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Cottage hill is not 3G phone with the "insulator"

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Media reported that three major telecom operators to open ahead of 3G offensive play, leading to low-cost 3G phone out of stock, mobile phone firms began looking for alternatives.

Reporters in cottage industries within the understanding that this is not true. "Because of intense competition, homogenization of serious, cottage in mature markets will value." Cottage practitioners have said, "some said bluntly, you can copy the programs and IR2171S datasheet and features are rare, this case, there is not enough capital investment will undoubtedly make sense to. "

Is undeniable that the cottage industries that are moving off 3G in the brain, there is news that MediaTek (hereinafter referred to MTK) in the WCDMA solution coming soon, this news has attracted the cottage in droves. However, 3G not 2G, early construction in the market, operators will account for a greater leading role, and IR2171S price and operators with the cottage does not call the "insulator."

Piling up the phone next to several big box, that is, Gu Mingxian (a pseudonym) of the desk. Since 2006, the annual rent under a high-rise office building in Shenzhen Huaqiang North, this is less than 100 square meters of office, he and IR2171S suppliers and some friends started their own "mobile phone business." When talking with reporters, hand Nianzhao cigarette in one hand and holding the mouse Gu Mingxian point of looking at the computer screen, his brow furrowed. "I understand this is not possible, the survival of the cottage is large enough to find their foothold in the market place." He said, for now the GSM market, even if it is a point of market share, That is one million sales. But there do not see where the market for 3G mobile phones.

According to media reports, China Telecom and China Unicom scheduled Telecom Day (May 17) are the official carrier of the 3G services have advance layout, China Telecom, March 16 at the beginning of the pilot CDMAEVDO services, China Unicom also decided to advance the to April 15, the first in Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Tangshan and Qinhuangdao City Telephone Number four.

The regular phone network sales must first obtain a permit, hours of work at least 2 months. 3G 3G phone out ahead of the war led to the cottage began looking for alternative phone, stepped in, and turned to Qualcomm and other platforms.

"It does not appear in the cottage a chance, we aim at the low-end, or even can be said that the low-end customers, this intersection point and the 3G did not." Gu Mingxian snuffed the hands of the cigarette, open the side a cardboard box and took out a very "Ray," the box. Printed above a portrait of David Beckham, the hand is a PS mobile phone, one end in hand, one end off to the chin, the top bearing the words "razor phone."

"This is the competitiveness of cottage, I summed up as weird of it." Gu Mingxian phone out from the box, open the lid, exposing the electric shaver heads. "As you can see, the cottage is doing is supporting the status quo is not under any brand, designed by this strange draw customers, our customers will not be in charge of this support in the end mobile phones are 2G or 3G." He said hundreds of millions of mobile phone users in the country, most of GSM users, of which 5,000 fancy as long as the phone, we succeeded. 3G

but it? In the absence of mature under the premise of the program, cottage manufacturers have to spend more cost-function configuration in the phone itself, such as motherboards, software, chips, etc., and if these costs are saved, is able to create more of the weird function. Cottage wholesale and retail side, it seems very cold on the 3G. On Saturday, in the digital city of Shenzhen Yuan Wang, a reporter visited several shops, asking if 3G handset sales, they are all received negative answers.

Launched 3G, who is in charge? MTK

If an industry product quality deteriorated, the result can only mice on the streets people cry, the outcome of natural selection by the market.

In China consumer electronics industry analyst at consulting Jie Li Yuankai view, the early years because of lack of mature black phone solutions do support, the road is to become narrower and narrower last.

"Mobile phone licensing system was liberalized, the MTK solution as the representative of emerging maturity, the term cottage there, the quality of hand, stabilized, and gradually to grow." This shows that cottage mediocre in quality, They could do some of the design and development of new features. "You will find that the cottage is now more popular, there is a communication or data transfer is particularly top-notch."

3G really big cake attractive because of the layout of 3G in China in the process, the state and put a lot of telecom operators. Skyworth mobile phone leader told reporters that the headquarters in Shenzhen, domestic mobile phone brand, has been set up in Beijing specifically point to communicate with the operator. In fact, 3G, and these brands into mobile phones is really only relevant to market-oriented cottage can not directly benefit from it.

"Branded 3G mobile phone network testing a condition that takes time, not enough to cottage to take so much risk to seize the market." Liyuan Kai said.

Gu Mingxian tells reporters his understanding of the situation, "cottage industries that are concerned about 3G, including the upper reaches of the design, production and trade associations to understand some of the downstream market, the degree of concern on 3G, these are scientific, systematic, and Unlike the outside world might think, cottage are some wild ways. "

He further said that the industry view is that, as long as the market acceptance of certain, 3G program and cheap enough, they can be launched quickly. "When the right is increased to more than one 3G mobile phone features only to WCDMA, for example, most mobile phones support the GSM network, the user can continue to use their GSM number."

Help lower the costs cottage, open the door to 3G would it be? At this point the natural eye fell on the chip industry leaders MTKs body.

International Telecommunications Exhibition in Beijing last year, the first high-profile exhibitors MTK demonstrated its WCDMA / EDGE baseband chip MT6268. At that time, MTK staff told reporters that the chip has many well-known through the international operator on the IOT testing, and has a number of mobile phone manufacturers to send samples.

However, it is not certain MediaTek chips built-in cell phone can catch up with China Unicom in April WCDMA terminal will start bidding.

Executives said there MTK, WCDMA chip development very well. Earlier in the WCDMA chips, mainly by Qualcomm, ST-Ericsson joint venture and the Broadcom chip giants such as guard, MediaTek, although a latecomer, but the 2G era, to create a unique mode and experience, may help them find new breakthrough.

Cottage operators can not enter the mainstream of context

"3G mobile industry business model era of uncertainty, the future is still a cottage cast a shadow over the development. For the cottage enterprises, non-standard because of its own operations, especially related to products not made a formal national testing and certification, as well as their structure and formal system in the companys lack of financial operations, the next development will face difficulties. "

The possibility for the cottage to do 3G, the state experienced home appliance industry consultant, Zhejiang University, Science and Technology Information Centre Adviser Shen Wen Jian has written narrative viewpoint, for fully under the guidance of the operators 3G mobile phone market competition, cottage must not enter into China Mobile, China Unicom and other operators of large-volume purchases 3G phone customization in a single system.

Official said China Mobile, 3G mobile core competence is to provide high-speed data services, and support data environment can carry a variety of video, streaming media, search and other services. "For operators, 3Gs participation will be higher than the 2G, as part of the value-added services, we will put in more effort to expand beyond conventional voice ARPU value of the user."

The cottage, the source said, because they can not get from official sources to support operators, data transmission will remain in the functional areas, and can not rise to the level of service.

"Cottage there will be 3G handsets, but only high-speed Internet access and video calls and other primary functions. And these activities is not enough." Wen Jian Shen

that, according to China Mobile in TD-SCDMA network operating mode, do not rule out the 3G mobile phone industry era there will be a wide range of business model innovation.

Existing "consumers to buy mobile phones, and then select the network" approach will be subverted, then most likely a "mobile operators will be bundled with the phone network, network free to send phone" in the new model, this way, Consumers will not choose to buy mobile phones 3G mobile terminal retail channels, but directly to the 3G network operators store purchase.

Yulong Coolpad domestic mobile phone manufacturers, said the person concerned, 3G threshold not only in technology, but also in services and carrier support, etc., this is set in the cottage in front of a natural barrier.

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