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Polysilicon solar grade silicon prices fast price cut

According to DigiTimes site reported that demand for the photovoltaic industry is still at low tide, the mainstream source of polysilicon material prices quickly fell nearly 1,2-quarter, resulting in market heat ingredients and frozen alternatives, particularly the moment in 2008, metallurgical noise solar grade silicon (UpgradedMetallurgicalGradeSilicon; UMG), the price peak in 2008 fell to 100 dollars per kilogram at present about 50 dollars, solar industry frankly, mainstream material is no longer the lack of problems, low demand for alternative feed sources. The photovoltaic industry since the 4th quarter of 2008 subject to large environmental impact since the demand for frozen, leading to a serious shortage of polysilicon original source of supply and demand reversed overnight sharp drop in prices, from the old level of the spot pr...
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Nokia plans to enter the notebook computer industry

The worlds largest mobile phone maker Nokia (Nokia) is eyeing the notebook computer business, the companys chief executive Olli-PekkaKallasvuo Wednesday (Feb. 25) in the Finnish national broadcaster YLE to receive an interview made the remarks. When asked whether Nokia intends to produce notebook computers, Kallasvuo said, "We are actively looking for such opportunities." The industry since late last year Nokia has been rumored to be planning to enter the personal computer market, but Kallasvuo admitted as an official comment on the plan the first time. Kallasvuo said, "From now on, we have no access to five years will see the so-called mobile phones and so-called convergence of computers will be in many ways. Today, millions of people are using the mobile browser to experience the first time Internet, this is a good sign. " The commen...
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J-STD-002 CN is about to meet with the industry

- "Component lead, terminal, lug, terminal and wire solderability test" IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries International forthcoming IPC J-STD-002 CN, the Chinese version of "component lead, terminal, lug, wire terminal, and solderability testing." The standard assembly and connection process by the IPC Committee (5-20) components and wire solderability specification task groups (5-23b) and electronic components, components, and Materials Association (ECA) Committee on the joint development of welding technology, by the IPC TGAsia 5-23CN technology group translated. All involved in this development and translation of this standard to express our sincere gratitude to the staff, but also encourage users to participate in future revision of the standard version of the development. The standard provides for the assessment of...
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Chinas IC market into a period of adjustment

Yesterday at the "China IC Market," published research data shows that Chinas IC market goodbye to years of rapid growth started to enter the adjustment period, Chinas IC market in 2008 achieved sales of 597.33 billion yuan, an increase of only 6.2 % IC market growth slowed for 5 consecutive years. And last year grew only 2.2% compared to the global semiconductor market in 2008, the Chinese market still growing, but the growth rate dropped significantly, and the single-digit growth for the first time. Data, computer, consumer, accounting for three major areas of network communications category 87.8% of Chinas IC market, which remains the largest share of the computer class. In the product structure, the memory is still the largest share of products, which benefited from higher shipments of notebook computers increased, but because memor...
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IC industry: Last year, the slowdown is still downward pressure this year

2008 Nian by the world economic downturn and the international financial crisis, the global IC industry growth cyclical slowdown, Chinas IC industry maintained a low growth, sales and revenue growth flat to down, to further accelerate structural adjustment, increase in corporate mergers and acquisitions, market structure and development of the industry there are many new changes. Operating characteristics Sales flat to down "Fifth" period, Chinas IC industry growth of 30% or more annually, but in the fourth quarter of 2007, the global IC industry downturn, industry sales growth has declined. In 2008, sales revenue of IC industry, 210.73 billion yuan, an increase of 5.2%, the growth rate down 6.8 percentage points over the previous year; complete the export 24.3 billion, an increase of 3.4%, an increase of 12.6 percentage points decl...
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Negative growth for the first time in 20 years playing the local semiconductor industry, "free fall"

Like to take the data to speak of the China Semiconductor Industry Association Yu Zhongyu, yesterday in CCID Consultings "2009 annual meeting of the semiconductor industry" is not up on the no longer happy. His sides two large screens to show the mainlands development of the industry data in 2008: the first half of the overall industry growth rate of 10.4%, but the third quarter, a sharp slowdown in the fourth quarter decline in the depth of . Annual data show that the average industry growth rate -0.4%. "This is the mainlands semiconductor industry the first time in nearly 20 years of negative growth." He said. Free fall Yu Zhongyu with "free fall" is described in this embarrassing situation. He said the slowdown is normal, but the decline so quickly, the degree of heavy, unexpected. Three links in the upstream and downstream, only...
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Portable medical electronics systems design IC device selection when

As people become increasingly concerned about their health, portable ultrasound diagnostic equipment, blood pressure, blood glucose meter, equipment, personal health care began to gain market favor. The development of medical electronics, medical devices of different technologies with different trends. Even similar devices, also because of product-specific applications have different technical requirements and development. For example, clinical ultrasound equipment that require low noise, wide dynamic range and other performance indicators; the portable system will have to weigh on the performance and power consumption, in order to meet the needs of portability, requiring the device with low power consumption and high integration features. Portable health-care products are required to maintain good reproducibility, the product in the ent...
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France vigorously promote the optimization of LED lighting applications in the construction industry

Recently, the French laboratory and large-scale academic lighting, the French subsidiary of Philips Lighting, the French building science and technology center (CSTB) in France CITADEL proposed project, carried out mainly for research and promote LED lighting in the construction industry The optimal use. It is understood, CITADEL is "ClusterLumière" innovation project, part of the project, the project was partly inspired by the U.S. Department of Energy CALIPER project. Period of three years (February 9 onwards), the budget is 150 million euros, the French Environment and Energy Agency (ADEME) to raise funds. The project consortium is building by the French Centre for Science and Technology (CSTB), Electronic and Information Technology Laboratory (CEA-LETI), French national testing (LNE) (with the National Institute of Standards and Tec...
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Chinas semiconductor market in 2009 will be held as scheduled in Shanghai

As an important annual Chinese semiconductor market activities, "Chinas semiconductor market in 2009 will" uphold the successful experience of the previous five sessions, on February 25 -26 at the Shanghai as scheduled. Annual meeting by the China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA), China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) and the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association (SICA) co-sponsored by CCID Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park contractors. To "focus on market changes, feel the pulse of the development of crisismachines" as the theme, focusing on "macro-economic change and fluctuations in the semiconductor market," "trend of the semiconductor industry and enterprise development strategy", "Application of semiconductor innovation and emerging market opportunities" and " market distri...
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Competition is essentially the same decline in the share memory makers

In 2008, Chinas IC market approached 10 vendors have not changed, but the ranking changes slightly compared to 2007, in which ST acquired the business of NXPs wireless communication between the two rankings after the change, ST increased by one, and NXP decreased one. From the share point of view, Intel is still the largest share of the company; Samsung and Hynix are the two South Korean manufacturers of memory decline in share prices fell, which Hynix marked decline in sales; TI is affected by the slow development of the industry downturn, but still positive growth in the Chinese market; Toshiba affected by the decline in memory prices, but sales of other chips Toshiba can still, in 2008 in the Chinese market remains weak growth; MTK still maintained double-digit growth, but compared to 2007 growth has fallen sharply. After the first 10,...
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