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Kingsun build semiconductor lighting technology with the Institute of Tsinghua University

Leading enterprises in Dongguan Kingsun and Tsinghua University State Key Laboratory on Integrated Optoelectronics, Semiconductor Lighting Technology Research Institute to build the formal establishment of the Pearl River Delta marks the first high-end LED Technology Innovation Platform was born. Semiconductor Lighting Technology Research Institute attended the listing ceremony, executive vice mayor of Dongguan City, Leng Xiaoming, said semiconductor lighting in the 21st century high-tech areas most promising one, with superior energy-saving features and Green functions. LED Dongguan, the Pearl River Delta emerging as one of the bases, the municipal government to encourage and support the healthy development of LED industry healthy. Kingsun with the National Key Laboratory of cooperation in innovative LED technology, personnel training...
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RFaxis show the worlds first single-chip RF front-end chip, chip, plug and play

Recently, a new generation of wireless communications solutions provider RFaxis announced on display at Computex Taipei the worlds first plug and play single-chip RF front-end chip (RFeIC) and solutions can be used to replace the current size of the wireless device large multi-chip (Multi-Die) front-end module (FEM), which includes seven U.S. and international patents have applied the technology. RFaxis a new generation of Bluetooth RF module can be widely used, WLAN and Zigbee and other RF communication devices, and has a lower cost, higher performance and integration. The exhibition in Taipei is the first offering 2 RFaxis chip RFX-2401 and RFX-2402, supports Bluetooth, Zigbee, WLAN and MIMO. Will be introduced to support future WiMAX and WHDI chips. Wireless communication technology has been widely used in mobile phones, computers, ...
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Millions of Beijing electric talent development project was officially launched

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Been involved in the manufacture of the East Is Red satellite electronics industry in Beijing, now a comprehensive transformation, focuses on developing high-tech industry and park real estate, and strive to reach one hundred billion level by 2015. Among them, the human resources strategy to become the cornerstone of the cross. Recently, as the C & W Electronics, BOE Technology, 798 cultural and other traditional business base in the electronics industrys investment holding company, Beijing, electronic control, "Millions of Talents Development Project" officially started.

Learned that the "hundred" is the culture and build a scale of hundreds of people, in line with the practical and strategic needs of electronic control, with the quality and capacity of modern management, with an international vision of leading profes...
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HP ProCurve announced the launch of the new wired and wireless converged network solutions

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Recently, HP ProCurve announced the launch of the new wired and wireless converged network solutions, it can focus on the network operators to the wall socket and discrete integrated access devices, enabling customers to dramatically simplify the variety of IP-based service delivery.

HP ProCurve MSM317 socket access device, an integrated 802.11b / g wireless access point and a four-port wired Ethernet switch. It is a standard wall outlet weak, while providing more services through any HP ProCurve Wireless Controller for centralized management. HP ProCurve

two new multi-service wireless controller allows enterprise customers to centrally control and manage access devices MSM317 socket or any HP ProCurve wireless access points. These controllers can be anywhere in the network to provide consistent services to he...
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ZESTRON development of new technical center in Shanghai

Order to strengthen local support for the Asia Pacific region, ZESTRON to expand its technical center in Shanghai, China. In the new technical center, users only need one day to understand the global mainstream producers an overview of the various cleaning equipment, such as spray (batch and online), ultrasound, jet and so on. In addition, users can choose their most popular equipment free test cleaning their substrate (PCB, network board, tray, etc.) to find the most suitable cleaning process. In the cleaning experiments, the user will receive the assistance of experienced engineers ZESTRON. new technical center in Shanghai The user to confirm whether the cleanliness requirements, cleaning results in accordance with international standards ZESTRON Analysis Center (IPC 610, J-STD001D, etc.) for analysis. And, ZESTRON in writing to...
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E-Book related to the semiconductor market in 2013 is expected to reach 1.1 billion

In-Stat research firm, announced June 1, E-book (e) rapid increase in shipments is expected from the global shipments of one million in 2008 increased to 30,000,000 in 2013 . The rapid growth of shipments of semiconductor companies will be employed to create new business growth, because the relevant semiconductor demand in 2013 will exceed 1 billion U.S. dollars. Because of its content delivery service, Amazon Kindle with family is becoming a leader in this field. Amazon has been with the Sprint wireless network operator partnerships to make the Kindle users can access digital E-book. "Amazon and Sprint are offering consumers a user-friendly, end to end solution for content distribution, which is an emerging technology into the mass market essential." In-Stat analyst Stephanie Ethier, "said everywhere in this area with new participants...
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ZTT: Optical power cable leading communications go hand in hand

Transit technology strength of the company, the product is the market share leader in the field of optical cable enterprises, mainly engaged in fiber optic cable, RF cable, submarine optical cable, power cable and all kinds of special wire production. Special cable company in the domestic market share of 30% -40%; RF cable is currently around 20% market share; submarine optical cable market share of 70-80% in 2007; power cable OPGW product market share in 2008 to 42%. A variety of products the company in 2009, strong demand, market share is expected to maintain or further improve. 3G communication products benefit from the domestic building and the promotion of fiber access With the 2009 construction of the domestic 3G accelerate in 2009, total demand for domestic radio frequency cables around about 140,000 km, representing a substanti...
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Summary of the European solid-state lighting program

A 2012 phase out incandescent 2009 Nian 4 Yue 28 news, the European Commission in Brussels adopted a law stipulating that from 2009 to 2012 and gradually eliminated from the market for domestic, industrial sector and in public places and other high-use incandescent lighting energy consumption equipment, and halogen and compact fluorescent lamps, LED lighting and other lighting equipment to do the energy consumption, functionality, aesthetics, health and other requirements. The European Commission pointed out that the reason for 4 years to phase out use of high energy consuming incandescent lighting, is to allow manufacturers to gradually adjust its production structure to meet consumer demands. So analysis of the European Union will be energy-saving lamps, halogen bulbs and LED lights to replace incandescent lighting in Europe to be...
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LED Lighting Taiwan, South Korea and Japan universal plan

A Japanese Japan in 1998, pioneered in the world, "Lighting the 21st Century" program, designed through the use of long-life, thinner and lighter blue and ultraviolet GaN efficient lighting, LED technology makes the energy efficiency twice that of traditional fluorescent to reduce CO2 production, and completed in 2006 with a white LED lighting to replace 50% of the conventional lighting. The plan developed by the Japanese metal center and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization initiated and organized, participating institutions include 4 universities, 13 companies and one association. The whole projects budget of 60 billion yen. From 1998-2002, is a cost of 5 billion yen for the first goal has now been completed. Now, Japan is implementing the second phase of the project, planned by 2010, LED luminous efficie...
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Advances in solid-state lighting technology recently developed

A U.S. currently in the field of solid-state lighting, considerable progress has been made since 2000, the Department of Energy R & D solid-state lighting technology has been strong, support a lot of R & D projects, made a number of achievements. The following are the important results achieved: 2008 Nian 9 Yue , CRRE company developed a standard cool white light emitting diodes, the efficiency is 107 lm / W @ 350mA. 2008 Nian 9 months, the University of Florida shows blue phosphorescent OLED, luminous efficiency of up to 40 lumens per watt, the peak external quantum efficiency of 25%. Using no external light extraction technology. 2008 Nian 6 months, and CREE Philips jointly developed a multi-chip LED warm white aluminum reflector lamp, the efficiency is 69 lm / W, to issue 681 Lumen. 2008 Nian 6 Yue , Universal Display...
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