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Telefonica net profit of 20 billion euros reported a fourth quarter increase of 89%

Telefonica today announced fiscal 2008 fourth quarter earnings. Filing shows the companys net profit 1.06 billion euros a year earlier increased to 20 billion euros (2.54 billion U.S. dollars), an increase of 89%. Analysts expect fourth-quarter profit of Telefónica of 19.8 billion euros. Spanish telecommunications revenues increased 2.6% to 148 million euros. Telefonica Chairman Sai Sa Er A Lie Er Tower (Cesar Alierta), said the European operations by the economic recession, Latin America will boost the performance of the company business growth. Telefonica said the deteriorating economic situation this year, the company will be more concerned about cash flow. Fortis analyst Louis Spa Delong (Luis Padron) said the Spanish telecommunications performance is very good this year, the companys need to control costs and reduce capita...
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China Mobile in March will launch a thousand dollars TD Internet Price

China Mobiles TD-SCDMA netbook will soon flood the market. China Mobile to relevant sources, will work with HP, Dell, with the side laptop manufacturers to launch more than ten integrated modules for 3G TD netbook or laptop computer, at least 20 types of product planning at the end of March the first listing of a number of TD than the network launched Late in the area will be listed later in May. General manager of China Mobile Chongqing Fu Shen Chang said, this year in May, when the TD networks in use in Chongqing when the price of thousands of TD is expected to synchronize the launch of the Internet. Fu Shen Chang said to TD Internet, the current move is in Chongqing and HP PC makers to cooperate, the final price down to 1,000 yuan this year, is expected to more than a medium-end mobile phones cheaper. This netbook, which comes with ...
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Russia successfully launched a United States commercial communications satellites

26, Russian Federal Space Agency announced that evening from Russias Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan with a "Zenith-3SLB" carrier rocket successfully launched a United States commercial communications satellites. Interfax quoted the Russian Federal Space Agency of the news reports, the rocket at Moscow time at 21:30 on the 26th (Beijing time at 2:30 on the 27th) from the Baikonur launch site in Kazakhstan successful off. Fengyun called "Telstar-11N" the communications satellite manufactured by a U.S. company, satellite take-off weight of 4,010 kg, the design lifetime of 15 years, it was North America, Europe, Africa and the Atlantic region to provide high-quality communication services. ...
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China Mobile to market a new 3G business applications

China Mobile to market a new 3G mobile business applications --- security services (ie TD video surveillance). The business mainly through the TD mobile operator network, real-time remote monitoring situation in specific regions, and can achieve real-time SMS alerts and capture screen function. Business partner of China Mobile Security Standard Electric Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Fang, general manager of Yang Aiping introduced to enable the business need to purchase mobile security software business, and in specific areas need to be monitored only after the installation of cameras on mobile phones TD high-speed network through monitoring. Video surveillance by TD, the amount of speed can reach 2M per second. As this technology is monitoring point, the user needs, and China Mobile signed the relevant legal documents, to ensure monitori...
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Farewell Chinas IC market has entered a period of adjustment growth

"China IC Market," published research data shows that Chinas IC market goodbye to years of rapid growth started to enter the adjustment period, Chinas IC market in 2008 achieved sales of 597.33 billion yuan, an increase of only 6.2% , IC market growth slowed for 5 consecutive years. And last year grew only 2.2% compared to the global semiconductor market in 2008, the Chinese market still growing, but the growth rate dropped significantly, and the single-digit growth for the first time. Data, computer, consumer, accounting for three major areas of network communications category 87.8% of Chinas IC market, which remains the largest share of the computer class. In the product structure, the memory is still the largest share of products, which benefited from higher shipments of notebook computers increased, but because memory prices decline...
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Construction of Chinas 3G telecom capital spending increase in the Asia-Pacific

Market analysts Pyramid Research studies have shown that, despite the overall economic decline, but in the next 24 months, the network operators in the Asia Pacific region will increase expenditure on telecom equipment, mainly by China to promote the deployment of 3G networks . Pyramid Research to promote the Asia-Pacific region for operators to invest in infrastructure factors are analyzed, the revenues generated in Asia placed in the global context, and the regions developed markets and emerging markets, future capital expenditures plans were analyzed. In addition, the report also can be very competitive in the Asia Pacific market, technology vendors awarded contracts were identified and analyzed. Of NTT DoCoMo, China Mobile and Bharti Airtel three cases focused primarily on research conducted in Japan, major players in China and Indi...
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LED backlight rapid development of LCD TV market share in 2010 will rise 6%

Since late last year, the major flat-panel TV makers started to LED-backlit TV as a high-end product and promotion efforts, such as Sharp, Sony, Samsung, Hisense brand has released a system with LED backlight LCD TV New . It is predicted that the LCD TV market in 2009 will be 2% -3% of the product is LED backlit TV, 2010, this proportion will rise to 6%. The industry according to the assessment of the industry to 42-inch LED-backlit LCD TV, for example, in 2009 the price of LED backlight modules will quickly drop to less than the cost of reducing the four into the machine, which will encourage more manufacturers to begin consider the application of such new type of backlight material. LED backlight modules per block of 500 LED lights need to calculate, in 2009 the global LED backlight LED lights required for television production will ...
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Winter months to 1 year but there has been close to the bottom of the economy

Ministry of Economic Affairs invited the discussion panel makers and related companies the current industry crisis, the Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs Chen Zhaoyi quoted after the meeting, the panel upstream of the downstream plant orders due to the amount of reduction, the device into inventory, depreciation amortization continuously, resulting in financial reported that poor, financing more difficult, the current Ministry of Finance and other relevant units to be in consultation, so that equipment depreciation, amortization can be frozen for one year is not, or extend the depreciable life of equipment. Domestic panel makers in the financial tsunami, the biggest crisis of survival faced in the history of yesterday, a heavyweight panel manufacturers are sent to attend seminars, including CPT Lin, chairman of ...
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LED lighting, LED plant winter heating business embolden

Global economic slump, business opportunities in energy-saving applications are exposed in a haze of dawn, LED lighting industry, led by subject matter, often in focus, the shock in the stock market is still brisk out of the red disk performance, lighting seems to have become the panacea to save the life-saving LED industry, but an opportunity to turn what is the bottom? Or just the beauty of a short flash in the pan? In an age of uncertainty, the weak light line may provoke an unlimited imagination and hope, not to mention large-scale lighting market, LED lighting business playing halo, it will make the hard times LED factory shine. Lighting theme fever, LED crystal grain leading power plant recently came to collaborate with the Delta issue raised again, although the realism of this rumor remains to be seen, but buying from the market ...
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New energy: the market under the shadow of the financial crisis highlights

Of the financial crisis hit, the 2008 general decline in performance of listed companies is a foregone conclusion, why Tianwei change was able to continue to grow? The original shares of the companys new energy industry contributed 68% of the profits! 2008 the first three quarters, oil and steel prices caused a sharp rise in CPI (Consumer Price Index), PPI (producer price index) data continued to rise for everyone to feel the pain of negative interest rates. Shortage of resources, energy shortages led to high production costs, thus squeezing the profit margins of companies and the middle and lower reaches seriously inhibited economic operation. Chinas investment-led economic growth over the years by the pattern of consumption of a lot of energy, the growing tension in the world energy situation, the development of new energy sources has...
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