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With the "Mobile Taiwan" plan Chunghwa Telecom Alvarion WiMAX network deployment

WiMAX and wireless broadband solutions provider Alvarion and digital communication International (eASPNet), announced that Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, Ilan County, north of cloth for the local government to build a new mobile WiMAX network to meet the "Mobile Taiwan," Applied Promotion. The network will use Alvarions 4Motion Mobile WiMAX solution, using the 2.5GHz frequency band to provide high-speed mobile Internet access, online learning, mobile commerce, mobile tourist guide, and video security monitoring, network television and other services. The broadband point to multipoint wireless network using Alvarion wireless WiMAX solution to provide service support by the eASPNet, covering Yilan County, Yilan County Luodong and popular scenic areas, to the Yilan County residents, tourists and business to provide ubiquitous mobile network s...
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LED suppliers worldwide sales ranking: ranked fourth in Seoul Semiconductor

Optoelectronic engineering credits British market research firm IMS Research field published, Seoul Semiconductor LED market in the globalization ranking rose to No. 4. IMS said that in 2009 the global LED market analysis (The World Market of Light Emitting Diodes 2009 Edition) survey results show that the global sales of LED supplier rankings, followed by Seoul Semiconductor, Nichia, Osram, Philips notches to No. 4. JAMIE FOX IMS research analyst of Seoul Semiconductor in the future growth potential, said: "Seoul Semiconductor LED market growth than the global rate of speed and aggressive growth trend leap to No. 4. In recent years within Seoul Semiconductor will be No. 3 with the current supplier, Philips LED 3rd seat competition. " Seoul Semiconductor-related staff, said: "Seoul Semiconductor has more than 5,000 patents and technica...
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R & S as T-Mobile network optimization, the sole supplier of test instruments

Mobile network operator T-Mobile select Rohde & Schwarz test system as its standard way the sole supplier. Contracts included in the five European countries Rohde & Schwarzs drive test software Romes and TSMX Series Sweep. T-Mobile will choose the Rohde & Schwarz Test Drive Test System provides wireless network transmission quality. This enables network operators to ensure the formation of interference-free coverage. Drive test system, high performance and high price makes the T-Mobile select Rohde & Schwarz to become its partners. R & S solution for measurement of the fastest on the market the program, and can be measured in parallel the quality of GSM and UMTS networks. This T-Mobile is an important advantage, because the drive test system can measure the T-Mobile all communications networking standards. T-Mobile to offer 128 million...
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Analysis: This year is only related to wireless communications IC products to grow

According to foreign media reports, the semiconductor industry, IC Insights forecasts market research agencies, the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) IC 29 categories tracked monthly sales this year will have increased only 2 categories: communications simulation (telecom-analog ) and communications for special applications (telecom-specialpurposelogic) class microprocessor. IC Insights expects this years high-end communications analog IC market is being driven popularity of mobile phones will grow by 4% to 83 billion; and communication is more application-specific IC sales will surge 14% to 222 billion U.S. dollars. This year, including mobile phones, base stations, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi communications equipment and wireless network equipment sales, will dominate growth in the IC sector. IC Insights forecasts, although the globa...
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Intel AMD CEO singing a different tune with the IT downturn has not hit bottom

AMD CEO Dirk - Meyer (Dirk Meyer), said in an interview, PC demand expected to rebound in the fourth quarter, but we can not say IT market downturn has bottomed out. 5th of this month, Intel Europe, Middle East and Africa, Christian, General Manager - Evo Morales (Christian Morales) has said, IT downturn in the market has bottomed. But Meyer is that, now that IT market downturn has bottomed out too early. Meyer said: "The market seems to have the normal inventory level, PC demand expected to rebound in the fourth quarter, but can not say the worst is now over." Meyer expects PC shipments in 2009 should be a decline in the median. At the end, PC shipments to rebound in 2010, the year will increase. ...
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Business Week: Qualcomm Challenges Intel Freescale push intelligence of the

"Business Week" article points out that Intel (blog) plans to launch a rival called smart in this small laptop to challenge Intel and Microsoft in the Internet market leader. Qualcomm and Freescale hope that this new product can be as big as the Internet success. In order to reduce their new netbook with Intel in the gap on the market, chip manufacturers in the smart marketing on this put a lot of cost. Mobile phone chip maker Qualcomm was smart this definition in the 5 to 12-inch screen, specifically for web browsing and e-mail video clips of mobile computing devices. In general, this product is very similar with the Internet. Since last year, this low-cost small laptop computer industry began to become the best-selling products. According to investment bank Collins Stewart expects the Internet sales in 2009 will reach 3 million units...
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Financial turmoil, Chinas IC design industry to save the day

2007 by the end of Design Branch of China Semiconductor Association Chairman Wang Qin Sheng had predicted that: "2008 was a watershed in Chinas IC design industry, the investment peak (around 2004) after four years, many companies are dead or alive, 2008 will see the outcome. " Sure enough, in late 2008 to early 2009, the global semiconductor market, the impact of weak prices, and the international financial crisis, Chinas IC design industry suffered an unprecedented crisis. According to the China Semiconductor Industry Association data, 2008 Chinas IC design industry, while still achieving a positive growth of 4.2%, but increase in 2007 compared to 21.2%, the growth rate also declined sharply. Growth rate fell, the more worrying is, after a frenzy of 2004 to 2006, the venture capital (VC) on the Chinese IC design industry in 2007 after...
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TSMC will be involved in LED and solar industries or set up new company

According to Taiwan media reports, TSMC chairman Morris Chang, Tsai, general manager of the common press conference today, announced that TSMC will develop LED, solar and other new industries; Chang conservative estimates, 2018 will reach new business more than $ 2,000,000,000, a 1.5% to revenue for TSMC Growth; if under a new business culture in the TSMC good, and will not rule out the establishment of the new company. Chang said that the past focus on pure-play foundry TSMC, the industry, it has no plans in other areas, but now have a direction, is to build one or more of new businesses do not compete with our customers, The new business is not just a future plan to charge by Tsai. Chang said that in 2008 revenues of $ 10,000,000,000 TSMC is estimated that 2012 will be back to 100 billion U.S. dollars, after the annual growth rate of...
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Taiwan Walsin invest 200 million U.S. dollars of the LED project foundation

Today, owned by Taiwan Walsin Co., Ltd. established a new joint technology companies in Xian China, in Xian High-tech investment of $ 200,000,000, Chief of the LED project foundation. It is understood that this project will take the lead into the first domestic production of high-power LED wafer and chip manufacturing base, and eventually became the semiconductor lighting industrys leading enterprises. A total investment of $ 55,000,000, all put into operation to achieve operating income of $ 200,000,000. Laid the foundation stone of the project will be on the Shaanxi Provincial LED industry have a greater leading role. ...
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Taiwan Walsin $ 200,000,000 project in Xian High-tech Zone LED foundation

Yesterday morning, by the Taiwan Walsin Xian Co., Ltd. established a new wholly-owned technology companies in Xian High-tech joint investment of $ 200,000,000, Chief of the LED project foundation. Taiwan Walsin Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. is the Greater China region, copper wire and special steel industry leaders, and Xian High-tech Zone signed a total investment of 600 million U.S. dollars investment agreement, has been involved in the construction of polysilicon, solar cell production manufacturing, high-brightness LED packaging, and special steel manufacturing and processing projects. Yesterday laid the foundation stone of the LED total investment of 200 million U.S. dollars, the main products are high-end LED chip and package source. An investment of $ 55,000,000 project is expected to produce in the fourth quarter of operations, put int...
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