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Data: LED lights high pressure sodium loss is not yet stable performance

Current street system in the domestic LED lights loud voice: Shanghai to bring in 20,000, Changzhou to the introduction of 15,000 ~ 20,000. LED light promotion, said while the cost to buy than ordinary lamps high, but it can saving money. Philips Lighting January 8 held in Nanjing, "harmonious cities, lighting future," invited seminar at Nanjing city management staff, designers and urban landscape architects designers and planners, and Philips Lighting to explore the city, people and the harmonious relations among the three lights on how to build, create more attractive urban environment vision. Promote energy-efficient lighting in the urban construction applications. However, in January 8th seminar, Deputy Chief Engineer of Nanjing street management office said Liu Lei, real: Nanjing in August 2008 started in the west side of Mount V...
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NS announced that its new SolarMagic power optimizer has begun shipping in volume

Recently, National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor) announced the companys new SolarMagic power optimizer has started volume production. This new product is that it can reduce the physical environment of the adverse effects of solar power systems to significantly improve system performance. The Power Optimizer has been launched in the U.S. and European markets. SolarMagic power optimizer full advantage of Nationals analog power management chip technology, its advantages are subject to even the shadow of solar power systems, solar panels aging debris and the actual operating environment, this can reduce the power optimizer power generation would decline. Field tests showed more than 57% SolarMagic chip Kewan Hui loss of generating capacity. Retailers on the solar system, SolarMagic technology can bring the following be...
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Intel said no favoritism or low-cost to both the Internet

According to foreign media reports on Tuesday, in the 2009 Taipei International Computer Show (Computex) trade show marketing head of Intels Sean Maloney (Shaun Maloney) that Intel is not exactly fair, either the Internet or low-cost laptop, Innovation is the most important. Stylish low-cost laptop - such as price of $ 699 Acers Aspire Timeline, will reduce the attractiveness of the Internet. Maloney said that Intel will not protect a type of product at the expense of another type of product, "in order to protect a class of products rather than the development of other product is a losers mentality. We need to do all types of products in innovation, and let the market decide the fate of products. "Speaking Maloney was high-pass called "smart the" products, said that "the more the better product range, which is conducive to innovation...
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Ganzhou, Jiangxi Copper built - CCL - printed circuit board industry chain

News, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, Yucca Techtronic Industries Co., Ltd. is Zhanggong priority focus of foreign-funded enterprises, the production of copper foil, economic and social benefits are good. The companys copper foil, copper clad laminate, printed circuit board is very interested in the project. But the project is not enough to rely on a business need to have a number of enterprises to help production of downstream products. To this end, the support of the Zhanggong actively contact customers. Soon, investment 600 million yuan, to copper, copper clad laminates and printed circuit board copper foil for the Yucca chain, Huayan printed circuit boards, deep joint circuit and other high-tech copper encourage deep processing project has settled in Zhanggong . Ganzhou Zhanggong so built in an industrial chain, the annual output value o...
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SVA Electron termination of private placement by the shareholders overwhelmingly passed the motion

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No suspense, termination of private placement to buy stake in Shanghai SVA Optronics SVA Electron motion was overwhelmingly passed at general meetings. Today, electronic and radio and television broadcasting the news information are disclosed. In the SVA Electron

general meeting held yesterday, for the "issue of shares to buy assets on the termination of a major asset with significant assets to buy Zuo Guan Lian Jiao Yi restructuring of the motion" to a vote. Since the motion is related transactions, including Shanghai SVA (Group) Co., Ltd. and the related transactions, including related party interest to avoid a vote. Announcements, radio and television e-voting shareholders in favor of as high as 93.0688%.

2008 Nian 6 11, SVA Electron said, intended to be the controlling shareholder of Shanghai SVA (...
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Longteng To be launched 7.5-generation line of 3.2 billion total investment

Reorganization in deep mire of SVA, the layout of its competitors have begun a new project. Following the Shenzhen Tianma project put into operation in Wuhan, Hefei, 6 on behalf of the BOE in the start line of the project, the countrys LCD panel business, another in Kunshan, Jiangsu IVO To be launched 7.5-generation line of projects with a total investment of 3.2 billion U.S. dollars. Yesterday, Kunshan Development Zone Gujian Yu, deputy director, said the project has been approved by NDRC. Capital financing from three sources: First, the two main shareholders of the original Dragons asset management company in Kunshan Development Zone, Dragon Holdings; second syndicated loan consortium; three shares through a strategic partnership. Dragon had the Kunshan economic development zone, the global king of shoes foundry Taiwan to establish j...
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Analog power IC market competition, the focus shifted much grace

Profit margins because of the relatively stable and relatively high market threshold, had been shrouded in digital chip technology halo simulation technology to become the major chip manufacturers to re-focus information. At this point, TI and ADI recent performance of the most eye-catching. Even if the tightening in many companies today, the former is still in the implementation of its ongoing acquisition strategy, the power management company is the main acquisition target. The latter has recently proposed the "effectiveness of the entire signal chain and power management" concept, and pointed out that, with more than 40 years in solving real world signal processing experience, ADI in this area has unique advantages. TI: non-stop acquirers According to Databeans reports that TI 2008 results by 48.6 billion won 14.1% of the global ana...
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Global Broadband Network report released Japan and South Korea most developed

DIGITIMES Research released a new research report, Japan and South Korea for the global development of the leading national broadband network technology, the current global fiber optic network deployment is the most mature countries. Statistics based on FTTH Council, Korea, the household penetration rate of fiber 37%, ranking the highest in the world, while Japan immediately after Hong Kong, ranked 3, fiber 24% household penetration. In Japan and South Korea government promotes and carriers actively promote, in accordance with Point Topic Statistics show that Japan and South Korea at the end of 2008 the overall number of broadband subscribers (including DSL, Cable Modem and FTTx) is living the Asia-Pacific region (excluding mainland China ) before the two countries with a high, were 2,968 million and 1,526 million; and DSL users have wi...
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Electronic information industry is still facing severe form of trade friction

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Gradual warming in response to trade friction, as the main market, Chinas electronic information enterprises to internally and externally, to intensify the development of core technologies to enhance the quality of export products.

Recession has always been the breeding ground of trade protectionism, the international context of the deepening financial crisis in 2009 is also true. Im up to 70% of the foreign dimension of the electronic information industry trade friction facing situation is still grim. According to World Bank statistics, since the international financial crisis, countries introduce protectionist measures to be introduced, or about 78, of which 47 have been implemented, and diversified, hidden technology, wide range of features.

Diversification. Diversification of trade protectionism, including...
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Brewing in the next year, 3G telecom Speed: Theoretical speeds up to 9.3Mbps

Informed sources, China Telecom is preparing to upgrade its 3G network again, using the latest version of CDMA 3G technology, will enable 3G speed 3 times faster than now, theoretical downlink speeds of up to 9.3Mbps. 7 upgrades since January testing 3G technology 3G networks currently used by China Telecom is the version of EV-DO Rev.A technology (hereinafter referred to as A version), Theory of rate behavior of 3.1Mbps, but the equipment manufacturers have already developed a version of EV-DO Rev.B technology (hereinafter referred to as the B version), Theory of rate behavior of 9.3Mbps. It is reported that China Telecom is evaluating whether to adopt the version of EV-DO Rev.B technology, will begin testing in July. The move is mainly Competition between operators due to the rate. China Unicom has announced that its WCDMA network t...
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