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Prospect of the most competitive photovoltaic solar cell industry

Significance of alternative energy in the United States by the famous American columnist ThomasFriedman recently published a book "World Hot, Flat, and Crowded," find the best answer. The book points out the current top five global issues, including energy balance, oil-producing dictatorships, runaway climate change, energy shortages, loss of biodiversity, are for humans, who rely on traditional energy use and result, and five issues interlocking, it is urgent, do not take positive action, all mankind will be plunged into unimaginable catastrophe, so the development of alternative energy is not only the program to address the high oil prices, but humans can survive on the earths most sustainable key elements. The wave triggered by the U.S. subprime mortgage global financial crisis, in addition to a great amount of government investment ...
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Seoul Semiconductor and Nichia (NICHIA) cross-sharing agreement signed

Seoul Semiconductor and Nichia announced stops in the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, South Korea carried out by all patent lawsuit cases. Signed by both parties and contains all the LED LD (Laser Diode) technology, cross-sharing agreement, since the two sides will mutually unrestricted use of each others patents. In accordance with the terms of the agreement, except in Germanys DE 691-07-630 T2 (EP 0-437-385 B1) patent cases, the two sides will stop all patent cases, the above-mentioned German patent cases will be in 2009 to determine the end of February. ...
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UK to develop new wireless communication systems at sea call costs greatly reduced

According to foreign media reports, the UK mobile communications pico cell system (picocell) R & D side ip.access Allied Irish Maritime Wireless communications company Blue Ocean Wireless is developing a new marine radio communications system, which can significantly reduce the crew of the wireless call charges. Earlier, the crew had to rely on expensive satellite phone contact with their families, a new maritime radio communication system for long-term members of the crew adrift in a sea of good as a precious gift. Reported that the new set of wireless communication systems still rely on satellite communications, however, called the plot slightly, to expand the wireless coverage of small base stations will be installed in the ship berth area. The base station is connected with the remote gateway, it will be through the satellite networ...
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China Telecom 3G terminal manufacturers hegemony on the first tender of 40 cards

2 Yue 4 news, informed sources, China Telecom has started the first 3G terminal tender, more than 40 companies have participated in CDMA EVDO in the bidding race on the card. The first 3G terminal launched the tender 2 Yue 3 afternoon, China Telecom in Beijing in a meeting convened more than 40 vendors, wireless broadband services to be informed of the preparations. CDMA wireless broadband is key to build China Telecoms 3G service, using the C + W technology. According to reports, this is actually the first time, China Telecom, a 3G terminal tender briefing, the first round of the main tender for the EVDO 3G terminals on the card. Last August, was bidding on the card once CDMA1X. However, at that time still belongs to 2.75G technology. The EVDO is the 3G technology, bidding on the card. It is understood that before the Spring Fe...
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December 2008 global chip sales fell 22% year on year

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the "SIA") recently released a report, in December 2008 global chip sales from 22.3 billion a year ago, fell to 17.4 billion U.S. dollars, down 22% . Report also shows that in 2008 global chip sales fell 2.8%, fell to 248.6 billion U.S. dollars, in December 2008 global chip sales were down by 16.6%. SIA president George Callis (George Scalise) said in a statement, "the global economic downturn has seriously affected the fourth quarter of last year, chip sales," automotive products, PC, mobile and enterprise IT demand weak "led to the chip industry sales fell sharply, affecting almost all products." increase sales enough to offset the impact of price declines, the sharpest decline in sales of memory products. Scalise said that ch...
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The drop of demand for solar PV increased pressure on the stock

2008 Q4 since the drop of the solar market demand, the two sides increased pressure on the stock battery manufacturers, because the capital needs of low-priced sales, the market came part of the international contract customers can also change the pickup module method request has been signed fixed contract suppliers offer, the vendor first fight some planning circles, then select the lowest purchase, solar manufacturers, said 1st quarter of 2009 if demand remains in the doldrums, Im afraid the chances of such violations will also increase followed heightened. 2008 Q4 since the demand for solar PV market frozen, leaving both sides a rapid increase in solar cell factory inventory levels, to address the problem of funding needs and inventory pressures, grab a single action to kill because of lack of funds and inventory pressures, to is not...
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2008 smart phone market share rapidly increased to 14%

Market research firm ABI Research recently published a report, despite the global handset market in 2008 because of the economic crisis suffered sharp decline, but the smart phones in the global handset market share has accounted for 14% growth is very positive. According to foreign media reports, ABIs research shows that because of the advanced features of smart phones and by consumers. In 2008, smart phones accounted for in the global handset market share of 14%, the figure is expected to grow to 17% this year. ABI analyst Kevin Burden said the overall decline in the global mobile phone sales to grow the premise of the smart phone. Burden global handset sales this year from 1.21 billion in 2008 to 11.7 million units, a decrease of 2.5%. ABI statistics show that in 2008, sit tight Nokia is already the leader in the global handset mar...
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LED flat panel TV LCD TV will be another hot spot

2008 at the end of the Chinese market, Skyworth, Hisense, TCL and other domestic TV brands launched a price war, and 52 inch full HD LCD TVs dropped to 9,999 yuan from 14,999 yuan, 42-inch Full HD LCD TV 5999 yuan from the original the approach of 4999 yuan. The price of domestic brands face of offensive resources holds the upper panel, Samsung, Sony, Sharp claims will not follow up, and will be fought in high-priced LED LCD TV market. What is LED LCD TV? What are the advantages of its? LCD TV to change the molecular arrangement of the current state to the liquid crystal applied voltage can control a different light throughput, thus showing a wide variety of images. But the LCD itself is not light and therefore require backlight. LCD TV is the traditional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) as a backlight, CCFL light-emitting principl...
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Automotive PCB market to lead the rapid growth stimulating

Automotive Electronics has clearly become a focus. However, we can not ignore: electronic products are inseparable from the PCB. The development of automotive electronics, automotive naturally led to the development of PCB. Some analysts predicted that the global auto electronics PCB market in 2001 to 18.5 billion U.S. dollars to 2.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2006, and 2012, the market will double, more than 50 billion dollars. Environmental factors will affect the design of automotive electronics and raw materials used. Electronic components in cars more and more widely in the future people will function in order to increase the car continuously put forward higher requirements. "Research and Markets" This report reviews the application of automotive electronics, automotive electronics investigated various types of PCB requirements, inclu...
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DRAM memory chips, chip manufacturers to reduce pressure on prices

DRAMeXchange data, DRAM memory chip prices rose 26%, which relieves some pressure on the chip manufacturers. DDR2 chip prices rose 28% Monday, flash memory prices have risen, 16Gb chip prices up 5%. Chinas DRAM memory vendors have ended a week-long Spring Festival holiday, re-opened. AvianSecurities company shareholders AviCohen Securities, said: "I think memory prices is the markets response to the insolvency of Qimonda." Last month, prices fell as the global financial crisis, one in the 3rd quarter of 2008 accounted for 10% share of the DRAM market to reach for the first Qimonda memory chip companies declared bankruptcy. Saxony economic officials said the work is under way to find investors, but the fate of Qimonda is still unknown. ISuppli market research firm reports that the DRAM market in December last year, revenues declined ...
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