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Nanfang Daily: LED industry usher in the spring policy

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on April   18, 2011

"Which is in Shenzhen City, the first time in ten years, subject to LED technology research topics included in the list of major industry, Shenzhen is also the first time in such a way to promote the development of LED industry." This is the letter of Shenzhen Bureau of Science high-tech industry Wen Wenhui Director of a policy interpretation in the LED industry to support the General Assembly on the word.

Just a week ago, the Shenzhen Municipal Government in the form of bulletin, issued three reports on the intensive promotion of Shenzhen LED and LTC1645CS8 datasheet and semiconductor lighting industry documents.

"We are very excited and LTC1645CS8 price and very happy. City leaders finally attaches great importance to our industry, so the" few and LTC1645CS8 suppliers and LED semiconductor lighting companies invariably express the same person in charge of the voice, "now I feel very motivated."

◎ Shenzhen should play a leading and exemplary role model

"Shenzhen is now working to support the development of LED industry, I feel very excited, in terms of personal feelings, or from the objective circumstances, Shenzhens semiconductor lighting industry in the country should play an exemplary role in leading the demonstration." This is the Solid State Lighting Industry Alliance, the Secretary-General Wu Ling R & D and LED industry, the evaluation of Shenzhen, "I often engage with other provinces, organizations and businesses LED speaking, this is not what you are, you have to go to Shenzhen to see."

Reporters the letter from the Shenzhen Bureau of Science understand the relevant information obtained, Shenzhen LED industry began in the early 90 century. After ten years of development, Shenzhen LED industry, the rapid development of semiconductor lighting technology and product research, development, production and application has reached more than 700 companies, accounting for nearly half of the country. The industrial scale of 2007 about 150 million, employs more than 12 million people. At present, Shenzhen has become the worlds largest solar LED lighting production and supply base, LED backlight major global production and supply base, LED display Chinas largest production and supply base, LED packaging and specialty industrial lighting major domestic production areas.

Shenzhen LED industry is basically relying on the development of electronic information industry spontaneously formed in the districts formed a certain industry cluster, showing the relative concentration of Baoan District, the characteristics of South Mountain. Gathering from the business perspective, companies located in the upper reaches of the Shenzhen LED substrate material, wafer, chip midstream and downstream packaging, application and supporting materials, processing and testing equipment and other areas, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain of domestic and middle and lower reaches in the formation of a certain chain of industrial clustering. According to incomplete statistics, Shenzhen LED enterprises, enterprise applications, packaging companies, supporting approximately 33% of all enterprises, extension of chips in the upper reaches of corporate accounts for about 1%.

"To the domestic market, for example, the Shenzhen accounted for one-third share of the market, from the outdoor displays to lighting applications, in the mid package and application, is ranked first in the country." Jinpeng Introduction Road, "while front-end chip design in Shenzhen also has considerable strength, present, Shenzhen is building the worlds largest production base of the front-end chip."

Data show that enterprises in Shenzhen, LED backlight, display, solar LED applications, special task lighting application markets such as the first breakthrough in several areas so that the LED business has been rapid development. Policies to encourage technological innovation in the municipal government under the impetus of LED industry in Shenzhen, the gradual increase technological innovation capability, there have been a number of independent innovation of enterprises, as of June 2008, Shenzhen LED companies a total of 1,121 patent applications, the highest in the country first. From the product structure, product distribution, Shenzhen LED industry is very extensive, covering almost the current LED industry, the middle and lower reaches of the product categories. In 2007, the extension and chip sales accounted for about less than 1%, packaging accounts for about 30% of total sales, the application about 60% of total sales, supporting approximately 9% of total sales.

"But the core LED patents, most of them lies in the hands of foreign enterprises, so we often encounter LED export this or that technology and patent barriers." Jinpeng some regret that, "such as using the phosphor , plus Blu-ray phosphors, so that people have a patent application. foreign enterprises are more extensive patent coverage. "

◎ LED promotion still need to reduce costs

As the electronic information industry in Shenzhen City, class hall veteran, Shenzhen Federation of LED industry in about LED applications Wang Dian-fu said that while China is the largest producer, but not the application of power, especially in the daily illumination , we are basically still using traditional lighting tools.

"In the country, LED is more used in outdoor displays and automotive electronics, and such kind of large display, and then such as automobile taillights, 50% of the current new car technology with the LED taillights that it might later be expanded to 80%. LED lighting is currently abroad, especially Europe and the United States to promote the most extensive promotion in the country is not very full. "Jinpeng that, LED general lighting on the daily has not been effective in the domestic popularity is its current production costs and selling prices are closely related, LED prices than traditional lighting instruments to be much higher prices.

"To a 10-square-meter room lighting needs, for example, the amount of light required is 600 lumens / watt, if a 40-watt incandescent light bulb needed, and only need to use a 5-watt LED, but the price of one watt LED 20 dollars would then have 100 5 watts, you only need an ordinary incandescent light bulb How much? "Jinpeng said.

The same time, Jinpeng, said the cost of production materials in the high cost of high prices led to a major factor in LED.

"Is a LED lamp, chip, the cost of more than 50%," Jinpeng "A lot of LED chips are made with the sapphire substrate, and even some with the more expensive silicon carbide." Although the prices of factors

LED lighting is also not on the residents access to effective popular daily, but Jinpeng that in urban public transport and LED lighting on the road is still very edge.

"First of all, LED energy saving, the usual big-power street lighting with LED can save a lot of energy; second, LEDs durability is very good, go after the installation of a very long time, not replace it, which also can save the maintenance costs. "Jinpeng that" the same time, LED electricity demand is relatively small, power lines are not so thick wire. "

Wu Ling recent meeting in Shenzhen, said LED policy interpretation, the current South Korean government has proposed that by 2018, Koreas semiconductor industry to become the worlds top three, so at this time Chinas semiconductor lighting can not be a place in the world, it is a very critical moment.

Ling Wu also said that now the bottleneck impeding the development of a LED is the testing standards, testing standards for energy efficiency, LED in the world, it is a very mature industry, the world is no standard, let alone test method the.

"This semiconductor lighting technology is still in the stage of maturity, the whole world so far are not uniform testing standards, it is also relatively disorderly market competition." Ling Wu said, "we should encourage enterprise standards and industry standards, and then gradually rose to national standards, or the introduction of national standards do not, we can only wait. "

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