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Huawei awarded Spansion 2008 Supplier of the Year Award

The worlds largest pure Spansion Flash memory solutions provider, announced today: the worlds largest supplier of telecommunications equipment, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. awarded the Spansion "2008 Best Supplier Award." Huawei received the award in the top 24 among suppliers, Spansion is the only supplier of NOR flash memory. This award demonstrates the outstanding support of Spansion Huawei, including their services, expertise, quality, responsiveness, product delivery and cost aspects. For Spansion This is a very important recognition, reflects the company in the Greater China region has long been established deep customer relationships, and this was also built on the worlds leading OEM manufacturers to provide first-class customer support tradition. This award confirms to customers around the world Spansion Flash memory solutions ...
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China Unicom may be launched before the end of 6 independent research UPhone phone

Recently, with the 3G network operators continue to advance the introduction of a new generation of mobile phones become a topic of concern of the industry. Among them, China Unicom has also introduced self-end has been committed. Recently there have been news that China Unicoms mobile terminals have been proposed autonomous platform UniPlus, and will likely launch before the end of 6 independently developed UPhone phone. Ministry of Industry and Zhao Bo, deputy director of electronic information to participate in a forum not long ago, confirmed the existence of UPhone. He said, "China Unicom has been proposed UniPlus platform, ready to launch UPhone phone. China Mobile has launched the OMS platform for domestic and international terminals business has developed in the OMS platform OPhone phone and start the market, based on TD-OMS plat...
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Ministry of Industry started the second half of next year, TD-LTE trilogy scale experiments

Equipment manufacturers recently Tencent Technology stakeholders revealed the latest progress of TD-LTE. Telecommunications Industry and Information Technology Research Institute recently conducted a field TD-LTE proof of concept testing, Datang, ZTE, China Putian and other major vendors are actively involved in TD. It is reported, TD-LTE theoretical rate of up to 173Mbps. It is reported that in February this year, TD-LTE physical layer and RF level standards related interface has been completed and the end of 2009 most of the equipment manufacturers can also provide TD-LTE commercial or quasi-commercial master. Ministry of Industry and TD-LTE strategy to determine the trilogy Previous TD-LTE Summit, the Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Research Institute experts said, the Ministry of Industry has set up a TD-LTE working gr...
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Microsoft agreed to pay $ 100,000,000 and the Mississippi reached a settlement trust Case

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According to foreign media reports, the U.S. state of Mississippi on Thursday to reach an antitrust lawsuit settlement with Microsoft, which agreed to pay 1 billion in damages. Mississippi side said, enterprises, individuals, schools and local governments are eligible to share this huge amount of compensation. Mississippi Attorney General Jim

? Hood (Jim Hood) spokeswoman Jane ? Schaffer (Jan Schaefer), said: "Microsoft, through its monopoly customers to pay a high price. In 1996 January 1 Microsoft products after the date of purchase of units and individuals, are eligible to share this compensation. "settlement agreement has been hinds County (Hinds County) Judge Dennis ? Owens (Denise Owens) approval.

This is the 21 U.S. states against the Microsoft antitrust case since the largest amount of litigation invol...
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IMS: Seoul ranked fourth in the world semiconductor sales

IMS Research UK survey results, the performance of the global LED market, the rapid growth of Seoul Semiconductor ranked fourth in the world Seoul Semiconductor to ensure that the force of more than 5,000 patents and technology to become the Republic of Korea more than one firm place in the world as a springboard 6 Yue 12 news, the UK optoelectronics market research agencies working credits wild released IMS Research, a world-class specialized LED manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor (strain) in the world LED market routed to the global rankings on the fourth. IMS shows, in 2009 the world LED market analysis (The World Market of Light Emitting Diodes 2009 Edition) survey, Seoul Semiconductor LED Package followed by three generations of world business - at Asia, Osram, Philips notches to fourth place, and the prospect of total sales in ...
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Microsoft will sell Windows 7 does not bind the EU version of IE browser

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft said Thursday that the company sold in the EU market, Windows 7 will not bind the IE browser, a move aimed at eliminating the European Union regulators about the company through the suppression of unfair competition means another browser manufacturers concern. The European Commission will soon on January Microsoft antitrust case brought by ruling that the lawsuit that Microsoft abused its dominant market position, the IE browser bundled with the Windows operating system designed to prevent from competitor products in direct competition. So far, Microsoft has been in the objection, said the IE browser is an integral part of Windows system, it should not be pulled out separately. But Microsoft now plans to IE browser from the EU version of the Windows 7 system, pulled out of the system will b...
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Semiconductor Leading LED innovation: the fourth drive technology

Introduction: At present, there are three LED driver technology that is resistive, linear regulator and switching regulator-type style. Of these techniques are insufficient. Recently, ON Semiconductor announced that leading the LED drive technology innovation, made the fourth drive technology ... ... LED drive technology from the current point of view, mainly three techniques, namely, resistive, linear regulator and switching regulator-type style. The coexistence of a variety of drive technology, used in different environments, each with advantages and disadvantages. "Resistive drive technology is that the low cost, ease of design, there is no electromagnetic compatibility problems." Semiconductor Small Signal Standard Products Group, Director of Marketing and applications Asif Jakwanl explained, "but the drawback is dependent on the b...
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NXP concentrated market prospects phase-change memory technology

NXP company, formerly known as Philips chip unit, is studying the proprietary phase-change memory (PCM), the companys CTO Rene Penning de Vries said the technology would be very "promising." He said, "We have seen a good performance. The next question is whether to continue production." He added that this resolution has not been made. The key advantage of PCM is that it can also be saved when power data, as the current environment protection and energy strategy for a positive response, it is very promising. Better than expected performance of PCM flash memory and flash memory than the geometric size is also small. Penning de Vries Technology Forum at the IMEC discusses the development of PCM. NXP and Philips Semiconductor, IMEC has been partners for many years, and has R & D institutions engaged in Leuven special project work and parti...
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New text has been drafted No. 18 by 2012 is expected to change incentives

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Opening 11 provided by the exclusive portal Sina support soft Bo at the thirteenth, the NDRC and the Ministry of Industry and the relevant responsible person said, is about to expire at the end of 2010 "to encourage the software industry and integrated Circuit Industry Development Policy "continuation of policy (in the industry known as" the new No. 18 paper ") has been drafted, the existing preferential policies will not change in 2012.

Held in 11 soft-Bo at the thirteenth, the National Development and Reform Commission deputy director Gu Dawei said high-tech, "the new policy to encourage the development of the software industry has been basically completed the drafting." Ministry of Industry confirmed that the software Secretary Zhao Xiaofan, Gu Dawei said the "new policies to encourage the development of software in...
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Winning is a diversified distributor of business advantage

Worldwide shortage of supply had been looking for independent distributors the foundation of business development. However, the current weak demand for the international market doldrums, the manufacturer increased global sourcing capabilities, supply chain more transparent, independent distributors swap space for the continuous shrinkage of the supply chain. Every business wants the financial tsunami as soon as possible to find a breakthrough, independent distributors began to diversification. From the development trend, the success of independent distributors should be an OEM and EMS companies in the global supply chain partners to provide end to end supply chain services for a living. Content from the service point of view, independent distributors involved in the supply chain will cover research and development stage to mass produc...
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