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Porsche announces hybrid SUV market in 2010

2010, the German market Porsche SUV hybrid "Cayenne S Hybrid". Cayenne S Hybrids powertrain is manufactured by the German Audi super turbocharger with direct injection 3.0L V-6 cylinder engine, the output power of 38kW of Ni-MH (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries, motors and 8-speed automatic transmission box. Equipped with a set in between the engine and transmission parallel hybrid motor system to achieve a V-8 cylinder engine with the same dynamic performance car, and with the same 4-cylinder engine vehicle fuel efficiency. Rechargeable battery weighs about 70kg, size is 348 × 632 × 292mm, can be incorporated in place the spare tire space, luggage compartment capacity therefore the same as ordinary cars. The maximum engine output power 248kW (333hp), the maximum torque of 439N · m/2900 ~ 5300rpm. Motor output power 39kW (52hp), torque of ...
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Amorphous oxide TFT display can become a reality?

Transparent amorphous oxide semiconductor (TAOS) as a "post-non-crystalline silicon (Post Amorphous Si)" highly anticipated. Using the oxide semiconductor TFT display TAOS what can become a reality? On February 23 at the "FPD International 2009 Preparatory Seminar", the non-crystalline IGZO (In, Ga, Zn, O) inventor - Tokyo Institute of Technology professor Hideo Nakano fine with the participants in the exchange. Compared with non-crystalline silicon, TAOS through a lot of current, so the industry will be applied initially considered as the current drive organic EL display device used in the floor. However, the organic EL display to reach the practical level, "compared with the original idea, the need to wait a longer period of time" (small field). Small field that, in addition to other organic EL, TAOS is also expected to implement othe...
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18 inches in diameter production of semiconductor grade silicon rods

PV Material Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Sheng Najib technical staff in the packaging of semiconductor grade silicon rods 18 inches. A production of 18 inch diameter semiconductor grade silicon rod production line in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, Najib PV Material Co., Ltd. Sheng production. The volume of semiconductor grade silicon rods can produce only a few developed countries, are widely used in integrated circuits and chip production. ...
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Market downturn the semiconductor industry innovation is a good time

The international financial crisis, the sharp contraction in demand for electronic products, on a serious impact on the entire semiconductor industry. Semiconductor industry as the most upstream of the semiconductor industry chain, but also by the most direct impact of the semiconductor materials industry this year will most likely occur the first time in 7 years of negative growth. However, the "crisis" also means "danger" in the possession of "machine", while the current international financial crisis on the domestic enterprises, their products more price and localization advantages; the other hand, the crisis also provide a hurry, practicing internal strength of the opportunity. Who can step up innovation, the introduction of competitive products, who can in post-crisis to seize the opportunities of economic prosperity, and then win t...
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National Three ministries jointly seek the Big Six research grid PV

Executives said, according to a PV, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology before the three ministries jointly research the polysilicon industry, the scope of its research include Luoyang Sino-silicon, silicon industry, Sunbeam, Emei Semiconductor, Jiangsu Shun large LDK Solar LDK, Daquan six domestic polysilicon silicon industry leader. Six collection capacity, occupied in 2008 the domestic production capacity of polysilicon Bacheng much. "Investigation began in early February, a two-week trip to Luoyang Sino-silicon as the first station is located in the southwest after Daquan silicon industry, Emei Semiconductor, cis-and large enterprises, and finally the LDK LDK." The sources said. Three ministries in the research behind this, is the photovoltaic business, "grid" efforts. As the...
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Growth rate of Chinas IC market decreased 5 years in a row

Reporters from being held in Shanghai, "Chinas IC Market in 2009" was informed that the growth rate of Chinas IC market decline in 5 years in a row. With Chinas IC market is expanding, increasing the proportion of the world, from the development of Chinas IC market growth leveled off gradually. Chinas IC market 2008 597.33 billion yuan in sales, market growth slowed sharply, the growth rate of only 6.2%, Chinas IC market, single-digit growth for the first time, and has been for 5 years to maintain the growth rate decline. In a row after years of high growth, Chinas machine output growth has begun to saturation, in addition to notebook computers, LCD TVs and other products are still high growth in 2008, other than the growth rate of most products have been increasingly occur in flat or declining growth trend. The decline in output growt...
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Lithium battery charging new architecture to solve problems

With the wireless, computing, consumer and industrial, medical markets to keep the portable terminal application direction, and technical issues related to lithium batteries that have long been placed in front of the designer as a major problem. In addition to meeting the battery power supply system reliability, high efficiency and low cost characteristics of the device selection also play an increasingly important role. How to balance the relationship between the three? TIs four new charger IC may be an engineer when in a new product selection choice. Necessary to introduce the present, mobile phone battery charging. In the past, the use of lithium batteries cell phone, GPS and other portable terminals were powered by rechargeable IC plus DC / DC or the PMU power conversion topology to achieve power for the entire system. This approach...
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Semiconductor manufacturing equipment book to bill ratio fell in crisis

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment business in its present form tight, changing the order bill ratio is close to the lowest point in history. In fact, the business has become interrupted, and the rest is to allow people to guess the form of the present economic order shipments will reach more than zero. But that seems impossible, or really like? According to the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAL) data earlier this week, the Japanese equipment suppliers for the book to bill ratio of 0.55 in January, while December was 0.70, the data said to be the lowest point in 7 years. According to SEMIs data, the North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers announced orders for bill ratio in January was 0.48, while December was 0.86. The ratio of 0.48 means that for every $ 100 in the month the contract products have rece...
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Hangzhou Guoxin: China dominate the set-top box market

MediaTek to Tibets farmers were using mobile phones used by city people; Hangzhou Guoxin to spend the majority of poor farmers in the town who do not have access to satellite TV. "I never think that IC industry is a high-tech industry, it should be a technical service industries, and selling is not much difference between the white Knight, our fight is the service." This is a country in Hangzhou core has just promoted to CEO of the Liu Jingsheng to see my first sentence in the COO position as an outstanding success, after two years in charge of Liu Jingsheng was promoted to COO CEO. "MediaTek is a typical service-oriented IC companies in China, only the service-oriented IC companies have the chance of success." As with MediaTek, Hangzhou Guoxin killer also Turnkey solutions, and, according to different customer needs make a variety of T...
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Consumers put off a rare global TV sales have negative growth

Poor due to the global economic situation, consumers are no longer with the nature of land consumption, but also affected the willingness to buy on the flat-screen TVs. According to DisplaySearchs latest Global TV shipment report, the fourth quarter of 2008, global TV shipments 5,770 million, representing a decline of 5% over the same period in 2007, but also the first time in nearly two years on the TV in the fourth quarter drop in growth rate. At the same time the rate of decline in average selling price of the TV very quickly in the fourth quarter the amount of TV shipments only slightly more than 30 billion U.S. dollars, compared with the fourth quarter of 2007 fell by 7%. If the LCD, plasma and OLED TV shipments figure sum, the fourth quarter of 2008, annual growth rate of the global flat-screen TV shipments up 17%, but due to rapi...
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