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Chinas first open standard IP core design competition starts 1 million top prize in cash

In the Ministry of Industry under the guidance of Electronic Information Division, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) IP core standards of the Joint Working Group on integrated circuits, integrated circuit design enterprises are now facing the country engineers, research institutes and college teachers and students, organized in 2009, "Chinas first open standard IP core design competition", competition entry work was started on June 3. Registration and competition details contact can log on the official website understanding. It is reported that the contest winners receive cash 1 million, respectively, 5 thousand dollars and other incentives for students to have access to IBM competitors chip design center in China the opportunity to practice! P...
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Affected by the crisis in Japan slowed down the pace of semiconductor manufacturers cut production

According to "Japanese Economic News" recently reported that continued strong global economic crisis has cut the Japanese semiconductor manufacturers have recently started to slow down the pace of cuts. Reported to Renesas Technologys semiconductor giants, represented by the recent rate cut began to narrow. The semiconductor industry from January to March this year, the operating rate was as low as 40% or less, is expected during the period April-June operating rate can be increased to 50%. Major semiconductor giants are expected this summer, the average operating rate is expected to increase to 60% to 70%. Japanese semiconductor giant, however, put into production in the profit and loss line basically around 70-80%, that is, even if the average operating rate increase this summer to 60% to 70% still failed to reach can generate profit...
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Shenzhen IC design industry more than 60 billion in revenue last year

Recently, integrated circuit technology, production and research provincial Innovation Alliance, Nanshan District, the setting up of integrated circuit production and research alliances. Deputy Director of Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, the provincial deputy director of the Ministry of mine production and research toward AIDS, attended the ceremony, and the Committee of Experts to the two union representatives issued a letter of appointment. According to reports, Guangdong Province in the domestic IC design industry has a comparative advantage, including Shenzhen, IC design and sales revenue in 2008 reached 6.1 billion, ranked first in major cities. Production and research at the provincial Office of Science and Technology Department under the leadership of Guangdong IC-related enterprises, public technology pl...
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Spansion has been no conclusive bankruptcy protection dawn is reborn

Storage semiconductors it is really the case, "a head two big." Fame a few years ago now get most of the industry are large in crisis. Spansion is undoubtedly the most media attention recently one of the objects. Spansion in Japan filed for bankruptcy protection, this joint venture, AMD and Fujitsu have embarked on a U.S. headquarters the same path. But the industry has said, do not see the application for protection as an independent business after the prospect of what Spansion, in this situation, Spansion management has thrown the focus on the embedded world, to seek strategic partners for the wireless business of the new strategy . Spansions the decision in the Chinese market has caused widespread shock. To this end, the companys corporate marketing director John Nation has arranged a special overseas telephone conference about elect...
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Electronics giant to enter the solar energy will become the future trend

6 11, the worlds leading and largest dedicated semiconductor foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company held a press conference, announced that TSMC will develop solar and other new industries. TSMC chairman Morris Chang, a conservative estimate, solar and other new industries in 2018 will reach more than $ 2,000,000,000, to TSMC for a 1.5% contribution to revenue growth. After a lapse of one day, June 12, according to South Korean Chosun Ilbo reported that South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics to spend nearly 400 billion won (equivalent to 32 million U.S. dollars) to build solar cell production line, plans to expand its solar cell business. Side device is located in the south of Seoul Xing (Giheung) new plant is expected to be completed in October, production capacity will reach 30MW. Samsung next year will cost nea...
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Domestic polysilicon manufacturer "vulnerable" will become the photovoltaic industry risks

Polysilicon, a company has so many fascinating word. In recent years, the worlds semiconductor industry and the development of photovoltaic industry, especially by driving the development of silicon solar cells, polysilicon market is growing fast. Its price from the beginning of 2006 more than 50 U.S. dollars per kilogram, rose to 100 U.S. dollars, rose to 480 when the highest dollars. Strong demand and profits to stimulate the large number of domestic listed companies to join the polysilicon industry. According to the Investment Advisor in the latest release of "2009-2012 China Polysilicon Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" shows that from the second half of 2006, the concept of polysilicon in the country is gradually warming up, many listed companies have to get involved. Polysilicon project in China since 2006, total i...
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Energy saving lighting market thriving semiconductor

Current concerns in the global energy shortage in the context of increased again, energy conservation is our present and future of a very long time to be facing important issues. In the lighting, semiconductor lighting due to its energy-saving, environmental protection, high-end features such concern. The successful convening of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, but also for the popularity of semiconductor lighting played a role in fueling. The data show that the application of the 2008 global LED market will grow from 12.5 billion in 2004 to 500 billion U.S. dollars. LED or light emitting diodes, light emitting device is a semiconductor solid. It is the use of solid semiconductor chip as the light-emitting materials in the semiconductor compound occurs through the release of the carrier excess energy caused by photon emission, direct iss...
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Dual frequency / fourth harmonic LCD TV shipments continued to expand

Dual-frequency (ie 100Hz/120Hz) or quadrupled (ie 200Hz/240Hz) technology, LCD TV (LCDTV) panel, not only product development occupies an important space panel factory, shipments grow rapidly.According to DisplaySearch on the double-octave TV panel shipments and forecast, 2009, multiplier and four dual-frequency global LCD TV panel shipments will reach 2,250 million and 4.8 million, and in 2009 the total panel plant Target 100 million shipped 4,200 million compared to LCD TV panel shipments, market share of about 15.8% and 3.4%. DisplaySearch Greater China, David Hsieh, vice president, said dual-frequency technology adopted in 2008 LCD TV panel shipments exceeded 10%, due to dual-frequency technique has been blurred as the solution to the fundamental method of moving image, while the brand Manufacturers are also actively seeking product...
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Market demand for components, ceramic capacitors, the highest growth potential instability

Market demand for electronic components is still in an unstable state, the demand for almost all products are not prosperous. When the off-season into the spring and summer, when there is no market demand for components, signs of improvement. Overall, this month, the market price of components will decline slightly, but according to market conditions, it does not rule out the components of the market price would be more significant decline. The special circumstances of memory, memory prices have been lower than the cost of production, its supply chain and financial distress, the cost of storage or no down, only up. However, the market still appears to survive, the Internet and high-end mobile phones are heavily marketed, at least in the current market environment, the Internet and high-end phones already are expectations. iSuppli expec...
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Embedded NAND Flash SSD mobile applications become a new focus

When the global optimistic about Solid State Drive (SSD) is the next killer application NANDFlash the same time, the phone built-in NANDflash memory applications (embedded SSD) was first to step into a new focus NANDFlash applications. The most common interface specifications for embedded SSD eMMC, cell phone built-in storage solution is the new standard. Engine technology developed by the Thai eMMC embedded SSD controller and flash memory for the long term, the technical quality has been highly positive, a large shipping terminal in the mobile phone and GPS product manufacturers. Director of engine technology business Zhang Min Thai Right said: "With the recent NANDFlash more powerful smart phones, mobile phones raised high-capacity MLC flash memory in the strong demand, the rapid alternation of generations Flash, often make mobile pla...
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