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2008 sales of photovoltaic equipment industry reached 1.766 billion yuan

2008 the first half of the countrys rapid economic development in the context of electronic equipment industry growth of 26%. But in the second half, in the international financial crisis, the industry growth slowed significantly. Preliminary statistics, in 2008 within the electronic equipment industry, a total of 75 major units in sales revenue of 8.27 billion yuan, an increase of 13.3%, lower than the 2007 growth rate of 30.9%. Downturn trend in the industry as a whole, the PV equipment industry is thriving. 2007, China engaged in the production of photovoltaic modules a total of more than 200 companies, by 2008 that number has soared to nearly 400. In 2008 the first time Chinas PV production capacity of more than Germany, the highest in the world. Production of PV modules in 2007 already reached the world at the time, PV module produ...
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"Ten selection activities for electronic components," reached a peak enrollment

From March 12 to date, feelings of enterprises to find ways to survive the same time, the electronics companies to take part in selected activities such as the warm summer sun, so that "top" of the concern index continues to increase. The event not only electronic components business concern and the recognition by industry experts and support. As early as March 10, HC electronic network Organizing Committees "2009 China Summit Forum of electronic components," preparatory meeting, senior industry experts and major business leaders for this event for their valuable comments and suggestions. These are named for the smooth conduct of today are well prepared. Start from the active preparations, including Sina, China Electronics News and other news reports on the hundreds of media in the industry caused by extraordinary, electronic components...
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Samsung LCD TV market share and market sprint LED market

Samsung LCD TVs this years global market share target, revised up to 25%, 20% higher than last year, but also intends to include the North American LCD TV market, 30%, and fully seize new market LED television. Samsung Electronics Display YoonBoo-keun, president, said Tuesday: "Despite the global economic turmoil, but demand for flat-screen TVs in North America has been gradually rose." YoonBoo-keun also said: "Samsung TV in some markets the price higher than the 100 than Sony U.S. dollars. "However, young consumers growing preference for Samsung TV, he was confident that its own TV brand recognition level in 2010 than Sony. Samsung also confirmed that, in order to strengthen the LED and television broadcasting, will be launched in the domestic and overseas markets 40-inch, 46 inch and 55 inch LED TV. YoonBoo-keun said: "Global flat TV ...
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Microsoft Windows7 cottage notebook is expected to be logo

Yesterday, Microsoft China announced in Beijing the establishment of Windows7 hardware evaluation laboratory. Concern is that the studio in addition to receiving Lenovo, HP and other OEM partners, but also specifically to the notebook manufacturer in China issued a cottage more than "cooperation tickets." A Microsoft China Innovation Center for hardware, told reporters a week ago, Microsoft executives recently completed a number of Shenzhen City "cottage" notebook makers to visit, and several large-scale and cottage in which the company reached a preliminary cooperation intention . Informed sources, the current Microsoft WindowsXP operating system on the "cottage" notebook priced at just $ 19, and the Federal Software WindowsXP Home Edition package is still in Chinese 399 yuan. "With the establishment of the laboratory evaluation of ha...
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The largest photovoltaic project bid price low by the industry questioned

Dunhuang, Gansu National Energy Board is a 10 megawatt solar power pilot owners to tendering, the countrys largest photovoltaic power generation project exposed a surprisingly tender price of 0.69 yuan per kWh. This price is voted by the countrys electricity and Tianwei Yingli, Yingli holding company controlling the composition of the consortiums bid. Recently, senior leaders and SDIC Electric Power Yingli insiders confirmed the news. For such a low cost can be questioned, SDIC Electric Power executives told reporters, "If you can not do such a low cost, we do not dare." According to him, the tender is divided into two , a technical part is the business part of another round. Has now been carried to the second round, when the Bureau of Energy to see successful results depend on the progress of work. It is understood that five Suntech P...
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Researchers: to open the way to the future smart grid

A lab in Washington, the researchers built a prototype for future intelligent power grid control room. The power infrastructure operation centers makes us look forward, perhaps one day power plant control room and power and data through public networks interconnection. Large communications network similar to the control room or data center control room for monitoring is still used today to a large extent independent analog and mechanical components to complete the electricity distribution network. From the United States Department of Energys Pacific Northwest National Laboratory main research engineer Steve Smart Grid, said, "In fact we can see different parts of the system against each other. We can see the lead and lag signals." The demonstration system built by the host laboratory. The monitoring center from measurement units (the ...
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"Bridge project" Strengthening of cross-strait exchanges PV

To strengthen Taiwans solar PV industry, market and technological capabilities, and a guide by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), organized with the Ministry of Economic Affairs "bridge project" in "cross-strait cooperation and exchange of solar photovoltaic industry will be" in the 3 24 to 25, the official held in Taipei. The conferences, the mainland by the National Development and Reform Commission, Energy Research Institute, organized the delegation, including academic institutes, business people and power companies, more than 110 in attendance, Taiwan also has more than 400 registrants in conferences . The invitation to cross-strait industrial sector, including Motech, Yutong energy, Wang could, Yu Jing, Green Energy Technology, Sino-US Silicon, Wafer, Sintek, MIC system, strong Mao G...
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Relatively optimistic about the prospects of embedded processor market, shipping over ten billion

VDC Research Group (VDCResearchGroupInc.) said that in 2008 the embedded processor unit shipments exceeded 10 billion, including the CPU, DSP, FPGA and microcontroller (MCU), etc., but in 2009 this figure will to reach 10.76 billion. The market research firm that this relatively optimistic outlook for the industry. According to this figure, the global market expected to grow from 2008 to 2013 compound annual growth rate of 6.4%, which means that the global market in 2013, shipments will be 13.8 billion. Embedded processor market, the vast majority of micro-controller, it is because of the low-cost low-end devices can be used primarily in embedded applications demand. Embedded CPU, DSP and FPGA performance is usually higher than the micro-controller, of course, have higher average selling prices. The use of these devices smaller, makin...
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Recalling the 2008 Chinese test and measurement industry and 2009 Outlook

2008 Review of test and measurement industry in China Test and measurement industry in China has shown tremendous growth potential, which reflected not only in terms of market revenue, is also reflected in other aspects of technological progress. Chinas test and measurement market in 2008 maintained a growth rate of more than 10.0%, while the global growth rate of only 7.1% or so. In test and measurement market, technology evolution led out of the device-independent, and turned to PC-based instruments and equipment; in addition to a variety of test solutions for specific applications such as telecommunications testing, semiconductor testing, data acquisition, and the need for automatic test equipment (ATE) functional testing of electronic components, and let the existing trends in the automation of test and measurement equipment, hard t...
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GLOBALFOUNDRIES CEO: "cross-licensing agreement without any problem"

"We believe that cross-licensing agreements, no problem", the semiconductor foundry United States GLOBALFOUNDRIES CEO Douglas Grose to the U.S. notified the U.S. Intel AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) regarding the violation of patent cross-licensing agreement made comments that did not breach of the agreement. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is AMD and the Abu Dhabi Investment Company ATIC (Advanced Technology Investment), a joint venture semiconductor foundry business. Intel believes, GLOBALFOUNDRIES not authorized for cross-enterprise, a subsidiary of AMD, ATIC of the transactions between the company and also violated the agreement were not disclosed conditions. In the business for the Japanese press briefing held, Grose for the matter, said, "on cross-licensing agreement, the establishment of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, he had had discussions with a number of law...
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