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Electronic information industry development information services business revitalization plan

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Adjustment and revitalization plan for the promotion of information service industry provides a good opportunity. Planning a new model proposed to accelerate the development of new formats, some measures will be taken accordingly. For example, a new generation of mobile communication standards such as 3G. The application of 3G business opportunities are unlimited, although it is difficult to determine how much prospects. In the 2G launch, the function of SMS is very small, did not think it needs to adapt to the Chinese market and the development, diffusion is very fast, bringing value-added services and content services, business opportunities, so as to communications companies to create a huge market. 3G is the same. There is a vivid metaphor: 2G is a country road, 3G is a highway. Changes will expand 3G bandwidth audio and vi...
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Information services to promote industrial restructuring and revitalization of the top ten

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Information service is the use of modern computer and communication networks, information science and technology on the production, collection, handling, processing, storage, transmission, retrieval and use, and information products serving the community of specialized industry complex, divided into three categories: the transmission of information services, IT services (IT services), information resource industry (mainly refers to the information content industry.)

Development trend and ideas

Development trend of information services as follows: First, gradually increasing the share of industries, and second, outsourcing has become increasingly active and the third is the gradual extension of service content, business model innovation Fourth, Fifth, corporate restructuring and merger race.

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Reported that the Chinese RFID market size in 2008 reached 6.58 billion yuan

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3 release of "RFID in China Development Report 2008" shows that in 2008 the market size of Chinas RFID industry reached 6.58 billion yuan, up 24.8% over 2007, and 2009 is expected to slow to 20.6% growth to 7.03 billion yuan.

This report is the State Golden Card Project Coordination Leading Group Office of the guidance and support, and by the China RFID Industry Alliance, issued jointly by CCW Research. June 3, 2009 China International Exhibition on Smart Cards and RFID, the State Golden Card Project Coordination Leading Group Office, Zhang Qi, director of Chinas RFID Industry Alliance released the report.

Report shows that in 2008 the market size of Chinas RFID industry reached 6.58 billion yuan, up 24.8% over 2007, and is expected in 2009 due to the financial crisis, growth will slow to 20.6%, the market siz...
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ZTE built the worlds first commercial EV-DO Rev.B trial network

Recently, ZTE, Qualcomm CDMA operator Wana, and Morocco announced three: worlds first EV-DO Rev. B Business Bureau in Morocco built experiments. In the whole mobile environment, the measured rate of up to 8.8 Mbps download and upload rate of 5.36 Mbps. Following the end of February 2009, ZTE announced that open up the worlds first EV-DO Rev.B, the EV-DO Rev.B in the process of market, ZTE again lead. Wana Morocco-class CDMA carriers, ZTE is the 800MHz CDMA network Wana sole supplier. The CDMA network, including CDMA200 1X and EV-DO Rev.A, 2007 in early business, the user has maintained rapid growth momentum. EV-DO Rev.B technology is divided into two phases, the first phase of the peak rate of 9.3Mbps (download) and 5.4Mbps (upload), EV-DO Rev.B rate is the commercial EV-DO Rev.A tripled. But EV-DO Rev.B network can accommodate the use...
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Initio and Kay reached a formal alliance to get into the new Chinese market

Recently, the amount of the semiconductor crystal (Initio) mixed with the Chinese distributors of semiconductor components Kay New Electronic Co., Ltd. (Pioneer Electronics) formally allied to seize the Chinese market. Volume of the semiconductor crystal Founded in 1994, in the 90s for the SCSI and 1394a / b one of leading manufacturers in the 2000s compared to SATA Bridge IC manufacturers the highest market share, one of the main application for the external hard disk box ( HDD enclosure) and an external optical drive (ODD enclosure), the highest global market share of the HDD enclosure WD, Seagate and ODD enclosure HLDS (LG), TSST (Samsung) are all its customers. SATA2 Interface SSD Controller announced early in June will be officially launched in the 2009 Taipei International Computer Show, and in Q3 the end of the formal launch of U...
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U.S. demand for lamps lighting market to grow at a rate of 3% per year

According to Freedonia, according to a new report shows that in the future the U.S. market demand for lighting would be more than 3% per year growth rate of 2012, the U.S. lighting market sales value will reach 21.6 billion. 2002-2007 years, U.S. demand for lamps is the annual average growth rate of 3%, but this period of growth was mainly due to price increases expected from 2007 to 2012, the demand for lamps will significantly increase. First, be optimistic about the prospects for the U.S. construction market, especially housing and transport infrastructure, which will greatly increase the demand for lamps; U.S. manufacturing market will increase the demand for lamps, it is because American car production will increase . From the national market, the demand for new lamps will be increasing, such as high intensity discharge lamps (HID)...
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News: Intel to 884 million acquisition of Wind River

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According to foreign media reports, today (June 4), Intel announced its willingness to about 884 million to buy software company Wind River.

Intel said in a statement today, the companys cash price of $ 11.50 per share, the acquisition of Wind River, which is a developer of wireless devices and embedded software for consumer electronics companies.

It is reported that this acquisition is IntelCEO Otellini (Paul Otellini) 2005 since taking office in the companys first major acquisition. This year in March, Intel announced that raised from the stock in the acquisition of $ 1,000,000,000 as a smaller companies fund. Intel CFO Stacy Smith (Stacy Smith) said last week, by the collapse of global chip sales, Intel last quarter, revenue fell 26%, so the company is always looking for acquisition opportunities billion to...
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Expand the scope of import duty concessions to benefit manufacturers of plasma

Manufacturer of the LCD monitor the implementation of import goods tax policy extended 3 years, while the import tax preferential policies will be extended to plasma display panels and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) manufacturing enterprises. Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance issued the relevant notice this. The Ministry of Finance sources, from 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2011, the import of the relevant domestic producers can not produce the clean room construction materials, supporting system and production equipment, spare parts are exempted from import duties and import VAT. At the same time, China will import tax policies for this extended to the plasma display panel (ie, PDP) and the OLED manufacturers, operating procedures for the precedent of the original policy. According to reports, the specific list of products duty...
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