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Mobile wireless power technology using magnetic coupling on the market this year

Phone may be used in the magnetic coupling technology this year, so as to mass-market wireless power technology to establish a foothold beach. At this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on, Palm showed off a PalmPre using magnetic induction technology, mobile phone, the product expected in the market. Other manufacturers reportedly are designed handheld devices with wireless charging of mobile phones, and will be put on the market this year. Some components manufacturers are using a variety of ways to help mobile phone manufacturers have targeted wireless charging. Which the two companies have started a standardization, again won more design contracts. Magnetic coupling technology has long been used in cardiac pacemakers. The technology uses magnetic coils to generate the magnetic field used to transmit low amount of data; or, in t...
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National roll out home appliances market will simultaneously enlarge connector

After a year of the pilot, our home appliances is now in full swing, from February 1, 2009 onwards, work from home appliances to 12 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. The new situation, promotion of home appliances in the country for the expansion of domestic demand and maintain stable and rapid economic growth is important. As an integral component home appliances, connectors, market demand will also be simultaneously amplified, home appliances of the connector industry policy provides opportunities for development. Connector first benefit Connector technology is cutting-edge technology of modern technology, the connector industry is recognized at home and abroad with the development of future high-tech industry, with its high technology content, good economic returns, penetration ability, and wide ma...
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North American semiconductor equipment orders in February-bill ratio of 0.48

According to the International Association of Semiconductor Equipment Materials Industry (SEMI) latest Book-to-Bill Report of the order shipped, February 2009 North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers for three months the average order amount of $ 263,500,000, B / BRatio (Book- to-BillRatio, book to bill ratio) was 0.48. The report noted that North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers worldwide in February, orders for the three months average estimated amount of $ 263,500,000, compared with $ 277,200,000 in January edged down 5% over the same period in 2008 substantially reduced 1.21 billion 78%. Performance in the shipping section, the three-month average shipments for February amounted to $ 546,100,000, compared with $ 584,200,000 in January decreased by 7% over last years 1.31 billion decline 58%. SEMI Industry ...
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Car display market will achieve high growth the next few years

Market research firm DisplaySearch believes that despite the continued downturn in the automotive market, but the car display market remains on fire, and the next few years will achieve rapid growth. DisplaySearch reports in its forecast production of 2009 display market will reach 175 million or so, the output value of 17.7 billion U.S. dollars. The industry in 2015 will reach 2.4 billion U.S. dollars, the output reached 231 million. The strongest growth areas which will be car displays. DisplaySearch forecast production from 2015, 2009, automotive displays when 16.6 million increase to 34.4 million, shipment value will grow by 51%, reaching 1.56 billion U.S. dollars. Navigation and entertainment applications are driving the main driver of market growth. DisplaySearch Monitor that demand will increase car fixed, but the forecast perio...
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DSP has become the industry leader in the semiconductor sector is leading the development of

Digital signal processor (DSP) market is continuing to get rid of the chip as a separate species status, a long-term tracking of the market, analysts said, in fact, the DSP has become a leader in the semiconductor industry sector. ForwardConcepts WillStrauss, president and principal analyst of wireless communications in his latest newsletter that the Semiconductor Industry Association data released last week show that, DSP shipments down 47.2% over the same period last year, compared with 38.6% decline in December last year. "However, the sharp decline in numbers not to say that DSP market is weak, but last year, many classified as DSP chips are classified as ASIC class this year, such as Freescale (Freescale) supply Motorola 3G baseband chip in the last year classified as a DSP, but this year, Qualcomm (Qualcomm) in the 3G baseband ch...
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SMT LED LCD part of PV technology and equipment will enable industry

2 Yue 18 State Council executive meeting, reviewed and approved in principle the light industries of electronic information, ensuring stable and rapid development of electronic information industry. Industry-wide fixed assets investment will maintain steady growth, Chinas electronic special equipment also has a relatively stable market. Included in the "Eleventh Five-Year" areas of major technical equipment, key equipment for integrated circuits, new flat panel display production equipment, electronic component manufacturing equipment, lead-free processes associated equipment installed in the machine, this year will achieve some of the key equipment industrialization, the development of some key equipment will start this year, China will promote the development of electronic equipment industry. Electronic information products 2009 do...
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Decrease the overall growth rate of photovoltaic equipment devices outshine others

China Electronic Production Equipment Industry Association, the Secretary-General Kim Cunzhong 2008 years is very unusual year. The first half of the countrys rapid economic development in the context of electronic equipment industry growth rate of 26%. Into the second half, in the international financial crisis, the countrys economic growth rate slowed down suddenly, and spread to companies within the industry. Right in the center under the control of enterprises in the industry confidence, overcome difficulties and challenges, seize market development, most of the key enterprises within the industry maintained a steady and healthy development. Electronic equipment industry, according to 75 major units of the statistics, in 2008 sales revenue of 8.27 billion yuan, an increase of 13.3%, significantly decreased the rate of development o...
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CEF terms of cutting-edge instrument manufacturers newcomer to "show"

In modern science and technology and productivity, driven by the initial test and measurement instruments as the instruments developed into a more complete disciplines and technology development in todays economy and is playing an increasingly important role. Some experts pointed out that the instruments are often perceived as scientific research and industrial production of the "supporting role", but it has become Chinas technological development and improve the quality of industrial products, the core component plays an important role. Facts have proved that Chinas technological strength and economic development of the "throat", part of the instrument being stuck in the closed. Indeed, the current domestic electrical instrumentation products, production capacity will reach 8,000 million pieces (sets), in the middle and low products, s...
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After the growth of the market into the difference of the development of digital TV chip

CCBN in this period, the chip companies have brought new and different ideas. Owned enterprises, said set-top box for TV and Internet platforms more interactive features to increase and improve the interface and enhance the user experience to meet the needs of the emerging network of interactive services; the companies said set-top box to improve the cost-effective to spend after the period of growth; the other Some companies will have to develop Chinas own standard market. During the CCBN, our reporter on the introduction of new ideas and new strategies for digital TV chip business conducted in-depth interview. STMicroelectronics: interactive TV platform to enhance connectivity and user experience STMicroelectronics (ST) is the first chip companies in cooperation with Chinese operators to carry out value-added services, digital and in...
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8-bit MCU market segment is still room for growth come face to face

8 Wei MCU in the Chinese market is still half of the total MCU market, more vendors to participate, and product differentiation is difficult to avoid lowering the price war. Future competition will start in a more market segments. 16 two years ago, 32-bit MCU (microprocessor) was hot, people are 8-bit MCU, a perilous position, it seems that the former will be replaced. However, after a phase of development, is not the case. It is understood that 8-bit MCU MCU market is still the main force, although the increases have had some lower, but the market is still growing. The major manufacturers are all MCU 8-bit MCU market to strengthen efforts to promote, which makes the market competition more intense. Market share steadily ISuppli industry analysts Kong Xiaoming told the "China Electronics News," the reporter, 8-bit MCU market share i...
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