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Made in China next months first solar cell phone overseas for sale cheap

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on April   27, 2011

"Mobile phone in enough sunlight for 1 hour, 15 minutes to talk; full charge will take about 8 hours" - Do not think this is a late-night TV shopping program to see, "Bluff" and AM79R70JC datasheet and "unauthorized" solar cell phone. This is the worlds first genuine "cheap" solar cell phone, next month will be in Central America, the Caribbean and AM79R70JC price and the South Pacific offering a number of countries, is expected to sell only about 40 dollars. Not only that, this phone is truly a "Made in China", the manufacturer said in an interview, this phone is the lack of electricity, sunny location, "tailor", from design to manufacturing R & D , by their completion.

Solar mobile phone market has great potential

In Central America and AM79R70JC suppliers and the South Pacific many countries, energy is the same as a luxury thing, even for people without electricity will need to pay agents charge the phone. Luckily, plenty of sunshine in these places. For this reason, mobile operators Digicel Group has decided to customize the worlds first "affordable" solar cell phone, in June this year in Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Vanuatu, Haiti, Samoa and other places to sell and provide network coverage.

"In our lives, although power is an inconvenience, but rarely happens. And in our business where no electricity is a problem faced every day." Digicel Groups procurement and sales director Tom * Brian said. The group, based in Jamaica, the Caribbean region is currently the largest mobile operator, the number of users 65 4 million. But they lack electricity sunny location, "tailor" the phone, the back has a small solar panels. Placed in full sun in 1 hour, 15 minutes to talk; full charge will take about 8 hours.

Stakeholders expect this phone in the presence of 70 million people in these areas, the consumer market. From a global point of view, about 16 billion people lack access to electricity, need this kind of phone. Of which, 6.8 million people with purchasing power, so the market potential.

Mobile phone R & D by Chinese companies

Making small, cheap solar cell phone, and can charge a reasonable period of time, this is a technical challenge. According to reports, the phone operator Digicel Group belongs to them, "the depth of customization" products, from design and development to manufacturing, commitment by the Chinese manufacturers.

The black phone from the appearance point of view, and not much difference between an ordinary phone. The only unusual thing is, back a rectangular piece of built-in solar panels. The manufacturers brand, said the Ministry of stakeholders, using solar panels part of the Dutch companys proprietary technology, as long as you can put it on the sun will convert solar energy into electricity, "the principle to the use of solar water heaters and cauldron almost. " After transformation, the phone can withstand temperatures of up to 45 ℃, so do not worry about exposure in the sun when it fails. And ordinary cell phones, solar mobile phone fully charged after this you can use the 2-3 days.

People use this phone doubt: the higher the value of mobile phones that people are less likely to put it "alone" to stay in the sun to charge. In addition, if several consecutive rainy days come across how to do? In this regard, technical staff, says that most will be able to meet the charge light conditions, and the solar panels no memory effect, can be recharged at any time. Therefore, the user only during the day when the phone in standby ledge and let it enjoy the "sun" button. In addition, it has also been designed by an ordinary power outlet to recharge in order to prepare for contingencies.

If the market can also be sold in China

-Makers said, this is a low-cost solar cell phone go the "cheap" route, mainly to meet the calls, send text messages and other basic functions, foreign price is expected to only about 40 dollars.

That many manufacturers have a strong R & D interest in solar energy mobile phone display. Not long ago, Korean manufacturers Samsung and LG, have also released a solar cell phone. And Chinese mobile phone manufacturers to introduce the same, these two solar panels are also on the back of the phone, but take the route to be relatively "high." Among them, the Samsung phone includes a FM radio, color screen, polyphonic ringtones and mobile phone features such as compass, the charge can be used 1 hour 18 minutes. The LG phone charger can support 3-minute 10-minute video calls.

In China, there are also plenty of sunshine in many areas, electricity supply is relatively scarce. So, this green cell phone made in China have plans for mass production in the country? In this regard, the manufacturer said that if the market has such needs, and to be able to find the words of co-operators will also be considered in domestic sales.