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Radio PK Telecom: 40 million users private access battle

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"In the analog TV era, the phenomenon of private cable television is very popular, with the overall digital television conversion, and IR4428S datasheet and the private access in the form of cable digital television is also changing, much of it is legitimate users of private get it. "Gehua concerned the case of marketing, told reporters. SARFT

reporter obtained from the relevant data, cable television subscribers nationwide as of the end of 2008 the official figure is 163 million, the actual users there are at least 200 million, which means that there are nearly 40 million is a private access users. In the current digital TV overall conversion completed nearly 50 million users, the private access user to complete the conversion of less than 300 million.

Reporter learned that the second set-top box 700 as the pricing and IR4428S price and 5-13 yuan per month, "Deputy machine subscription", more users choose to take digital TV to watch through the splitter, or broadcast through the network devices and IR4428S suppliers and IPTV set-top boxes to watch Internet video and IPTV programming, broadcasting the overall conversion Shoulong hope "private access users" the purpose of interference by the various competitors.

In response to competition, all over the radio and television operators are exploring low-cost ways to draw more users, such as in the current set-top box player in the integrated network. The move, if successful, would mean around the radio and television companies will increase by at least 20% of revenue.

4000 million "private access" army Guangzhou Baiyun District

Sanyuanli the faculty of a university dormitory, just moved in from the neighbor Wang immediately connected to the cable TV and broadband, and this building needs more than 20 monthly teacher living quarters only tens of dollars to pay the costs, this is only a number of cable TV in a representative private access.

In the era of analog TV, cable TV, 17 yuan per month in subscription fees does not change the situation of watching television, in schools, hospitals, hotels, rental housing, and many other places are chosen through an installation of cable TV, private other users access way to watch the pattern. Radio and television operators around the fight against private access to television, through spot checks and had to ban a variety of technical means, and some local TV broadcasting a spot check to find out the private access on the one thousand users, but the fight did not change the users private access scale, radio and television internal data shows that at the end of 2008 the country the number of users of private cable television is still in the 40 million or more, and showed an increasing trend year by year.

Subscription fees in order to avoid the past carried out in different groups of illegal private access, complete the overall conversion in the digital television area, more private access is a legitimate user to complete. Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, the residents of a district Sohn told reporters: "After the digital TV transition monthly subscription fees have risen to 26.5 million, if you install a second set-top box, not only have to pay a one-time cost of 700 yuan per month to pay 5 yuan, Vice-up fee, and as long as a dozen dollars to install a tap. "

Private access digital TV users in order to avoid the high costs of the second set-top boxes, Hangzhou Guoxin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Standard Finance R & D personnel Xu told reporters that "the overall conversion from the number of users with smart cards, these private access cable TV the development of digital TV users is only 1.5% of users, so there is 18.5% of the private access, that is 37 million users do not have to be Shoulong. "

Reporter was informed that by 2015 all analog TV shut down the country until the number of users private access may be exceeded 50 million units, this part of the user is converted to legitimate users, the national radio and television subscription revenue growth of more than 20% . The rise of telecommunications


Hope pocketed this part of the radio and television market, but IPTV, Internet players, digital terrestrial television, direct broadcast satellite, CMMB, have already become a strong competitor. Among them, the terrestrial digital television, direct broadcast satellite and CMMB broadcasting system is competition between different departments within the State Administration of Radio by executive order to divide their respective fields, such as terrestrial digital TV is mainly used for coverage of suburban and rural public welfare market, CMMB is competitive with commercial carriers market, and DBS is mainly covered the central and western regions.

Cable Digital TV is the biggest rival is from the telecom operators and network IPTV player. Financial Standard Xu told reporters: "In the past the competition faced by the major broadcast networks are cities within the competition, and now IPTV telecom operators in a secondary market, especially in the second the impact of large aircraft market."

According to reports, the purpose of radio and television in addition to improving the overall conversion of utilities and the introduction of value-added services to increase revenue, the incorporation of the original scattered "private access users" group is an important goal, which is a lot of users are attracted to IPTV.

Oriental Cable told reporters on: IPTV gaining momentum, 2009 will be the development of more than 200 million, their strategy is to upgrade the city sold the delivery of broadband IP set-top boxes, no monthly fees, in the rural areas through the every village an opportunity to vigorously expand broadband IPTV.

Because broadband has become more and more inevitable choice for families, because of their almost any cost, the overall conversion of these families often choose IPTV, IPTV is quietly occupied "second machine" market.

Around the radio and television operators have realized that in order to 40 million "private access users" market and the IPTV competition, radio and television operators need to design low-cost diversified products to meet this part of the consumers.

Editor of China Digital TV package Ran said, "Cable and IPTV operators to win the competition, we must develop ultra low-cost services, products and dual-mode products. In which ultra-low-cost service is a very cheap set-top box products and very cheap monthly fee, dual-mode product is achieved through the CABLE live, through the IP to achieve on demand, time shift, etc.. "

Addition to the competition from IPTV, as the proliferation of high-definition video online for free, and now the rapid development of the network player market in 2009, is expected to ship nearly 300 million units.

Learned, TCL, Skyworth and many other TV makers have also focused on introduction of the Internet television and Internet players, these networks online player supports multiple formats such as RM / RMVB, H.264, MPEG4, etc., through the USB interface or Online video network to copy to the local store, such as TF card to play, only the price of three or four hundred dollars, and no monthly fees.

Xu financial standards, "said cable operators may consider set-top box player in the integrated network functionality, although not directly increase operator revenues, but can promote the set-top box sales, and to develop more users to make more monthly fees. "

-Way set-top box or eliminated

However, radio and television operators, and network integration of IPTV broadcast capabilities, the new two-way interactive set-top boxes, will be the main face of the conversion has not completed nearly 1 million users, has been completed for the pre-stock market of nearly 50 million radio and television operators are now faced with a dilemma.

Complete the conversion of nearly 5,000 pre-million set-top box to the main one-way, but the direction of the development of cable digital TV is a two-way interaction, and increase network playback. For cable operators, will be 50 million units a smooth transition to the two-way one-way set-top box becomes critical.

Set-top box of the existing early stage of development of digital television products, there have been many deficiencies. But to the products of such a large scale replacement, both from a technical or financial, in terms of operators is a test. Therefore, to find profitable business model before, radio and television operators will not rashly discarded one-way set-top boxes.

Package Ran told reporters, "Maybe, after 5 years of development, along with the cable operators to change operating mode, cable television service to more penetration, one-way set-top boxes will be facing a process of natural selection." on the cable TV operators, need to address how to retain the original investment, not only revitalize the existing one-way set-top boxes, but also a smooth transition to the two-way network problem.

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