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Bottleneck in many energy-saving lamps LED five challenges facing the

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LED Industrial Park is not a certain area of the patent. Medium and AS3842 datasheet and small cities have gradually become the mainland LED industry shelter. June 2008, Jingdezhen LED lighting industry base project foundation laying ceremony was held in the high-tech zones, plans to invest 500 million yuan. In the same year in October, Swiss Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou, Zhejiang Masaaki Electric Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hongyuan Investment Co., Ltd. jointly signed a contract in the construction of the western Sichuan Suining LED production base, the investment total of 3 billion yuan. The end of December, China Silian Instrument Group Co., Ltd. LED industry group based in Chongqing Caijiaying foundation with the industrial park. In addition, Shandong Province, Henan Province and AS3842 price and the Government also proposed the construction of the relevant lighting industrial base. LED lighting industry attracted the concern of local governments and AS3842 suppliers and enterprises, local governments have many conditions to LED lighting industry as a key industry to support local development, or support the development of LED lighting industry, local businesses, or the introduction of foreign enterprises to invest in LED design plant.

However, the domestic LED lighting industry, compared with other countries is different. From the Ninth International Lighting Fair in Japan the news can be seen that LED lighting has been foreign to the popular, the brand, the daily application of direction, while some domestic enterprises have also indulged in the so-called "LED technology" is difficult to get out into the abyss .

Uncover the mysterious veil of LED, we can find it with energy-saving lamp industry are much alike! Energy-saving light industry in the birth, that is their responsibility to challenge the incandescent lamp. After several decades of development, it has gradually penetrated every corner of peoples lives, successfully incandescent behind. Today, energy-saving lamp industry is facing many bottlenecks, LED lighting industry, the rise of Shifengqishi.

February of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Finance jointly issued a circular to 2009 the number of efficient lighting products to promote expanded to 100 million, while high pressure sodium (mainly used for road lighting project), and other outdoor power lighting products included in the scope of financial subsidies. From last year, LED energy subsidies have been unsuccessful, the news was announced, the industry had been speculation that, even more people to petition the relevant state departments, requiring subsidies as soon as possible areas of energy efficiency LED included. At the same time, local governments are in the city to promote coordinated development of LED lighting applications, which with the main push in sharp contrast to energy-saving lamps.

When the history of Ford Grille lighting products from entering into the manufacture of LED lights, when the TCL from the energy-saving LED street lamp products into the industry, when Op lighting products into the LED lighting from the ceiling area, when the NVC LED lighting, commercial lighting cut from the space ... ... the traditional energy-efficient lighting LED lighting business giants have set foot in the world, bringing the flames LED lighting, or LED lighting confusion?

With industry analysts to become a major lighting in the LED lighting business when the meat and potatoes, but also the challenges of the traditional advantages of the beginning of the energy-saving lamps.

Challenge 1: energy-saving lamp LED birth defects to the opportunity to

3 Yue 3 Ri -6 days, organized by the Japan Association of Lighting to "harmony with the earth and the human light" as the theme of the Ninth International Lighting Fair in Japan, Japan Tokyo International Exhibition Centre. At the show, LED lighting as the focus of public attention, Jiucheng display products are LED lighting products.

LED lighting, the technical characteristics of environment protection and energy, given the challenges of energy-saving lighting products confidence. Because the production process energy-saving lamps use a lot of mercury (commonly known as mercury) and rare earth, and the mercury is difficult to recycle, with severe toxicity, is bound to damage the ecological environment and human body. Rare as a scarce resource, declining stocks, the consequences of resource depletion, energy-saving lamps will be the coming of doom.

Defect energy-saving lamp technology, so take advantage of energy-saving lamps LED lighting challenges. The remaining question is: LED lighting products can overcome technical difficulties when the power is not a big problem, when the light decline, then breakthroughs in life, the only thing to consider is the field of LED lighting in energy saving lamp replacement again What are the costs?

Challenge 2: The range of product to increase the expansion of energy-saving lights replace the probability Guangzhou Hongli Opto-Electronic Co., Ltd.

Guoping, general manager of the international lighting during a visit to Japan after the show had sighed and said: "Chinas promotion of LED outdoor lighting, and Japan focused on promoting LED interior lighting.

From the technology and application environment, starting from the promotion of LED interior lighting can be gradual, less take some detours. "

LED wide range of product applications, it is beyond doubt. Contrast LED products, application of energy-saving lamps is relatively small lot, and now a lot of lights, can not be applied on many occasions is still energy-saving lamps. Such as Crystal Light, if energy-saving lamps for light, then lose that brilliant light; another example, some commercial lighting and outdoor lighting products, if energy-saving lamp as light source, one can not solve the brightness problem, and second degree can not solve the problem condenser . LED lighting products in the application of ideas wide open, not only for decoration, you can also focus on single LED lamp beads made after high-power light source used. In terms of product applications, LED lighting products, energy-saving lamps challenge is entirely possible.

Challenge 3: brands marketing to squeeze into the LED provides a convenient

As Philips, Osram, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, Hitachi, many of the world-renowned companies such as LED lighting in the enclosure, when the country according to the Buddha, NVC, Op, TCL, competing to cut into the history of Ford LED lighting, the silver rain, ground for the leading representatives of the professional LED lighting, but also ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity, LED brand era just around the corner.

Energy-saving lamps to now, the brand has become a stable pattern. But for LED lighting, the major brands only at the initial stage, a huge market space, rather than others who have the opportunity to occupy the leading position. Good brands to enter the field of energy saving lamps LED lighting in the area, whether we can once again become a leader, still need to market test.

Can be said that lighting giants involvement, it has been owned by energy-saving lamps in the eating capital investment, branding, channel and other resources, the core problem is that these enterprises in the inputs, LED and energy-saving lamps will be what the ratio of combination?

Challenge 4: The channel sink for the LED market has laid a foundation

Concerned about who the Japanese lighting industry can see some of Tokyos store selling light fixtures and supermarkets, as long as one can see on the elevator is always the first LED lighting, because the seller will be LED type lamps are placed in the most eye-catching position. Moreover, most Japanese people spontaneously use LED lighting products.

In fact, Europe and other countries also pay attention to LED lighting sales channels will sink to the hypermarkets and supermarkets, and guide consumers to use LED products. The reason why energy-saving lamps accepted by the public, the importance for the country, contributed to its popular sales channels. From this point, the domestic LED lighting companies also need to change their ideas, efforts to develop mass distribution channels, the channel sink to win a bigger market.

Challenge 5: The price reduction provided a huge space for development potential for the LED

Pursuit of profit is the nature of all the capital, this is a irrefutable truth. In March LED Lighting exhibition in Guangzhou, the same product, the price difference of several times, including the transmission of the disease is staggering, but truly reflects, LED lighting products prices have enormous room for downward adjustment.

After years of development of energy-saving lamps, prices have stabilized to the three primary colors 2U5W energy-saving lamps, for example, the basic price of between 5-20 million. LED lighting products, prices transparent, which also provide a great deal of room for maneuver. There is room for profit. In this case, many companies scrambling to invest is not surprising that LED lighting products. However, as an industry, the price of opaque great harm. LED lighting industry to develop, we must do as the energy-saving lamps, prices must be transparent.

Course, just as energy-saving lamps replace incandescent lamps, LED has a long way to go, not just in technology, product, price, reasons, but the core is the promotion of LED lighting in the use of the the time and cost of education. LED will lack most is time.

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