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TOSEA seminar will be held LED Lighting Taiwan invited Japanese experts and the exchange

Taiwan Optoelectronic and Semiconductors Equipment Association (TOSEA) will be held April 2nd lighting seminars and invited the Japanese lighting market, the company headquarters KOIZUMI experts to Taiwan to share 『indoor lighting LED lamps optical Development and Planning 』experience with Taiwan companies to do the exchange. TOSEA that Taiwan imported energy as high as 97%, electricity consumption grew 10% per year, of which the total lighting electricity consumption 15% to 20%. Therefore, on the issue of power, how to reduce lighting power consumption, it becomes one of the hottest topics today. The emergence of LED lighting, driving the development of the lighting industry is different from the traditional lighting of the new products and technologies. The creation of many previously hard to imagine can be achieved. Designers and own...
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LED backlight turned the battlefield impact of large-size industrial landscape

With TV penetration rate of LED NB and quickly jumped, LED manufacturers in the backlight of the battlefield from the small size of the mobile phone market over the past turned to large-size, LED industry forces the territory will also be in the next 2 to 3 years of restructuring. Light-emitting diode (LED) market a wide range of applications, regardless of area of focus in that one, as long as the market share is large enough, have the opportunity to succeed. However, because of rapid changes in the industry, competition, unable to upgrade their skills before the arrival of the new generation to do the layout, out of the opportunity is quite large. According to DisplaySearch statistics, 4th quarter of 2008, notebook (NB) with LED panel market share was 13.4%, compared with 6.3% in Q3 2008, a substantial increase doubled. Brands Hewle...
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PCB industry to develop in the direction difficult

Japan epoxy printed circuit boards (PCB) industry status and trends? Date 2007 printed circuit boards, packaging boards and specialized processing the electronic circuit industry growth than the 4.8% the previous year, reaching 2 trillion 517.3 billion yen; which Japan epoxy printed circuit boards (PCB) an increase of 5.0%, to 1.3799 trillion yen, becoming in 2000 the IT (information technology) bubble in the largest since the scale of production. Printed circuit board to the difficulty of the direction - overall expectations for domestic demand in Japan, the Japanese epoxy printed circuit boards (PCB) a substantial increase in production is more difficult, but because of consumer electronic products, LCD TV, one by one , digital cameras, portable products, entertainment and other high functionality, in this context, driven by making hig...
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Alliance Industrial Union of non-accidental Jiangmen LED popular wind blowing

Lighting industry base in Jiangmen City, JiangHai in recent years, LED companies have sprung up, but most corporate anti-risk capability is weak. In this regard, Jiangmen Jiang Guohua Guo, general manager of Technology proposed the establishment of alliances between enterprises, ie the initial composition of the joint cooperation in a number of LED business alliance. It is reported that the organization since its inception, almost every day to understand the responsible person or to discuss joining the co-operation, and now corporate alliance has developed dozens of LED business members. Jiangmen LED generate business alliance was not accidental, and even the color of the LED with a semi-official alliance has begun to emerge. Industry Alliance led cluster effect Back in the second half of 2008, the Dongguan Kingsun LED represented ind...
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Coming era of the television market LED

CES show in 2009, the Associated Press 9 find the most popular products, LED TV consternation among them. Both Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba, Panasonic and other Japanese and Korean companies, or Hisense, Konka, Haier and other Chinese companies have their own LED display television. The first global TV market share, Samsung Electronics, not only collective appearance of a variety of new LED TV, but also introduced the worlds thinnest LED TV, show a strong technical strength. Compared to traditional LCD LCD TV, LED TV screen performance, environmental protection and energy saving, thin appearance, entertainment, etc. have been given a comprehensive manner. Experts predict that, by virtue of their superior performance LED TV, LED TV, and consumers continued recognition of the expected LED era will soon come. LED life of up to 10 million TV...
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IT industry mergers and acquisitions of foreign domestic enterprises

IBM intends to buy 6.5 billion Sun, sudden shock of the global IT industry. Analysts said the two companies operate in the business model is very close to, their marriage will help the common development. Software industry mergers and acquisitions abroad, the same kind will affect the domestic enterprises, along with the introduction of the domestic software industry to encourage the development of appropriate measures to benefit the industry as a whole. In fact, the past two years, mergers and acquisitions of large domestic IT industry, potential competitors of the case has been continuously strengthened, and the current market value of the acquired company itself is low enough to "attractive", I believe that the acquisition of large enterprises are endless cases of potential competitors . Present, tend to the introduction of positive...
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Beijing Telecom 3G free experience for managing the first 11 locations

For the upcoming 3G era, China Telecom Beijing company opening in Beijing today to experience 3G free of charge, to interested users will be 3G in 11 free trial of 3G services locations. In addition, China Telecom will not be tested in Beijing, the commercial, but early April Direct Telephone Number. 11 Ge experience the place Company previously announced that China Telecom, Beijing, March 25, China Telecom Beijing company will be part of the urban, suburban business offices, some stores began Zhongguancun free trial, users do not pay. Is reported that the 3G experience in Beijing set up a total of 11 sites, the 3G experience is reflected in both the choice of site area around the city uniform distribution, also taking into account more in line with local needs 3G hot spot, in addition to setting up store in Zhongguancun a few exper...
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Bureau of Energy: China Wind Energy to develop the most realistic and feasible

The global financial crisis must be accompanied by a new round of technological revolution, and new energy is likely to become the new engine Fuel cell cars and hybrid vehicles, 3 MW offshore wind turbines, microalgae bio-energy technology, 100% organic waste into organic fertilizer processing system, screw expansion generator ... ... This is the news on March 20, 2009 China International energy conservation and new energy technologies and see the wonderful exhibition invention. Meanwhile, the 2009 China International energy conservation and new energy investment and financing forum also held as scheduled, the National Energy Board, deputy director of renewable energy, said Shi Lishan, in a variety of development and utilization of renewable energy, wind The development is the most realistic and feasible. Financial crisis is the new ...
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Break the bottleneck of the development of photovoltaic industry

Learned from the Nam Science and Technology Bureau, the city has three products refined crystalline silicon solar grade Limited 2008 production of 1,500 tons of high-purity silicon, 2009, the annual output will be increased to 3,000 tons in 2010 to achieve an annual output of 10,000 tons, and strive to 2012 to reach an annual output of 20,000 tons of high purity solar grade silicon material above the scale, the scale will be able to supply 2,000 megawatts of photovoltaic industry raw materials. High-purity silicon material is the core material of solar cells, silicon supply bottleneck in the development of photovoltaic industry. Products Refining Co., Ltd. Three crystalline silicon solar grade silicon production increased purity, will effectively solve the bottleneck of photovoltaic materials, industrial development, promote Quanzhou (N...
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Bottleneck in many energy-saving lamps LED five challenges facing the

LED Industrial Park is not a certain area of the patent. Medium and small cities have gradually become the mainland LED industry shelter. June 2008, Jingdezhen LED lighting industry base project foundation laying ceremony was held in the high-tech zones, plans to invest 500 million yuan. In the same year in October, Swiss Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou, Zhejiang Masaaki Electric Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hongyuan Investment Co., Ltd. jointly signed a contract in the construction of the western Sichuan Suining LED production base, the investment total of 3 billion yuan. The end of December, China Silian Instrument Group Co., Ltd. LED industry group based in Chongqing Caijiaying foundation with the industrial park. In addition, Shandong Province, Henan Province and the Government also proposed the construction of the relevant ligh...
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