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Electronic components: cause for concern in emerging markets

Emerging areas of concern, including GPRS chips, power devices, security electronics, and portable medical electronics. GPS chip market: China GPS output accounted for 39.4% of global production, Chinas GPS chip market in 2008 increased by 46.7%. PND GPS applications accounted for 62.3%, GPS mobile phones accounted for 20.9%, the development of Chinas GPS engine. The future, GPS and consumer electronics integration will bring new GPS chip market growth is expected to grow 25.2% annually the next three years. Power devices market: Although the power device market growth slowed sharply in 2008, the first time in single-digit growth, but with the continued increased demand for energy saving, power management IC, MOSFET and IGBT high-end products are still will keep stable growth, including 3G, digital television and automotive electronics...
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Subsequent development of the Chinese sensor market is optimistic about the steadily

Sensor technology as the forefront of modern technology, is considered to be the three pillars of modern information technology is one of the most recognized home and abroad promising high-tech industries. In the domestic automation experts, sensor technology is directly related to the development of automation industry situation, that "strong sensor technology, the automation industry strong." This shows that the sensor technology to industrial automation industry as well as the importance of building the country. Despite the financial turmoil, but the Ministry of Industry and Information January-September 2008, the statistics still show that Chinas sensor market showed contrarian growth. And in recent years, Chinas average annual sales growth in the sensor has reached 39%. In recent years, the world sensor market is a sustained and st...
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Mitsubishi branched out into the solar energy industry will acquire 34% stake Acciona Solar Plant

According to the "Nikkei" 5 reports, Mitsubishi Corp. (MC) plans to buy the end of construction by the Spanish construction group Acciona SA holds 34% of the solar module manufacturing plant shares and common leadership in the worldwide scale solar power generation business. Mitsubishi partner Acciona in Portugal for the solar module branch Amper Central Solar SA, estimated amount of the transaction billion yen, Mitsubishi consider the deployment of staff to local services. The plant has 45,800 kilowatts of output power, enough to supply 26,000 families in the Japanese electricity. 4 Yue 1st, Mitsubishi will solar energy and environment-related operating conditions will be reported directly to President. Although the company is streamlined because of the economic contraction of new investment costs of solar and other alternative ener...
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CLSA pointed out that China did not appear polysilicon plant production slowed down

According to Dow Jones reported that recently, CLSA (CLSA) released the report pointed out that the solar industry, despite weak demand, but the reality of CLSAs China research (China Reality Research) does not appear that the production of polysilicon plant in China signs of slowing down . In addition, more plant capacity expansion plan seems much intact. With the increase in output and new orders growth slowed, the supply will increase spot market, and further suppress prices. Long term, prices will benefit the majority of the Chinese mainland and Taiwan solar energy companies. The medium term, excess supply will lead to lower prices and the supply chain more inventory write-down of the risk worse. CLSA still remain underweight the sector rating. Increase in output. CLSA believes that weak external demand environment does not seem to ...
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iSuppli: Europe may benefit by turning to solar energy

Europe earlier active solar energy development to being effective, the area in the photovoltaic (PV) cell production, leading, perhaps to save electricity costs for its 300 billion. 2008 BY wattage basis, European companies of the world production of PV cells to 27%, slightly higher than 26%, far higher than Japans 16% and 14% of the United States. shown in Figure 1 for 2008, iSuppli estimates of PV cell production, broken down by region, based on wattage. PV cell production in addition to leading positions, the European or installed the worlds largest solar cell market. This is inevitable, this is the last 20 years, European governments, research institutions and enterprises in close cooperation results. Based on the European economy from dependence on hydrocarbons for electricity, while creating employment and building a globall...
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Plight of Taiwanese chip maker

Not see the prospect of CEOs lament has become fashionable. However, memory chip manufacturers in Taiwan, the outlook is clear enough: the bloated size of the industry to shrink. The best result is - at least for Taiwan, a government-led industry restructuring can keep the 28,000 most of local employment opportunities. The worst result is that self-interest and loan institutions from obstructions, nearly all of industry in Taiwan will hand over control of Korea. 6 companies will blend together will be very difficult, and technology alliances and overlapping weakest Taiwan ProMOS (ProMOS) close to bankruptcy, so the situation becomes more complex. Taiwan memory chip industry receive government funding and Formosa Plastics Group (Formosa Plastics Group) equity capital funding. (Formosa Plastics is the parent company of the two chip makers...
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Localization of semiconductor materials needed in the chain cooperation

To further support the integrated circuit manufacturers to learn more about and use of local materials, and the premise of guaranteeing quality reduces manufacturing costs of purchase, February 17, Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association held a "Localization of IC industry materials Cooperation Symposium ", a new sun, On set, the new pride, HY, and Jiang Feng five materials the company has to be the Yangtze River Delta region to the wafer fab over 60 representatives introduced their products, technologies and service capabilities, and in-depth exchanges. Association would like to help material suppliers to develop new markets to address industry "winter." Association that targeted and pragmatic activities, speakers and listeners get the full affirmation. It is reported that after June 30 this year, the state will cancel the use...
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Government measures jointly with IC companies tide over the crisis

Face of the current world economic and financial crisis on the domestic impact of the development of IC industry, the new year, Shanghai Vice Mayor Ai Baojun by Yu Zhengsheng, secretary, Han Zheng, mayor of commission, led by City Development and Reform Commission, Commission by letter, tax Bureau, Customs, Commerce Committee and other department heads, convened a forum on some key enterprises integrated circuits. Enterprises to participate in the forum SMIC, Hua Hong NEC, advanced semiconductor, Spreadtrum Communications and Association official. 1 5 March, Ministry of Industry and Electronic Information Division IC at the Wang Guoxiong and deputy secretary general of China Semiconductor Association, Chen Xian to Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association study the development of the integrated circuit industry, "Eleventh Five-Ye...
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Green Lighting: Solar Lighting Solutions HBLED

The past fifteen years, a tenfold increase in energy demand, energy costs rose four-fold. Power outages and brownouts has occurred in the United States and other countries, and with the growth in energy demand and energy production can not maintain that this situation will continue to deteriorate. Under the North American ELectric Reliability Corps latest report, the next decade, the United States alone will increase 141,000 megawatts of electricity demand, and new resources that have been identified over the same period only 57,000 MW. This produced a gap of 84,000 megawatts, equivalent to 160 large power plants in total power generation. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration report, power generation (mostly for lighting applications in power) produced 37% of the greenhouse gas, so we should start looking for alternat...
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