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IT industry mergers and acquisitions of foreign domestic enterprises

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IBM intends to buy 6.5 billion Sun, sudden shock of the global IT industry. Analysts said the two companies operate in the business model is very close to, their marriage will help the common development.

Software industry mergers and LTC1257CS8 datasheet and acquisitions abroad, the same kind will affect the domestic enterprises, along with the introduction of the domestic software industry to encourage the development of appropriate measures to benefit the industry as a whole. In fact, the past two years, mergers and LTC1257CS8 price and acquisitions of large domestic IT industry, potential competitors of the case has been continuously strengthened, and LTC1257CS8 suppliers and the current market value of the acquired company itself is low enough to "attractive", I believe that the acquisition of large enterprises are endless cases of potential competitors .

Present, tend to the introduction of positive measures to encourage the domestic software industry to increase the pace of development. Last year, the national launch of the "core of high-based" special (or "core electronic devices, high-end general chips and basic software"), including one of the middleware infrastructure software. According to informed sources, the nuclear high base and a new generation of broadband wireless mobile communication networks and electronic information industry is closely related to the restructuring and rejuvenation, which aims to raise two specific core technology, which is planning the important content.

The same time, this year the newly introduced electronic information industry revitalization plans in turn adjust the software and information services as one of six major projects, also "gradually the government departments (including institutions) to use software replacement for the foreign-made software" column One of the ten policy measures, this is the overall promotion of the software business.

Analysts believe that the electronic information industry to adjust to the introduction of the revitalization plan from the expected, given the industry a shot in the arm, the contents of the plan will benefit the entire industry, to integrated circuits, display devices, computer and electronic components in the financial investment, tax incentives, financial support to encourage exports and the formation of positive expectations and other aspects, so as to drive industry prices. In addition, Premier Wen Jiabao inspected Jiangsu is accompanied by the original state "long-term planning of science and technology," the 600 billion ready to invest in close contact with the current economic development of major projects in advance.

Wang Yuquan said that the recent acquisition of two domestic large enterprises rate of some potential competitors are also enhanced. If UF is only a year in 2008 from the acquisitions were made on 9, due to fierce competition in the market under the present conditions, the M & A integration is an appropriate way, and the low market value of the acquired characteristics of the object is particularly attractive. Therefore, potential mergers and acquisitions in the next big competitor is a trend, as an additional self-management software, expanded market share, increase market competitiveness as a means.

Course, the "core of the policy adjustment of concern is the revitalization of growth. The Government can invest in the states monopoly industries, can affect the demand and the government needs some of the domestic terminal, financial and fiscal policies are still the two magic. Funds investment in the state monopoly industries, and financial development support in the "high-tech" field, out of touch with the market. from the impact of domestic final demand, taxation perspective, the IT company of Pratt & Whitney, but the overall development of the industry must depend on the market to decide. "analysts said.

Lizhong Zhi Ping An Securities analyst, said IT industry, every industry has its stages of development, when an industry reaches its maturity, horizontal, vertical saturated when the development of merger and reorganization will be achieved through the expansion. Chinas PC industry has matured and is expanding outward direction. And such as telecommunications, the Internet industry belong to sunrise period, also belong to the first phase of industrial growth and expansion.

Dongxing Securities IT industry analyst Wang Yuquan expressed from IBM itself, IBM is more cost effective to purchase an acquisition. He explained that in 2008 spent 10 billion acquisition of Sun MySql, and as such more than one billion U.S. dollars in the acquisition of a limited number of cases, sun there are many such as servers, Java, sun office so platform, IBM acquisition if the Sun, equivalent to the basic monopoly database, server plate business.

One has been concerned about IT industry veteran, told reporters yesterday, IBM and Sun merger is sooner or later. Because the two companies in the server, enterprise solutions, and other aspects very similar, the hardware, software business model is very close. Their software solutions such as open-source software that relies on its programs to address, in addition to the two companies cooperate on Java is particularly close, these commonalities will help promote the progress of the two companies.

It is said, IBM plans to 10-11 U.S. dollars per share to buy Sun, the Sun the day of $ 4.97 share price is quite a large premium. In the past year, Suns share price has fallen by about 70%. Some analysts said that if the transaction occurred two years ago, then, Suns price will be 240 billion U.S. dollars. The global economic recession, although the company in order to cut costs several rounds of layoffs, but the companys value is still lower than that.

The senior official said, it is because Sun is a pure technology company, the companys influence is relatively weak, so the corresponding market price is very low. But its technology is very valuable, the companys brand marketing capabilities, a great imagination. The merger of the two companies control costs benefit both investors. When IBM ready

65 billion acquisition of Suns news was exposed suddenly shocked the global IT industry. Analysts said that IBM and Sun smooth if the acquisition, then IBM will not only in the Internet market, the data storage business, government business and communication business development has been made, will be operated by Sun R & D strengths over the years.

In fact, foreign giants are accelerating the pace of acquisitions. Before the Oracle acquisition of BEA, Redhat acquisition of JBoss, and IBM just a business in the past decade has been achieved in more than 160 mergers and acquisitions, large quantities can not be underestimated. The acquisition of foreign giants not only the strength of growth of the enterprise, and will direct the development of domestic middleware business impact.

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