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RFID industry chain of Chinas electronics look for breakthrough

RFID has been a very popular, national authorities have attached great importance to the preparation of Science and Technology is organizing the "China White Paper on RFID strategy," Ministry of Information Industry, is organizing the preparation of RFID technology development plan, both of them in advance. For a small population, small market countries, may not be necessary to develop its own RFID standards. But the Chinese population, a huge market, production capacity is also great, you can take advantage of this Zhiding RFID standards with independent intellectual property rights, which is in the national interest, and information security considerations. Ministry of Information Industry early this year organized a technical seminar on electronic tags, electronic tag of the Working Group is now the publicity and registration has bee...
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Powerchip Semiconductor said the third quarter of the global DRAM will be in short supply

Taiwan DRAM maker Powerchip Semiconductor said on Wednesday, with the cut in the same industry, global stocks will run out in June digestion, from the third quarter forecast will be in short supply, and prices will gradually rise in the second quarter. He said , will not participate in government-led Taiwan Memory Company (TMC). Powerchip chairman Frank Huang at a press conference said that in 2008 the global dynamic random access memory (DRAM) 10% oversupply, coupled with sharp drop in demand caused by the financial turmoil, the end of inventory of about 100,000, 1GB DRAM prices fell to 0.8 U.S. dollars. But last year have cut production in response to the fourth quarter, expected cuts in the second quarter effect of the fermentation. "DRAM industry downturn in the economy is approaching the third quarter into the positive cycle, the ...
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Powerchip Semiconductor: Global DRAM stocks will run out in June digestion

Taiwan DRAM maker Powerchip Semiconductor said on Wednesday, with the cut in the same industry, global stocks will run out in June to digest. Powerchip chairman Frank Huang at a press conference, told reporters, "DRAM industry downturn in the economy is coming into the positive cycle in the third quarter, the current plight of the manufacturers, will gradually back to life, but still need time to rest interest-bearing. " He also forecast to 3 at the end of the global DRAM inventory of about 800 million. ...
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American Crystal: Pretty LED revenue to the end of the year at full capacity

Solar silicon wafer plant in Taiwan-US Jing (5483) that the expected revenue of U.S. grain in March better than February, LED sapphire substrates at full capacity throughout the year. Present, Sino-US crystalline silicon wafer in the semiconductor part of the situation a little better, not only better in March than in February, in April than in March will be better than the first one quarter of the overall situation of the early ones. Especially the LED sapphire parts, now not only fully occupied production capacity, also estimates that will be full to the end of the year, so for this one, there will be expansion of Sino-US grain plan, the business unit in 2009 is expected to reach breakeven can be . As part of solar silicon wafer and general manager Xu Xiulan that the main impact is relatively large decline in market prices, in fact, ...
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CLP combined with Cree LED lighting attack and plan to expand the U.S. market

LED fortune Wang Qiang, China Electrical Equipment (1611) and Cree LED Lighting Factory launched a co-operation. Combination of both brand recognition and channel, hoping to replace 50-watt halogen bulb, is expected to bring revenues in 2009 of more than NT 7,000 million, and plans to expand the second half of the U.S. market. Deputy Director of the CLP was said that, the power LED lighting products in 2009 began to expand domestic and commercial markets. He pointed out that the current sales pace, LED lighting can bring more than 7,000 for the CLP million in revenue, but also in accordance with the statutory planning in the second half of the table to enter the U.S. market, expand cooperation areas with the Cree, and then enter the global LED lighting market. Cree is the worlds leading manufacturers, coupled with the advantages of ele...
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Announced a major research topics of industrial technology

Yesterday, the City Council issued a Section letter, "the first major 2009 research project Guidelines for Industrial Technology." It is reported that key support for the approved project integrated circuits, communications, Internet, new materials, new energy, semiconductor lighting, medical equipment and other industries, were established in the related fields of 20 subjects eligible units should seize the time to actively organize the declaration. City Council person in charge of Branch letter, in order to enhance key technologies and common technologies for research, and enhance the core competitiveness of industry, science and technology plan in 2009, the new "major industrial technology research program," Capital Budgeting 1.5 billion. This year in January, the City Council Section letter enterprises and research institutions to c...
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LED TV LED industry for the opportunities ahead of detonation breakthrough recycling

Following Samsung, LGD positive announcement released by white light applications (plus red and blue color phosphor recorded) LED backlight LCD TV grab City, due to cost than RGB (three-color full-color LED backlight) cheap, Japanese brands have begun to plant in March to join, even the Chinese mainland have a 15 million units of LED TV. March almost all brands plants are rushing LED TV. In the CES 2009 show, many television manufacturers have introduced LED-backlit panels with ultra-thin models, means that the LCD TV will move towards the direction of using LED, image quality is the main factor requirements. LED backlight color saturation of up to 90%, 70% better than the CCFL, is a dynamic contrast ratio of 100 million, much better than CCFLs 1 in 30,000 to 40,000, the quality has a considerable advantage. Currently, the use of white...
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Resolution LED display key performance indicators

1998 onwards, after five years, the LED display special committee (now the Chinese Optical Society LED display Chapter) organized effort, "LED display test methods" industry standard (hereinafter referred to as the "standard") is about promulgated. To correctly guide the users to understand performance LED display, LED display on the market norm is very important significance. Order to better implementation of standards, made the following recommendations. 1 maximum brightness End of last year to discuss the industry "standard", for "maximum brightness," the important performance characteristics did not give specific requirements, which is consistent GB/T1.2-2002s. In the "work of standardization Part 2: technical elements of normative standard method for determining the content" and "5.4.3 determined by the value of supply-side" ment...
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High power LED down light application in the

Although the price factor restricted the wide range of high-power LED application, but the high-power LED, high reliability, significant savings in future maintenance and replacement costs. Colorful, and other sources can not achieve this effect. Easy to control, through digital control technology to achieve dynamic lighting effects. Small size, can make the shape more creative lighting. LED Down Light is a kind of embedded into the ceiling light-beam lighting. Its greatest feature is the ability to maintain the overall architectural unity and perfect settings will not damage the lamp ceiling art of the perfect unity. It uses high-power LED as the light source, the human visual effects gentle, evenly. Because LED is the future of green lighting products, with energy-efficient LED edge Moreover, the trend in the downlight light plays an i...
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LED lighting industry, competitive and orderly and gradually enter the stage of rapid growth

2003 National Semiconductor Lighting Project has been launched, LED lighting industry to gradually enter the rapidly growing phase. Especially in the last few years, the industry in full swing, extension, chips, packaging companies everywhere. However, with the industry growing rapidly, the drawbacks of lack of industry standards is more and more clearly demonstrated. Therefore, the relevant departments several years ago to start a standard-setting work, hoping to promote the rapid development of LED lighting industry standards. Recently, the National Standardization Committee and the Public Lighting LED lighting, the Ministry of standard working group to develop standards in a number of LED lighting After many discussions later, he submitted for review, after approval will be expected to rise to national standards. This caused great re...
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