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Chint Solar announced in Hangzhou, PE investments raised $ 50,000,000

Before Chint Group Zhejiang Chint Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou, PE announced investment of $ 50,000,000 raised, and as soon as possible overseas listing. Domestic low voltage electrical industry leaders Chint Group, founded in 2006 the company entered the solar photovoltaic industry, is the only way to achieve conversion efficiency of more than 9% efficient amorphous microcrystalline thin film solar production business. "Broad market leading technology and the future is to attract private investment in the two elements of contrarian." Chint Solar Technology Co., director, general manager YANGLI said the lead investors in this round of fund-raising race horses Growth Fund and Shanghai Alliance Investment 5,000 million will be used for high-end thin film amorphous microcrystalline cell expansion and technical transformati...
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Industrial Single Board Computer SBC9261-I

SBC9261-I single board computer embedded Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen-day desert with latest Atmel Corporation AT91SAM9261S for the CPU, core board and motherboard design of an embedded single board computer with low power consumption, high reliability, the external interface with ESD protection characteristics. Pre-installed Microsoft windows CE 6.0 and offers all the features of the package, the user can meet with the Microsoft eVC development, and product-market SBC9261-I has a variety of industry bus interfaces, can be extended temperature environment (-20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃) stability to meet the demanding conditions of industrial applications, in particular, have high requirements for the communication connection areas such as industrial control, smart instrumentation, industrial control terminal, automotive electronics have a wide range o...
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Nvidia said it would pay $ 43,600,000 to resolve issues related to chip defects

Nvidia spokesman said on Monday that the company will pay $ 43,600,000 in fiscal year 2009 to address its shortcomings with the graphics chip-related issues, and said that this years Nvision conference is not a large-scale projects. Nvidia in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission 10-K documents that will be paid in fiscal year 2009, $ 43,600,000 for maintenance and replacement of defective graphics chips. Last July 2, Nvidia announced a one-time cost of provision to solve some of its existing models of notebook graphics chip material problems. Speaking Nvision development, Nvidia spokesman Derek. Peretz said the company is not prepared to host this years large-scale Nvision conference. He said, "to reduce travel costs and the economic crisis on the ability of people to travel, so this year we changed the plan." ...
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Huawei, ZTE and Ericsson or financing of telecom operators into the new favorite

According to reports, the shortage of funds for telecom operators is difficult to obtain loans from banks. The face of difficulties, they turn to equipment manufacturers to seek funding opportunities, while Ericsson and Chinese companies are likely to become the provider of funds. Beginning of this century, after the Internet bubble burst, the momentum of financing to suppliers has been shrinking. But with the growing global financial crisis, telecom operators were forced to slash investments and jobs, the considerable risks of financing is on the rise trend. But not all banks have the strength of national and telecommunications equipment suppliers to provide funding. This makes Chinas Huawei, ZTE, and Swedens Ericsson has the opportunity to benefit from it. ZTE said on Friday that China Development Bank to provide access to 15 billio...
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Touch screen technology is a marketing gimmick is not suitable for PC

It is reported that the industry said on Monday that really touch-screen technology to the mobile phone industry has brought a revolution, but the technology is not suitable for PC. Success Apple iPhone, so people see the charm of touch screen technology, and triggered a touch storm. Microsofts next-generation operating system, Windows 7, the main functions is to support the touch. In addition, Dell also began development of touch-screen notebook. Its touch screen mobile phone market is really able to copy the success of PC market? Touch screen technology has existed for years, but never into sight, until the Apple iPhone into its integration into the. iPhone really is an excellent smart phone, but the touch function has also been exaggerated. For example, users often press the wrong key, or accidental dialing. Compared with mobile ph...
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China launched the "Ten City, ten thousand," plans to set up large-scale LED lights

Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Science held in Beijing, "Ten City, ten thousand," Application of the Model Cities program of semiconductor lighting seminar, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Heilongjiang, Hebei Science and Technology Department of 21 provinces and cities to participate. The launch of the "city of ten thousand ten" program, will set up large-scale LED lights, is expected to contract completed in 2009. 2009, Chinas roads up to 28 million lighting market street, new and replacement street lights each year up to 300 ~ 4000000, LED lights to create a huge market. Topology forecast 2009 growth of LED lights 178% compared to 2008, LED lights per seat price of $ 65 estimated average expected annual output value of $ 1,625,000,000 in 2009 and is expected to watch in 2011 more than 800 million LED lights lamps, permeability ...
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Global LCD panel is the first half year growth in shipments in February by two as

DisplaySearch23 market research firm released the latest global TFT-LCD shipments survey, in February, large-size LCD panel shipments to 29.5 million, growth of 23%; operating income of nearly $ 2,960,000,000, the chain increase of 14%. This is the first time since September 2008 appear over-year shipments. DisplaySearch Greater China, David Hsieh, vice president, said February sales of the good performance of panels mainly from the effects of rush orders and customers continued to replenish inventories, which means that TFT-LCD industry is about to bottom out. Over the past six months, all the panel makers are suffering from declining output of torture, rush orders and inventory that the effect of covering panel plant will be able to bring a new force. He also mentioned that January may be the TFT-LCD industry cycle round the corner, ...
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Passing the Nokia Jedi the ability to fight back

Common across the entertainment and television, pop music amphibious star, and todays IT sector has also become popular PC and cell phone cross "fade." Dells PC big brother before turning into the smart phone market after Nokia handsets ready reached the biggest names in the Internet market, long ago, Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo the first time that, "Nokia is considering to enter the notebook market." Dell last week announced plans to enter the smart phone ran aground, and widely outside attention of the Nokia Internet can break the curse of cross-border, showing a superior performance? The Internet into the opposite actually quite upset Nokia pressure, part of the decline from the industry itself. While sitting on the largest mobile phone users globally, Nokia continues to face sluggish growth in the plight of the mobile phone mark...
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LSI and three-dimensional plot of MEMS technology for TSV different views

The development of three-dimensional plot of LSI increasingly prosperous. Investing in the development of micro-technology is also well known for semiconductor manufacturers continue to develop. Among them, the use of TSV (TSV) and three-dimensional multilayer technology can significantly reduce the wiring between the processor and the memory length, so as to improve the speed of the ace of concern. Semiconductor manufacturing equipment makers concerned about the trend component manufacturers for granted, MEMS device manufacturers are also areas involved in showing interest in the field. There are several reasons. Three-dimensional plot of need to be able bonding of silicon wafers or chips or metal bonding technology. This bonding technology in the MEMS device has been used in the manufacturing process is very common, can be used for t...
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Foreign experts to create the "cottage" solar panels

According to Olino website reported by players from the Netherlands taking into account the economic crisis, and solar panels on the market is still relatively expensive problem, to determine their own hand-build their own solar panels. He believes that the main challenge encountered is how to create the board was able to withstand heat, cold and hail for several years. Here is how to see if he done it! Buy solar cells The author in October 2008 eBay bought the 100 from the solar cells (Solar Cell). Later I found that they are still very expensive: 100 300 euros spent batteries, including postage. Each battery can output 1.98W of power, see below: After some tests and discussions, I found for sale on the same eBay seller of solar cells (He gave the specifications of each output power 1.75W), but slightly damaged. I decided to buy 500...
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