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Shuji Nakamura and Junji Kido - pedigree about OLED lighting, LED lighting and road of development

LED and OLED lighting will create the future Lighting seminar on this topic on March 4, 2009 at Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center at the "Lighting Fair 2009" on hold. Since the blue LED inventor, currently active in the GaN light-emitting components of the first line of Shuji Nakamura (University of California, Santa Barbara), and OLED inventor Junji Kido (Yamagata University Graduate School of Science and Technology, Professor) attended the discussion , Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Centre, the venue packed international audience, the venue is almost packed. Tsutomu Ochiai, lighting designer (M & O Design Office Chairman) under the auspices of LED lighting and the participants discussed the feasibility and popularity of OLED lighting problems. Worry about lighting in the new field of "behind closed doors phenome...
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2009 will be launched larger LED Products

According to Securities Daily reported on February 18, the State Council executive meeting examined and approved in principle "the electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan." According to professional analysis, "planning" one of the key projects supported "IC upgrade", will focus the development of LED, LED products, the Government will also provide subsidies. LED is considered to be the next generation of LCD TV backlight, with the Chinese color TV enterprises have cut into the production module and LED backlight, leading the LED flat panel flat-panel industry will be upgraded with its energy-saving, environmental protection and color performance and other aspects of the absolute advantage of becoming the future of the Tablet trends. The earlier launch of LED LCD TV Hisense Electric, launched in 2009 will be ...
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Break the bandwidth bottleneck 3G video surveillance market prospects

Recently, ZTE announced the "Internet video" The 3G video surveillance solution, Huawei released the 3G high-definition video over the same period - ViewPoint9000 products. As the leading communications equipment manufacturing enterprises, the companies also introduced 3G-based video surveillance applications, products and solutions, presage a 3G video surveillance business is expected to become the 3G era of "killer" business? Leveraging the 3G operators can dig 3G video monitoring services market, "pot of gold"? Breakthrough wireless bandwidth bottlenecks Compared with the traditional 2G/2.5G mobile video surveillance applications, 3G video surveillance applications of the biggest advantages is to break the limitations of wireless bandwidth bottlenecks, especially in 3G network upgrade to HSPA stage, 3G network bandwidth can reach se...
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OLED industry chain integration AMOLED promising urgent

To different aspects of the same technology to engage them more than 10 patents, mainly to see the core, important companies in which the hands of patent control. In the overall distribution of cases we found that some foreign donor differences, first of all most companies, including Energy Research Institute is the nature of certain businesses. We may see the domestic application and maintenance of Tsinghua University, CIGNA applications are numerous. From different countries are concerned about the direction of technology development point of view, the direction of Koreas R & D concentrated in the manufacturing process methods, the United States more balanced, and its technology, the display of the whole structural design, the number of patent applications, more balanced, close to in the average situation. And our domestic situation...
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Shanghai Municipal Government jointly with IC companies tide over the crisis measures

Face of the current world economic and financial crisis on the domestic impact of the development of IC industry, the new year, Shanghai Vice Mayor Ai Baojun by Yu Zhengsheng, secretary, Han Zheng, mayor of commission, led by City Development and Reform Commission, Commission by letter, tax Bureau, Customs, Commerce Committee and other department heads, convened a forum on some key enterprises integrated circuits. Enterprises to participate in the forum SMIC, Hua Hong NEC, advanced semiconductor, Spreadtrum Communications and Association official. 1 5 March, Ministry of Industry and Electronic Information Division IC at the Wang Guoxiong and deputy secretary general of China Semiconductor Association, Chen Xian to Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association study the development of the integrated circuit industry, "Eleventh Five-Ye...
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Chinas PC market is bottoming out trend adjustment period nearly

Is no doubt that 2009 will be Chinas PC market is the most difficult year. IDC expects Chinas PC market in 2009 was 4,061 million units sold, the growth rate of only 3%. Decline is particularly evident where desktops, IDC expects 2009 sales of desktop computers around 2,480 million units, compared to last year fell by 6%. The growth in notebook sales will also be significant downward trend, IDC expects the market volume in 2009 was 1,580 million, an increase of 19%. Director of personal systems research at IDC China, Wang Jiping manager, said: "Chinas PC market in the second half of 2008 has been significantly affected by global financial turmoil, a sharp decline in Chinas PC market expected in 2009 would still be an adjustment phase, by 2010 Chinas PC market will see bottoming out trend, showing 16% of the rapid growth trend. " IDC that...
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Polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic industry change in the situation brewing

With renewable and environmentally friendly solar power and other characteristics, the advantages to many countries including China, will focus on the development of new solar energy as the energy industry. Major supplier of photovoltaic products in mainland China to Europe market, the domestic market share is small. In recent years, due to the increasing market demand for Europe and America, China PV industry has achieved rapid development in recent years, the average annual growth rate of 5 to 40%. Further increase in the policy context of efforts to support the future growth prospects for the PV industry will be more broad. PV industry chain from upstream to downstream, including the industrial chain, including polysilicon, wafers, cells and cell components. In the industrial chain, from polysilicon to the battery components, the pr...
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Main large-size LCD: 120Hz TV with LED backlight NB

According to DisplaySearchs latest published large-size LCD panel (LCDpanel) shipping address, 120Hz LCD TV panel with LED backlight with NB panels for large-size LCD panel shipments two of the important trends. According to DisplaySearch statistics, in the fourth quarter 120Hz LCD panel shipments reached 3.3 million, although the same number with the third quarter, but accounted for 32-inch LCD TV panel shipments increased from 15% in the third quarter rose to 16% of the seasons, while the 40-inch and above LCD TV panel shipments, 120Hz increased from 27% in the third quarter rose to 31%. LED backlit NB panel shipments in the area, due to lower cost LED backlighting and brand manufacturers launch new models, making use of LED backlighting NB fourth quarter panel shipments estimated to reach 3.7 million, 2.3 million over the third quar...
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China will subsidize LED Products

Chinas State Council executive meeting recently, and in principle the "light industries of electronic information," one of its key projects supported by the "IC Upgrade", will focus on LED development will serve as the Government will also be LED product subsidies. Present, LED is considered to be the next generation of LCD TV backlight, with the Chinese color TV enterprises have cut into the production module and LED backlight, leading the LED flat panel flat-panel industry will be upgraded with its energy-saving, environmental protection and color performance, etc. absolute advantage in the future development trend of flat. Recently, Hisense Electric said that Hisense will be launched in 2009 larger LED products. ...
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LED street lighting market analysis

Road lighting and the people closely related to production and life, with the accelerated process of urbanization in China, green, efficient, long life LED lights gradually into the peoples vision. Currently, LED lighting technology matures, high-power LED light source efficiency has reached 80 lm / W, city street lighting energy saving possible. To the street-based high-power LED product markets, has been part of the LED business success in the second half of 2005 R & D LED lights, and gradually to the market, replacing the existing traditional lamp products. China is the worlds fastest urbanization process one of the countries can be expected in the next few decades, all over the country for high-power, high brightness, energy-efficient LED street lamp market demand for products is extremely large. According to industry statistics 2006 ...
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