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IC market into the touch-screen battleground

Touch screen technology is already developed for some time, but they have been attractive to Apple introduced the iPhone touch screen features before re-energized; Apple iPhone also developed a proprietary touch screen ASIC. IC market prospects are optimistic about the touch screen, a number of chip suppliers fought attempts to cut or expand the territory of this technology, but I am afraid that this new market will be more competitive, and very sensitive. According to market researcher Gartner, capacitive touch screen and touch keypad controller market will reach 1.3 billion by 2012 shipments of the scale, the annual compound growth rate of 44%. "Give thanks to the iPhone wave, capacitive touch screen mobile phones fast becoming a common feature;" Gartner analyst AmyLeong predicted: "touch screen technology will be the next big opportu...
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Electronic technology industry XI "gossip" event

From time to time there are always people in the industry or the electronics manufacturers to make people understand things ... ... Perhaps because the slump in the overall economic environment, the pressure becomes larger so that they had to gamble, but the last few months Zhezhong puzzle case seems to be growing trend of ... ... the following EETimes U.S. editors are elected by the electronic voting industry Ten "gossip" event, welcomed everyone to judge it reasonable. 1.IBM tight-lipped about the issue of layoffs Recent months, IBM rumors of layoffs for the companys 1 million people in the news (from an IBM employee, a trade union) silence; The "Big Blue" is wrong in most cases do layoffs any comments (though the vice president of human resources, visit The New York Times has said that the company has been constantly changing, will...
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Fairchild publishing high-brightness LED lighting Reference Design

Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor) applications designed to provide a LED without the secondary side (secondary side) control circuit and optical coupler, the input can be AC LED lighting system reference design RD226. LED lighting system reference design RD226 RD226 is a universal input 12W LED lighting solutions, to reduce the high-brightness (HB) LED light volume, and save list of materials (BOM) cost. This design uses a flyback topology type (flyback topology) of the isolated primary side (primary side) control of off-line AC-DC converter with universal input voltage range 85VRMS to 265VRMS, line frequency of 50Hz to 60Hz. RD226 also selectable 350mA and 700mA constant current output, both the maximum output voltage is 17V. The reference design uses Fairchilds FAN102 PWM controller as a primary-side control to reduce overall ...
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Analysts say Microsoft is bundling the browser war will continue

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REVIEW: "Forbes" said the online edition of todays papers, even though Microsoft decided to bundle in the European Union does not release the Windows 7 version of IE, I hope the marathon as soon as possible put an end to anti-trust case, but it seems the EU and its competitors not satisfied, the case will continue.

EU and Microsoft had just won the contest in one round, but the browser war is not over bundling. In the EU condemned the bundled IE in Windows, damage competition in the market, Microsoft made some concessions, announced that it will release in Europe, IE is not bundled with the Windows 7 version.

Late Thursday, the European Commission said Microsoft did not provide more options for users browser, but chose not to provide the browser. The European Commission is also required to whether Microsoft ab...
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Taiwan memory is to buy the Japanese Elpida talks less than 10% equity

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According to foreign media reports, Taiwans "Ministry of Economic Affairs," Secretary Du Zijun said Friday that Taiwans government set up by the memory company in Taiwan (Taiwan Memory Company) is Japans Elpida to buy (Elpida Memory Inc.) Does not to 10% stake in the negotiations.

Duzi Jun said the transaction is expected to be finalized in July, Taiwan Memory Company will be issued later to Taiwan country funds for no more than NTD 100 billion of funds for the completion of the transaction.

Duzi Jun said, the Taiwan company also plans to acquire the memory chip maker, Taiwans local. But he declined to provide further details. Elpida spokesman declined to comment Friday. April

Elpida said it was considering the sale to Taiwan memory about 10% of the shares. Taiwan end of the memory select company 3 El...
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Hundred electronic components: a slight increase of the profit decline in revenue

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Information Center

Editors Note: 2009 (22th) ranked hundred enterprises of electronic components in China recently announced. In this paper, the new electronic components and changes in the characteristics of hundred enterprises and Chinas electronic components industry development trend and strategy were analyzed. Greater change in ranking champion

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2008 year for Chinas electronics industry is a very special year, the first three quarters, electronic components industry to achieve steady growth, but from October onward, due to the international financial crisis, the development of electronic components industry situation worsened, including components hundred companies, including many of the sales revenue, profitability and exports are showing a m...
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Shenzhen IC exports continued to grow

Due to "light industries of electronic information" and 4 trillion of investment plans and other factors driving the positive role that this year, exports of Shenzhen Port IC growth was sustained. Yesterday, reporter learned from the Shenzhen Customs, the relevant statistics show that from January to May this year, total export of Shenzhen Port IC 8.6 billion, up 1.6% over last year. The industry believes that shrinking the face of adverse international market demand situation, the government departments and enterprises need to increase investment in key technology areas, promotion of advanced R & D, production, and promote the direction of the cluster IC business development. It is understood that in response to financial crisis, in April this year, the State Council promulgated the "light industries of electronic information," clearly...
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OSRAM LED curtain financial center of Guangzhou won the Super Single

6 Yue 12 news, Osram in the Guangzhou International Financial Center (West Tower) of the curtain wall lighting LED (light emitting diodes) products, won the first prize bid to become the new landmark building in Guangzhou is also an important sports event in 2010 and the only lighting equipment supporting projects suppliers. The order value of more than 32 million yuan, is by far the OSRAM LED in China, one of the largest. Early next year, celebrating the West will show visitors around the world the new face of the city of Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Night Adds a beautiful landscape. West up to 432 meters, is the second in China and the worlds sixth high-rise towers, its surface smooth and transparent, slender body, like a slender Crystal stands in the central axis of Guangzhou new city. With its new city center in Guangzhou, the geogra...
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Martin Professional and Lighting Science Group announced a distribution agreement signed

Lighting Science Group Corporation (Lighting Science Group Corporation) is a global intelligent LED lighting solutions for developers and integrators, Martin Professional A / S is a leading supplier of dynamic lighting system, The two companies announced the signing of a distribution agreement, which will allow Martin Professional A / S available to Lighting Science Group X16 DOTZ LED light bars global distribution channels. From X16 DOTZ LED light bar is the introduction to the company at Martin Professional LED video products sold under the name of FlexDOT and has been well received by the market. FlexDOT has been used in the lighting market over the project. FlexDOT include a series of ultra-light (RGB) LED products, designed for a variety of dynamic lighting applications, including video and other entertainment shows. DMX512 lightin...
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New Austrian photovoltaic silicon thin film solar cell product certification by TUV International

ENN Solar Energy Co., Ltd. the end of 2008 to produce a piece of Chinas first 5.7m2 tandem junction silicon thin film solar panels, in June 2009 by TUV international product certification, becoming the first Asian to obtain large double knot TUV certified silicon thin film solar panel manufacturer. Prove the superiority of their products, made to Europe pass. 5.7m2 solar panels is four times the normal solar panels, in large power applications, can significantly reduce manufacturing and installation costs, and its wide spread application of solar energy is important for the promotion of significance. But the large-size stand in the open wind from the sun and all kinds of extreme weather test is a new challenge. New Austrian photovoltaic product manufacturing process and strict product quality, production of quality products. In addition...
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