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TD bound to 3G market in 2009 to take the lead in the World War II

With the official beginning of the Ministry of Industry issued three 3G licenses, marking Chinas 3G mobile communications will enter the era. Thus, in 2009 the industry was generally known as the home of the true "3G first year." In fact, as 3G in China with independent intellectual property rights of representatives of mobile operators in China TD-SCDMA (hereinafter referred to as TD) as early as last April 1 began a nationwide commercial trial, the end of 2008, the country has reached the number of 3G customers 41.9 million people. In Beijing during the Olympic Games, China Mobile is in the TD, based on a variety of services, so that more users to understand and feel the 3G era rich applications for the 3G development in China draw a heavy sum. With the gradual improvement of network and terminal services to further enhance Chinas TD ...
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Building has been heavily subsidized solar photovoltaic business opportunities highlighted

26 reporter learned from the Ministry of Finance, the State Council for the implementation of energy saving strategic plan, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued a series of policies and ideas, accelerate the construction of solar photovoltaic technology in rural and urban areas to subsidize the application and . Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban on accelerating the implementation of solar PV building applications that view, for the domestic application of optoelectronic products to effectively alleviate the problem of inadequate demonstration project in the early stages of development taken by the way, the implementation of the "Solar Roofs Plan "to speed up construction in urban and rural areas of optoelectronic application. Plans include promoting the applica...
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Chaos expansion of solar energy trapped into focus the plight of expanding downstream business

As the worlds largest solar energy producer, China over the past few years the pace of moving to cleaner energy sources is quite dazzling. At the same time, seize the opportunities in the past three years, solar energy companies listed abroad is rewarding. For example, between 2005 and 2008, the industry leader - Suntech Power Co., Ltd. (SuntechPower). But affected by the financial crisis, hot Suntech Power shares have now only one-tenth of its peak value, the other shares in the domestic solar photovoltaic companies, without exception, also suffered heavy losses. Last year, the last three months, the solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers gross profit dropped sharply, from the third quarter of 2008 fell to $ 129,700,000 $ 3,600,000, and 30% of the staff being cut. And only one of many suffering the impact of Suntech solar manufac...
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Chint finance $ 50,000,000 for the key figure behind Zhu Min

By the global financial crisis, the market volume and price of solar down, currently nine solar companies listed in overseas market has shrunk dramatically, some enterprises crystalline silicon cells and even down to negative product gross margin. But a miserable occasion in the market, March 20, Chint Group, Chint Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (Astronergy, hereinafter referred to Chint Solar) has successfully raised $ 50,000,000 PE investment, investors are Cerberus investment and Shanghai Alliance Investment. "I have confidence in Chint Solar." Shihai out the financial crisis, "throwing money", March 22, led the investment in the investment Cerberus founder and chairman Zhu Min when interviewed in said. CEO YANGLI Chint Solar, told reporters, 5,000 million U.S. dollars arrival, Chint Solar in international channel development, technolo...
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360 million project located in Xian Aerospace LED lighting base

Nanya Technology Co., Ltd. Xian new energy production base, and the word special power Tongchuan Lin Co., Ltd., recently signed a contract settled in aerospace base. It is understood that the two companies to invest 300 million 6 million yuan, is expected to be fully operational income of 40 billion yuan after the semiconductor lighting industrial projects, in Shaanxi Province to speed up development for semiconductor lighting and solar photovoltaic industry is of great significance. Semiconductor lighting and solar photovoltaic industry in Shaanxi Province is the future focus on the development of new energy projects, according to the provincial government plan, Shaanxi Province, in 2012 these two industries to achieve the goal of 200 billion yuan. Meanwhile, the establishment of Xian semiconductor lighting and solar photovoltaic indus...
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LED lighting industry is cold period in the enterprise market share of over 1% without

"In the country, Op, and NVC be relatively well-known two companies, but annual sales of business not more than 20 billion yuan, the whole industry, not a lighting company in the market share of more than 1%." A lighting industry veteran, told reporters. "Lighting industry is in a severe winter period." Interviewed each of the lighting industry who are obviously worried. Since last year, with the national macro-control effects, real estate, building materials and other industries subject to certain restrictions, as these industries upstream and downstream of the lighting industry, has also been affected. Pearl River Delta region, a small lighting company owner told reporters that there was difficult to survive this years corporate status, and their understanding of the industry, even the larger enterprises, but also face a difficult p...
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Actively build green electronics industry is preparing a new policy in China

According to iSuppli Corporation, in response to China over the past 30 years on the single-minded pursuit of economic growth to the neglect of environmental protection of the accused, the Chinese government is formulating appropriate policies to promote the electronics industry to green and sustainable practices. The Chinese government attached great importance current mode of the green on the concept of national development. Government re-committed to food, technology, construction and industry to adopt more sustainable practices. Where energy conservation has been listed as Chinas 11th Five-Year Plan important task. Government will strictly control high energy consumption projects and investment in heavily polluting industries such as steel. Officials are urging all businesses to take energy-saving technologies, the implementation o...
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Silicon wafer demand is expected in 2009 by 35% in the second half rebound

Market research firm Gartner, 2009, silicon wafer demand is expected to decrease 35.3% compared to 2008. Caused by the financial crisis and semiconductor products, electronic products, declining demand, demand for silicon wafer fourth quarter of 2008 decreased 36.3% qoq. Gartner now expects 2009 global semiconductor revenue will be decreased by 24% to 33%. Silicon wafer demand is expected to gain some momentum in the second half. "Our latest show the second half of 2009 is expected there will be a temporary rebound in the market, wafer suppliers should be ready for this." Gartner research vice president of semiconductor manufacturing sector in a report said. ...
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Weak growth in the smartphone market competition Gartner shows

2008 fourth quarter, the smart phone market growth, sluggish, but at least growing. Market research firm Gartners latest data show that increased competition in the market, Samsung for the first time into the top five list. Gartner in its report that, compared to the overall decline in the fourth quarter of 2008, the decline in mobile phone market situation, season smart phone market grew by 3.7%. Despite the lack of eye-catching new products, and deteriorating economic situation to the end users buying tendency, but at least managed to avoid smart phones the fate of a recession. Gartner research director RobertaCozza that manufacturers and operators continue to work to expand the smartphone portfolio. However, the top vendors in the market share rankings changed significantly. While Nokia still maintains the leading position, but the...
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Industrial added value of Chinas electronics industry fell 9.4%

3 Yue 26 Reuters recently issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information January-February 2009, the operation of the electronics manufacturing industry, due to changes in international economic and financial situation, the impact of electronics manufacturing production, exports continued to fall sharply. It is reported that 1-2 months of this year, the electronics industry fell 9.4% in industrial added value in the last year, down 2.4% in December to build on the significant downturn. Decline in exports continued to expand, the export delivery value of the first two months fell 19% decline over the last 12 months (a decline of 10.2%) expansion of 8.8 percentage points. Key products, the production of integrated circuits 6.29 billion, up 16.4%; Digital Switching line of 4.71 million, an increase of 4.3%; micro-computer equipment 18...
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