since then, many mobile phone brands compe...
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IIC China Guangdong Mobile to display the latest CMMB

"2009 Nian 12 months national 337 cities above the prefecture level to do basic coverage; has been completed covering 158 cities." Deputy general manager Liu Tingjun widely Mobile, said in his keynote address, "is already in the country City opened 119 CMMB signals, covering about 1 million people. "He then said that in December 2010, this city will be able to do 337 good coverage; December 2011, 337 cities above the prefecture level and hundred County can do high-quality coverage, "to more than 500 million will cover the resident population of the city." Liu Tingjun Chinese manufacturers to present a big picture of the cake, although there are still some castles in the air feeling. But a conservative estimate 10 million units in 2009 shipments of the terminal is still so many vendors action. The exhibition, Spreadtrum Communications,...
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Two electronics market will continue to show explosive growth in 2009

Although the electronics industry now appears almost in all areas of obvious signs of recession in 2009, according to a survey ABIResearch, there are still some market adverse economic gains across the board, such as video surveillance (VideoSurveillance) and telepresence (Telepresence .) "These two areas will be rapidly expanding, especially in IP-based technology market, IP cameras and remote medical diagnostic equipment demand will rise in 2009." ABI, an analyst said. IP technology will dominate the video surveillance market As airports, railway stations, ports, supermarkets and other public places of the rising demand for security management, digital video surveillance system in response to emergencies has shown great advantages is also playing an important role, in addition to effectively monitor the site and record the evidence i...
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Electronics industry expert ideas break the plight of the financial crisis measures

Entered since 2009, the most in the industry is how we talk about "winter." Indeed, from the second half of this years economic downturn makes sweeping across the world has been in the rapidly developing Chinese electronics manufacturers also suffered, especially the Pearl River Delta region of many export-oriented enterprises. Under this severe situation, both the Government and enterprises are exploring response to it have to explore ways to tide over the crisis. Ideas held in Shenzhen in the era before the annual meeting of the guests around the financial crisis in Chinas electronics manufacturing industry to discuss, including IT CCID Economic Research Institute Dr. Liu Junguo argument is quite new, philosophy and the macro he economic point of view of the mechanism and impact of the financial crisis was analyzed, and the law of Chin...
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Chinas cottage across the electronics industry will mature early

"Cottage industry achievements of the Chinese electronics industry, brilliant, it is the hope of the Chinese IC companies." I am in favor of the Beijing Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. CEO Jun Liu Qiang is words. What is a cottage product? About 99 100 people will be defined. We believe that the current definition of cottage products has been "generalized" non-mainstream products that cottage, not long ago had condemned the "illegal products" as narrowly defined, and it represents the market forces soldier ants. Most people think that mobile phone firms to create a cottage industry, it is not. The Qiang MP3/MP4 industry that created a cottage industry of China is not all right. Should actually be farther back, 90 junior high school many of the birth of electronic toys, learning machine manufacturers for the later laid the foundation for MP...
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Europe: will continue to enhance the proportion of solar power

Europe earlier active solar energy development to being effective, the area in the photovoltaic (PV) cell production, leading, perhaps to save electricity costs for its 300 billion. 2008 BY wattage basis, European companies of the world production of PV cells to 27%, slightly higher than 26%, far higher than Japans 16% and 14% of the United States. PV cell production in addition to leading positions, the European or installed the worlds largest solar cell market. This is inevitable, this is the last 20 years, European governments, research institutions and enterprises in close cooperation results. Based on the European economy from dependence on hydrocarbons for electricity, while creating employment and building a globally competitive new industry, prompted the European commitment to solar cell development and research. 2008, the glo...
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Infinera announced in Beijing optical network R & D Center

U.S. manufacturer of optical transmission equipment, Infinera (Infinera) announced on Thursday in Beijing, China formally established a research center to develop based on photonic integrated digital optical network and optical network technology, the company plans to invest $ 5,000,000 the future will be additional investment. Infinera provides press releases saying that at present the R & D center has 31 staff and plans to further expand the team to lead development of next-generation Infinera system hardware and software. Infinera CEO Jagdeep Singh said at a news conference, Infinera selected R & D center established in Beijing because of a number of outstanding engineering talent, strict standards for telecommunications services, "but also for its great efforts to develop the needs of China and Asia . " Infinera in February 2008 to...
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