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Chinas lighting industry: Who want to jump to the trap of OLED

1983, the then U.S. President Ronald Reagan launched the famous "Star Wars" program, with U.S. economic strength, through the protracted and costly space arms race, the Soviet Unions economic and political collapse. This makes long-term development of the Soviet Union are somewhat heavy, light industry and agriculture stagnated state, together with the Soviet Union and the extensive mode of production was the Soviet Communist Party General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev hasty economic reforms, both breaking the old order does not create a new order, resulting in economic, social and political chaos, leading to the Soviet empire collapsed. The Soviet Union to some extent, it is the United States, "collapse" of the. The lighting industry in China is caught in this vicious circle seems! Recently, LED lighting in the industry really "fire" a ...
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Computer World: the cottage first sword of Damocles hanging

Cottage as instinctive as the cottage, so you get confused, so you put it down, you breath it? Hard! Please note hanging in the cottage a few of the manufacturers that the head of the sword of Damocles, constantly as a warning! Cottage industry is making determined efforts, ready to go, there are many companies eager to jump into a share. Cottage once the huge profits made family history, so many have tasted the sweetness of cottage players on the Internet this new cottage industry of the high hopes. History is difficult to repeat itself. PC industry, the water was very deep, much deeper than the mobile phone industry. The old saying goes, empiricism kill people, blind optimism is often a failure gravedigger. Here, we need to pour a few glasses of cold water to the cottage, let cool down some overheated emotions. Cottage increasing t...
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Missing mechanism restricting the development of solar photovoltaic industry

NPC Nan Cunhui, chairman of Chint Group, made during the two sessions this year, Chinas solar photovoltaic power generation in the "there is no market industry," the embarrassing situation. "On the one hand is a national solar energy industry as we started late, inadequate promotion. On the other hand, is more expensive than the traditional solar photovoltaic energy, so that people can not afford, the relevant departments feel worthwhile investment, so solar volt power is not very active in promoting. "China Energy Research Society and Enterprise Energy Management Energy Committee members Zhicheng told the" Chinas Sankei Shimbun "reporter. "China has not yet set up to promote industrial development of photovoltaic power generation mechanism, but also restricts the development of photovoltaic technology in China." CPPCC member and Chairm...
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60 companies competing for the largest grid-connected photovoltaic power station

Including Huaneng, the countrys five major power, including electricity, Suntech, Changzhou Trina, solar, etc., of Connaught were gathered well-known enterprises located in the Xuanwu District of Beijing in the building, called "10 megawatts in Dunhuang, Gansu grid-connected photovoltaic power generation franchises "to attract businesses and photovoltaic power generation industry, the participation of hundreds of top executives. Two days later, Chinas first grid-connected photovoltaic power generation base price will soon be born. "More than 60 enterprises to participate in the opening ceremony." 20, a bidding company executives told reporters that PV, as many companies bid, opening ceremony, tenor until half past three p.m. end, "marked the end of singing , we know too much, which of several companies formed a basic judgments about win...
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Wind Energy in China lift can be the rainbow after the rain

Despite the financial crisis makes slowing energy demand, Chinas Political Consultative Conference is still a grand scale the importance of emphasizing the development of new energy sources, which mean that alternative energy industry is expected to greatly benefit? Asset Management believes that the long-term alternative energy industry will continue to benefit from the various countries to enhance energy autonomy profitable, but because of the volatility of large single industry can be considered through a more complete energy fund for the layout. Obama repeatedly stressed reduce dependence on traditional energy sources, while China National Energy Secretary Zhang also stressed that the CPPCC session, although the financial crisis energy demand slowed, but the energy problem can not be ignored, must continue to attach importance to Ne...
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Changes in the core of China: Private School resurgence returnees cooling wave

Has seen nine friends to write ("China chip" reflection) of a text, which some view is not very recognized. Also want to write about my impressions: the core of China did not fall, on the contrary, Chinas core is on the rise, but a group of more pragmatic, and know better the local Chinese market, private firms are replacing those who have IC head ring, ambitious, but some find just north of the returnees company vain. 2002-2007 catch on in Chinas IC market, IC companies in a group of returnees burn after VC money still have not found the market, have fallen; and fallen along with the returnees, a number of private local IC Corporation The resurgence. Very interesting change, this change should also be a pattern of changes in the global electronics industry. After all, those who fall returnees IC companies are still not completely out ...
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Jiuzhou Electric high-voltage frequency control devices are exported to the United Arab Emirates

Recently, CEMEX cement grinding station in the UAE, the project tender, Jiuzhou Electric high-voltage frequency control products with advanced technology, excellent product quality and perfect service system, in the multitude of strong competition in the hi be successful! CEMEX cement and precast concrete company is the production and sale of leading global companies with operations in North, Central and South America, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa more than 50 countries, is the worlds third major cement producer. The high frequency transformation of the CEMEX cement grinding station mines, construction sites in the UAEs Jebel Ali. Jebel Ali Port is the worlds 20 largest container terminal is one of the worlds largest man-made port, has a total of more than 100 international transport routes, 60% of the transhipment cargo, the ...
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Orders for electronic components manufacturer has shown signs of recovery

Into March, we have received orders for more and more component manufacturers to recover information. Among them, the operating rate of return Bacheng more companies, including ultrasound electronics, health benefits technology, Changjiang Electronics Technology, Farah E, Guangzhou, light and other countries; health benefits technology is now in full production status; Hengdian East magnetic, acoustic songs Seoul, Shen Tianma Back Qicheng operating rate over the affected Chinese micro-inch line to start larger rate of 4,5 back Qicheng above. We analyze the reasons for recovery of capacity utilization in the following areas: First, domestic demand is an important factor in promoting the growth of the order. From the source to see new orders from the situation better than domestic orders export orders, especially with 3G, the government ...
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China Aviation Optical gain 3G: The proposed 15 production lines in Shenzhen

China Aviation Optical April 1 will be put into the 15 production lines, mainly for ZTE and Huawei to provide 3G communication equipment connector. "15 production lines put into production, this year plans to achieve sales revenue of 80 million to 100 million yuan." Chief Financial Officer of China Aviation Optical LIU Yang disclosed. Fueled by 3G, the optical performance of aircraft increased significantly. 3 18 and 19, in the Board meeting, optical navigation, Liju Wen announced the 2008 financial report. In 2008 the company achieved total revenue of 1.077 billion yuan, up 29.51% over the previous year; net profit of 113 million, up 13.75% over the previous year. Strategic focus for the company in 2009, Liju Wen said, the first is to establish subsidiaries and affiliates, that is, the pilot set up factories in Shenzhen, the future w...
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Richard Chang said that the situation in China has passed the most difficult the semiconductor

SMIC CEO Richard Chang 17 at SEMICON CHINA said the economic situation in China will show a "hook type" (check mark) rebound, the worst is down in December 2008 and January 2009, Now it seems the first one quarter of the most difficult situation has passed, Q2 May better than April orders. Richard Chang analysis, the mainland government introduced at the right time to expand domestic demand and strong home appliances, making mainland China IC market still has strong growth potential. He also announced that, there are three mainland IC design industry with SMICs advanced 45-nanometer process technology. Richard Chang analysis, unlike the United States and Britain presented L-economic situation, the European show W, U-developing countries show, the mainlands economic situation is like a hook-type Check mark, but quickly picked up the slop...
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