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Start a new wave of LED patent infringement lawsuit the industry that has little effect

Retired Columbia University professor Luote Hill was (GertrudeNeumarkRothschild) to launch a new wave of LED patent infringement litigation, domestic manufacturers, including Ding Yuan (2426), Thai Valley (3339), Kellett, new optical, China Xiamen An Dengjun list in the new wave. Luote Hill was in 2005, after another of Toyoda Gosei, Nichia technology, Cree LED manufacturers and other international patent litigation, caused an uproar in LED industry. Luote Hill was again before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) made requests for some of Taiwan and the mainland manufacturers start 337LED Infringement. Generally speaking, if they are related to ITC ruled against the patent, the patent period, the industrys products will not enter the U.S. market. Ding Yuan Qiu Meiling Director, said a few days before the relevant notification...
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Shi Zhengrong: Solar boost the economy by the U.S. market is a gambling mentality

The continents largest solar cell factory Suntech (Suntech) 24 Shi Zhengrong, chairman pointed out that we should not expect too much of the economy this year, solar energy, to seek to boost the U.S. economy is a gambling mentality, he believes that solar energy today industry throughout the year to "a smooth line over" very good. Mainland "solar Godfather" synchronous solar year bearish sentiment, the Taiwan stock market opened higher yesterday after the solar energy group full back, the pointer works Motech, E-TON, Yu Jing, China and the U.S. grain, green energy, etc., on the lowest income price, compared with the broader market rose 118 points, the performance of the disadvantaged. Shi yesterday invited to participate in "cross-strait industrial cooperation and exchange of Photovoltaic Conference" in his keynote speech at an intervi...
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MTN may purchase ZTE Telecom holds 51% stake in just

Am Beijing time on March 26, according to foreign media reports, South Africas largest telecom operator MTN Group may buy ZTE Democratic Republic of Congo held telecommunications company has just 51% of the shares in Telecom to expand the company as the African the largest wireless carrier in the lead. Just in telecommunications (Congo Chine Telecom SARL) spokesman said the company is currently working with several companies to sell 51% stake in the negotiations, MTN is the leader in the negotiations. Telecom is the first in the Democratic Republic of Congos third-largest wireless carrier, worth about 4 billion U.S. dollars. MTN refused to confirm or deny whether the ongoing negotiations. ...
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Wei Leping said the 2009 PON technology to take off in China

Broadband access technologies have been gradually moving forward, with the collapse of APON technology, EPON and GPON technologies in the development of technology has matured, the development of broadband applications in the 2009 China Forum on Science and Technology Committee of China Telecom Group, said Wei Leping Director: "2009 is off of PON technology." Wei Leping said: "EPON technology has matured, and has for device chip and system-level interoperability, while prices have also dropped significantly, has begun commercial scale. EPON Once mature, operators will begin to believe that a positive test, once the test success, followed by field experiments and trial will be commercial. " GPON is also a great concern by operators PON technology, it has better quality, management and multi-service capability, high efficiency, the user h...
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Mass production in 09 years, China thin film solar cells

At the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre "Solarcon China 2009" exhibition can be clearly felt in the year 2009 China will start mass production of thin film solar cell modules. German Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Pepsi (Best Solar energy technology), Zhejiang Chint Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Chint Solar), Baoding Tianwei thin film PV Co., Ltd. (Baoding TianWei SolarFilm) and Suntech Power Co., Ltd. (Suntech Power Holdings ) and other companies have demonstrated thin film solar cell samples and announced the future production plans. In addition to these companies provide a package of (Turn-Key) production line Oerlikon (Oerlikon, Shanghai) and Applied Materials (Applied Materials) and other companies also demonstrated the companys business expansion in China, emphasizing the attitude of the Chinese market th...
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Jinan, China solar energy industry business cluster in

Years, Jinan to chemical industry, metallurgy, heavy vehicles and machinery processing and other high energy consumption, heavy pollution of traditional heavy industry, the proportion of traditional industries, 64%, the proportion of heavy industry accounted for 80.7% more. Jinan strengthen industrial restructuring is imminent. 3 mid-January, the only one "National Torch Program solar energy industry base," officially settled in Jinan, Jinan, China solar energy industry cluster in the enterprise. Jinan solar become the new "business card" Jinan Springs is famous for the world to spring, and now, the solar industry has become one of Jinans new "card." It is understood that solar energy industry base in Jinan is completed, through the solar thermal, photovoltaic companies continue to gather, to make close contact with the base, large a...
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Zhejiang Chint Solar accelerate the development of large-scale thin-film batteries

---- Zhejiang Chint Group Corporation Chint Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hangzhou, and Cerberus in the Growth Fund and Shanghai Alliance Investment signing ceremony was held successfully raised $ 50,000,000 in the PE (private equity) investment. This would not only lead the country to Chint Solar thin film solar cell manufacturing to provide a financial security, will promote transformation and upgrading of the PV industry in Zhejiang Province. Impact of the recent international financial crisis, domestic 9 solar companies listed in overseas market has shrunk dramatically, some enterprises crystalline silicon cells and even down to negative product gross margin. The successful financing of Chint Solar, to PV industry into a dynamic, full of highly efficient thin film solar attraction on the capital market. Chint Solar Te...
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Following the deployment of Chinese standardization to continue after the 2.5GEPON

Teknovus is used in FTTx deployment of triple play broadband access network service EPON (Ethernet passive optical network) chip leader, the company announced that, following Japan and South Korea in China after the commercial deployment of 2.5G EPON . Recent CCSA (China Communications Standards Association) to increase as a qualified 2.5G EPON standard ( Teknovus EPON chips in 2006, was first deployed in China, and now all over the country, from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, to these major cities of Wuhan, Harbin and other small cities and rural areas. Teknovus customers include China Telecoms fiber access network and customer premises equipment of all qualified equipment provider. Teknovuss 2.5G EPON chip called the Turbo-EPONTM, now to be widely deployed in Asia. Japanese company also provides mobile an...
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Dunhuang station tender quoted 0.69 yuan / kilowatt-hour ultra-low prices

These two days, the nations largest photovoltaic power plant project - 10 MW wind farm in Gansu Dunhuang project is the tender, in order to win the final victory, are power companies and solar cells (also called "photovoltaic cells"), the joint supplier actually reported a 0.69 yuan / kWh super cheap. A slump in overseas markets the occasion of solar energy, the largest solar power plant - 10 MW Dunhuang, Gansu grid solar power generation demonstration project field concession projects (the "Dunhuang Project") tender attracted all ages. Suntech only other supplier of solar cells and modules involved, many power generation companies such as State Power, also along for the ride. It is understood that the minimum offer of about 0.69 yuan / kWh of electricity and Yingli SDIC holding of the Commonwealth may Championship. Yesterday morning, th...
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Leshan announced key technology industries Breakthrough polysilicon

Leshan, Sichuan Xinguang Silicon Technology Co., Ltd. Technology Support Program undertaken by the national key project - "the key technical issues of polysilicon materials industry," the two sub-topics of Science and Technology Group has successfully passed the inspection. This is a major breakthrough in two issues, an effective solution to the long plagued the development of by-products of polysilicon deal with the problem. Production of polysilicon, and its by-product of the treatment is a world-class problem, to produce 1 ton of polysilicon, will produce about 15 tons of silicon tetrachloride. Does not deal with this problem, would have serious consequences. To this end, Leshan in the polysilicon project launched at the same time, focus on technology, and strive to overcome this problem. Xinguang Silicon commitment to the company in...
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