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Shuji Nakamura and Junji Kido - pedigree about OLED lighting, LED lighting and road of development

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LED and LM2574M-3.3 datasheet and OLED lighting will create the future

Lighting seminar on this topic on March 4, 2009 at Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center at the "Lighting Fair 2009" on hold. Since the blue LED inventor, currently active in the GaN light-emitting components of the first line of Shuji Nakamura (University of California, Santa Barbara), and LM2574M-3.3 price and OLED inventor Junji Kido (Yamagata University Graduate School of Science and LM2574M-3.3 suppliers and Technology, Professor) attended the discussion , Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Centre, the venue packed international audience, the venue is almost packed. Tsutomu Ochiai, lighting designer (M & O Design Office Chairman) under the auspices of LED lighting and the participants discussed the feasibility and popularity of OLED lighting problems.

Worry about lighting in the new field of "behind closed doors phenomenon"

Lighting Fair held every two years, the biggest characteristic of this LED lighting become a major attraction. First, the spokesman for the city of households in each village and spoke about his impression of the exhibition venue.

Nakamura said: "You could say 90% of the exhibits are the LED lighting apparatus. This compared with the previous lighting show is very different, surprisingly, not small." In the village in 2 to 3 years ago took part in the lighting exhibition held in the U.S., there were only 20 to 30% of the exhibits is the LED-related products, while the protagonist is a fluorescent lamp and other existing sources. Nakamura believes that the development of the situation from the perspective of white LED, a further 2 to 3 years, LED lighting, light-emitting efficiency will increase at least 50% more. "LED lighting will be more and more research. As LED researchers, I am very happy." Before the panel discussion in the village of personal speech, said: "the next 2 to 3 years, the luminous efficiency is likely to reach 200 ~ 250lm / W".

User the impression the city is: "4 years ago, mostly fluorescent hall, 2 years ago, LED lighting, budding, this year as if into a LED show." The progress of LED lighting technology fast, people are "non-OLED lighting can hold a candle to." Households in the panel discussion before the citys personal speech that, while the light-emitting OLED lighting efficiency and longevity have made solid progress, but compared with white LED, developed late, 2 to 3 years. Turning to LED lighting technology

rapid progress at the same time, the city also pointed out to the family business model concerns. LED lighting in the Japanese market, "a phenomenon appeared behind closed doors." Indeed, the white LED technology originated in Japan, but Japans lighting manufacturers "can not attack the overseas market" (City of households). Limited in Japan because the Japanese market, the development of different global markets, the results lost their ability to compete in the global market, or to attack the global market had to change product specifications, the situation is worrying. Japanese mobile phones have appeared in the "behind closed doors phenomenon" is likely to be repeated in the LED lighting.

Nakamura noted that the development of the United States benefit from the risk of LED lighting company. R & D progress, whether or business decisions very quickly. Taiwan and mainland China is also the case. However, due to Japans development of LED lighting, "by large firms responsible for slow decision-making" (Nakamura), so the technical level of other countries will sooner or later catch up with Japanese manufacturers. In addition, the village also believe that various provisions in Japan too, hindered the development of LED lighting, the speed increased. "Does not repeal the provisions will not have free competition" (the village).

discussion of the scene. Right to left followed by Shuji Nakamura, Junji Kido and Tsutomu Ochiai

Avoid derailment of the global market Ochiai

moderator pointed out that the LED lighting business in Japan is not just a problem phenomenon occurs behind closed doors. In addition to LED lighting, OLED lighting Ochiai also has the experience, understanding of the situation overseas, LED lighting, more opportunity. Ochiai said that based on these experiences, we can say in LED and OLED and other hardware components and equipment, Japan has reached the level of the worlds most advanced, but allow more people to enjoy the fun of lighting the application level of development, the Japanese are more lacking in Europe and America initiative.

This in the village, said: "This is because the white LED from the traditional Japanese manufacturers to develop, and the traditional lighting manufacturers in Japan just to achieve product of." If you use LED lighting, you can achieve colorful lighting design, the use of computer software can easily control color and brightness. As a lighting will change dramatically, LED lighting will be different from the existing culture of the new lighting products. Therefore, in addition to hardware, LED lighting software (Note: This refers to the use of skills) is also essential, otherwise the LED lighting, "Japan will derail the global market" (the village).

In addition, the City of households that: in order not to derail the global market, the standardization of hardware and software is essential. Many people believe that LED lighting has been the standardization of the market has come to an end. However, the practical OLED lighting has only just begun, "I hope that the standardization of OLED lighting can also be born in Japan, and successfully develop" (City of households).

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