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Wall Street professionals to explain the reasons for the financial crisis of 2008

Now many people are asking: U.S. subprime crisis broke out in the end is how? Caused by the financial crisis, how? Pan Shiyi, I read a blog entitled, "into the center of the economic crisis," he answered many questions, it is worth reading. Also, tell us what is the "CDS" financial products? Into the center of the economic crisis - And Wall Street fund manager Permal President IsaacSouede Yixi Tan We are in the book, the film is often seen on the description of many major historical events, and today we are experiencing the history of this great event. The global financial tsunami is a rare big events in our lifetime, then the chance encounter may also small. To further understand the financial crisis caused by the United States and I Zhang Xinfei to New York, walked into the Wall Street - the center of the financial crisis, and Wall ...
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China to build high-generation LCD panel line first to the layout of Sharp

Recent news that talks with Sharp, SVA is preparing to build Shanghais first Japanese co-generation LCD panel production line. The reporters found that the electronic information industry with the introduction of the revitalization plan, China is attracting the attention of global TV giant, with the advantage of the industrial chain for foreign brands to build a good investment platform, the current mode of foreign manufacturers will be the panel to reach agreement on how Factory "Whispering" Chinas key. LCD panel industry in China, great game 2 18, the State Council executive meeting examined and approved in principle the electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan. Among them, the increase of new shows and TV industry is the transition into the revitalization of one of the priorities mentioned in the plan. ...
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The semiconductor industry is imperative that industry consolidation

Few years ago, an advertising agency made a clear strategic choice: a wolf or a sheep? Today, most semiconductor companies have faced a similar choice: the market is still active in the merger to be annexed? Burn-like fab productivity has been less than half of its portfolio, which means that alternative strategies to reduce, which may threaten the existence of IDM manufacturers. Many of the mergers strategy is doomed to failure. A typical example is the increase in the number of fab time of weak market demand into the foundry industry. Foundry business success requires not only a fabs production capacity. Films transferred to other fabs take too long, so the weakness has emerged, apparently has not achieve much. Does this mean that some of the old products into more advanced technologies, especially for some of the fabs need to upgrad...
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PCB supplier of giant rubber gasket optimistic revenue this year

The main production giant rubber pad required for PCB manufacturing process, accounting for 88.17% revenue; followed by the application of the PCB manufacturing process, variable resistors, pneumatic tools, micro motors, dies, fixtures and electrical switch boards, accounting for 8.14% . Benefit from the main raw materials phenol price, since the previous year average of 50.83 yuan per kilogram last years 44.42 yuan reduced NTD NTD, 2008 annual consolidated revenues of 1.24 billion NTD, is still better than 16.31% the previous year, this years price is expected to continue Zoudie phenol , giant rubber revenues have the opportunity to break through....
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Global procurement of electronic interconnect industry, the regional trend of reverse transfer

IPC-International Electronics Industry Association recently conducted a survey connection, 42% of the participating companies that in the past two years, customer purchasing patterns change, the main area from Asia back to North America or Europe. Summarizes the findings of the "global electronic interconnection industry, trends in regional procurement reverse transfer occurs," released in February 2009. November 2008, from North America and Europe electronics manufacturing services providers (EMS), manufacturer of printed circuit board (PCB), and industry suppliers in the enterprise management and marketing personnel involved in the survey. "Recently in the electronic interconnection industry, there are some speculation that some customers are many reasons to consider that may change their purchasing patterns, will be part of the busin...
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The German government will invest 900 million euros to help develop solar energy in Thailand

Invest 900 million euros the German government, about equivalent to 600 million baht to help Thailand develop solar energy use, fuel, palm oil, protect the global environment, slow global warming program. Assistant Secretary of the German Ministry of the Environment McCain yesterday (25), said global warming, climatic conditions, are subject to all regions worldwide and are subject to different degrees of impact, and global emissions of carbon dioxide emissions in the amount of residents from the 2% of the original, is expected to increase to 4%, strengthening the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide gas, causing the sea level increased 2-fold, accelerated melting of polar ice. This man should speed up the industry, agriculture, energy use strategy, efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Thailand to promote the reduction of c...
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PV industry, "betting" the domestic market odds geometry?

From the international financial crisis since October 2008, has spread to Chinas real economy, the automobile, steel, building materials, textile and petrochemical companies such as severe impact. PV industry is rapidly developing in China in recent years, new industries, because of its raw materials, equipment, and other severe market and rely on the international market, will no doubt be the hardest hit by the financial crisis. Investment Advisor in the Research Department of Industry data shows that the end of 2008 China has 350 PV components businesses have closed out of business, only about 50 survivors. Accordance with this situation continues, until the day of the macroeconomic rebound, perhaps Chinas PV industry has long been out of the market, this environment, how to revitalize the industrial economy has become our government...
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The second wave of mainland China taking over Taiwan IC design rush orders good news

According to DigiTimes site reported that Taiwan-based IC design industry rush orders came following the January effect, the recent industry was covering the mainland stock movements to help push, February is expected to continue to simmer, the order size even more than in January, in addition to analog IC design industry in February sales are expected to increase 30 ~ 40% of the original notice in February compared with January sales may decline MediaTek, also came in February sales will be continued good news for Young, as other PC-related IC design industry Zheyi expected February sales expected to grow 15 to 20%, do rush orders in the February effect continues. The original forecast of 2009 revenue will be higher than Q1 2008 Q4 16% decline from 8 to MediaTek, after the Lantern Festival in mid-February, the mainland mobile phone to ...
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Space photovoltaic industry formed a new pattern

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation in the fourth working meeting on "Building a new system of aerospace science and technology strategic transformation of guidance" for the groups reform, development and construction of the next few years drew a blueprint. Among them, the solar photovoltaic industry with its huge market capacity and attractive prospects for development as the development of eight leading force in civilian homes. As the world fastest growing high-tech industries, the PV industry will inevitably be the second half of last year to the global financial turmoil, "two out" of the industrial structure, the rapid expansion of domestic production capacity and is not yet clear in 2009 market prospects, the Chinese solar companies face unprecedented challenges. However, eight hospital space photovoltaic industry, n...
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IIC 2009 live coverage of the financial crisis, very calm and quiet under the

Accompanied by bursts of spring, the cold winter drifting away, trees sprout and the flowers opened, full of vitality. IIC 2009 grand warm spring breeze bathed in the successful opening, nearly 400 vendors gathered at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, 08 years of financial crisis seems to have become the past. Into the Convention Center, approached the large and small companies, they see the financial crisis seems more than a "crisis", more is hidden inside more "machine", whether or visit exhibitors who did not panic and Fuzao face, more of a quiet and calm. CLP equipment is more than the internationally renowned semiconductor manufacturers authorized distributor, is also the largest domestic distributors of one of the companies in the communications, RF, mobile phone, security, meter and other fields have outstanding per...
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