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Yokogawa Digital Indicating Controller UTAdvanced start selling

Yokogawa announced, Digital Indicating Controller UTAdvanced on sale. As Green Series Digital Indicating Controller (Digital Indicating Controller Green series: with UT420, UT450, UT520, UT550, UT551 and other models) the enhanced version, equipped with a ladder-based language (Ladder Language) of the sequence features. UTAdvanced in the measurement, display, operation, control, network and other aspects of function were significantly improved. By improving the users design efficiency, reduce peripheral equipment and wiring can reduce the total cost. Development background Direct regulator of temperature, pressure, flow, equipment, health and other data to measure, display, operation control, mainly for industrial boilers, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment used in smaller separate the various devices. Regulator in the ass...
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Di source Photoelectric: missed opportunities for lighting revolution is condemned by history

"I have been very concerned about the Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Project in the new action." Solid State Lighting Research and Industrial Union experts, general manager of Wuhan optoelectronic across the Country Di source said. Just this year, the Shenzhen Municipal Government on the development of LED industry, issued a series of unprecedented policy of this newspaper reported that after the visit to Shenzhen across the Country immediately. By chance he comes deep, this reporter made on issues related to an exclusive interview. Missed opportunities lighting revolution is condemned by history "There is no doubt that the worldwide semiconductor lighting is causing a revolution in lighting. As a new and efficient solid light source, semiconductor lighting with long life, energy saving, rich colors, miniaturization, etc., will b...
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Middle East to seize the semiconductor foundry industry tycoon

Future global semiconductor foundry industry, and perhaps there will be such a situation: four Asians and one round of fighting Middle Eastern oil barons. You must know the top four global semiconductor foundry that TSMC, UMC, SMIC, Chartered, which are derived from Asia. The Middle East oil barons, the national capital Abu Dhabi in the Middle East controls the global foundry upstart GlobalFoundries. The name may be unfamiliar. However, if you know it is born out of the processor giant AMDs manufacturing sector, then you may find it responded with surprise. The newcomers do not seem to fear competition from the existing situation. It is an aggressive momentum, tried to break up the "big four" companies created in the order: winkle TSMC, UMC, Chartered acquisition. "If the Middle East, people are not playing one vote, I think, the futur...
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New LED light illumination Matsushita Electric was low but the "light" feel the same

envisaged full adoption of LED lighting in the grocery stores. Using the average color rendering index (Ra) up to 90 lighting shelf embedded thin LED lighting LED lighting embedded in the shelf 6 Yue 3 news, Matsushita Electric in Tokyo "2009 Exhibition of electronic design industry", the display uses LED lighting in all the shops. Simulation set up two grocery stores, one is lighting halogen downlights are used, one for all the lighting were replaced with LED lighting. The company said, LED lighting illumination was low, but the halogen light and a sense of considerable, and LED lighting could cut consumption. Replaced with LED lighting, can cut 75% of electricity consumption. Quantitative evaluation of the company in order to sense the brightness of space, self-set "Feu" indicators. "Feu" is based on the relat...
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Cypresss distribution partners with the Arrow will be extended to the entire Asia-Pacific

Under the agreement, Arrow will be responsible for Cypress products in Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore, the distribution business. Cypress clock chip and the micro-controller in Taiwan account for a large advantage, and special storage and point to point data communications products in China and South Korea have obvious advantages. Cypress This is intended to improve the overall distribution ratio of sales to promote their sales in the Asia Pacific region. Cypresss revenue in the Asia Pacific region accounted for 17% of total revenue, second only to North America. At the same time, Cypress is also available Arrow good customer relations, excellent resources, and electronic ordering and EDI systems, simplifying Cypress operations in the Asia Pacific region, and expand busine...
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Prospects for the semiconductor equipment market in China

The worlds largest semiconductor equipment supplier Applied Materials chairman --- Morgan (JamesMorgan) said in Hong Kong within the next few years, Applied Materials, the total procurement from China wafer fab, will reach 500 million U.S. dollars. Although he was "the next few years," did not specify, but he believes that China will be the next wave of demand for semiconductor equipment market for high growth rate. Morgan said the companys revenue last quarter figures, Chinas market share less than 10%. But he believed until China entered the World Trade Organization, with the various electronic products such as computers, mobile phones and Internet equipment, increasing demand, China will build more fabs, and create business opportunities for equipment manufacturers . Morgan that the next few years, Applied Materials sales in China w...
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Infineons 300mm semiconductor plant groundbreaking

Recently, Infineons 300mm semiconductor factory in Germany broke ground on the plants total investment in the next three years up to 11 billion euros. Full name of the new semiconductor plant called Infineon Technologies SC300 GmbH & Co. KG. Civil works will be completed next spring, the second half of production. 300mm new product line will be installed next spring. After the new plant, the first 300mm off the assembly line of new products will be the end of 2001, when it will produce 0.14-micron process 256MB memory products, to 2002, will be able to produce 0.11 micron 512MB of memory. 300mm chip technology will significantly reduce production costs. 300mm silicon wafer can accommodate the number of chips on a 200mm 2.5 times. ...
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3Com, Accton and NatSteel analog modem to establish strategic alliance

3Com Corporation announced June 12 to finalize as early as March 20 this year, proposed in the 3Com Corporation, Accton Technology and NatSteel Electronics strategic alliance between the analog modem plan. New Alliance to establish a new company, called US Robotics, will be held September 2, 2000 became fully operational. US Robotics analog modem business of the company will be based on development and marketing will also be a series of Internet access solutions to meet the consumers, SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) and the companys extensive needs. Accton Technology Corporation, vice president and US Robotics board member Paul Kim said: "analog modem technology is still a widely used technology, and market projections indicate that in the coming years will still be a continuing large-scale growth. Therefore, as be the best for the...
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End of next year China launched the third generation mobile phone

Chinas mobile telecommunications technology new breakthroughs recently, third generation mobile phone (3G) technology has been close to Japan, Korea and other countries, but in North America, Europe, the technology still gaps. It is understood that at the end of next year China will launch the third generation mobile phone and send to China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom and other three companies operating license. Recent years, Chinese mobile phone market, rapid growth in double digits every year, the market potential is enormous, but due to telecommunications technology behind, severely limited the development of the telecommunications market. To this end, China has invested RMB billion in the third generation mobile communications technology research and development. It is understood that at this stage to spend one billion yu...
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Zhejiang Tin Lok plane through the identification of the speaker

Zhejiang Tin Lok Group design and production of flat speakers, which was recently hosted by the Economic Commission of Zhejiang Provinces one-time identification of new products. Tin Lok plane produced by the vibration of the speaker and the shape of the structure of the mechanism to break through the traditional product model, innovative style, thin, especially for wall mounting, and the directivity, frequency response, distortion, and other major properties of sound indicators is better. The trial production of the product testing process has matured, can be put into mass production....
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