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Collaborate in the promotion of cross-strait development of LED lighting industry

"LED lighting, industrial cooperation and cross-strait exchange meeting" was successfully concluded on the 10th, according to the General Assembly to statistics, up to 450 guests attending, all of Taiwans participation in number of firms up to 200, 71 companies in mainland China, and one for 60 sessions exchange meeting of a company. And at the closing day of the two sides signed the minutes from the mainland, "Ministry of Science and Technology Exchange Center across the Taiwan Strait," cross-strait industrial cooperation and exchange of LED lighting, Honorary Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee on behalf of Fung Kee Chun read. LED lighting is the twenty-first century, the most promising green energy industries, countries are actively competing to invest huge resources to research and development. In order to lay the LED li...
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Sharp plans to build LCD panel plant in Mainland China

Recently, sources said, the worlds fourth largest LCD TV manufacturer Sharp, ready to build factories in Mainland China LCD panel, is working with partners to discuss the Mainland. It is reported that although Sharp did not disclose the location and partner factories, but industry projections, the site may be color TV manufacturers in the Mainland cluster of Shenzhen. Industry sources, Sharps business model over the past, usually placed in the core products in Japan, once set up factories in mainland China to determine panel, Sharp strategy will be a big adjustment. Industry sources, Sharp to set up factories in mainland China, the Mainland is still very fancy to the local market. ...
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Rave Chartered Fab 7 to sent haze removal tools

Rave LLC (Florida, Delray Beach) today announced that the company has been sold to Singapores Chartered Semiconductor mask a mist (Haze) defect removal system. Rave sold to Chartered Semiconductor Rhazer system. Rave said, Rhazer haze removal technology in a years SEMICON West 2008 on the release. Wafer stepper optical lithography process caused by the pollution of the growth of crystalline defects commonly referred to as "haze". Haze formation rate will reduce the number of wafer exposure and cause the stagnation line lithography. For the removal of wafer haze, Rave has introduced a revolutionary product Rhazer haze removal system. Rhazer system can not prevent the haze, but you can manage it so fab. Rhazer system is dry, laser-based system, remove the mask with the ability of both sides of haze. Rhazer within the system can be ...
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Open Text to enter Chinese market

As enterprise content management (ECM) of the global leaders, Open Text has announced dimensional digital audio (China) Co., Ltd. (China-dimensional sound) signed a partnership agreement, the company is a leading "Fortune" Global 500 one-stop call center to provide services and technology solutions provider. The partnership with SAP AG and a global reseller agreement will help expand the business and the development of Open Texts customer base in Greater China. -Dimensional sound of Chinas accession Open Text Partner Program, Open Text expands the market in Greater China (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) coverage and market access. China-dimensional sound for various vertical market for Open Texts ECM portfolio of solutions provide sales and support. This partnership will help strengthen the Open Text ECM in Asia to expand its mark...
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Qimonda to sell the solar-cell factory in northern Portugal

Several Portuguese companies alliance has begun the final decision to buy Qimonda Solar (solar Qimonda) construction of the new 100MW solar cell factory, the factory is located in the town of Kant in northern Portugal (Vila do Conde). 2008 Nian 5 months, the situation of poor DRAM maker Qimonda (Qimonda) announced its entry into solar cell market. According to its German solar system integrator CentroSolar Group signed a joint venture agreement, Qimonda Portugal, construction of a new solar cell factory. The joint venture production of the silicon-based solar cells, CentroSolar holds 49% stake in Qimonda subsidiary Qimonda Solar GmbH holds the remaining 51% stake. Initially, Centrosolar Qimonda joint venture with the hope of half the capacity of the plant. Now, through the Angolan bank BPA, Portugal, the alliance plans to acquire som...
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Universal 3MHz converter can improve the effectiveness of portable electronic devices

Analog Devices, Inc., The worlds leading high-performance signal processing solutions provider, recently introduced a battery-powered portable devices to optimize the energy efficiency of a new battery 3 MHz Step-Down DC-DC converters, expands its micro-switching regulator product line. With low input voltage, low quiescent current and the characteristics of small size, this 600 mA ADP2108 DC-DC converter offers designers more flexibility to meet the stringent power consumption and PCB size of the budget, without increasing battery capacity, which is the design of small handheld devices such as mobile phones or portable inventory scanner, or rechargeable medical device, it is important to consider. Efficient power conversion devices for extending the battery life is very important. 6MHz ADP2121 same family as the device, 3MHz ADP2108DC-...
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Seoul Semiconductor LED market worldwide ranking 4

Optoelectronic engineering credits UK market research agency IMS field study was published, a world-class specialized LED manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor (strain) in the globalization of the world LED market, routed No. 4 ranking. IMS shows, in 2009 the world LED market analysis (The World Market of Light Emitting Diodes 2009 Edition) survey results, followed by Seoul Semiconductor LED Package enterprises on behalf of the World 3 - Nichia, Osram, Philips notches to No. 4 , and the prospect of total sales in 2008 will remain subject to Article 4 of the position. IMS Research analysts especially Seoul Semiconductor JAMIE FOX on future growth potential and that: "Seoul Semiconductor LED market growth than the world rate of speed and aggressive growth trend leap to No. 4. Seoul Semiconductor will 3LED with the current ranking of companies...
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Jiangsu New lithium battery separator and the project put into operation

Changzhou, Jiang Su Yuanyu Electronics Group in the Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Branch to party building and the new lithium-ion battery separator and storage battery project, officially put into operation last week. The project is far from Chengdu Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Yu Electronics Co., Ltd. in cooperation crystallization of the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. Currently, the companys new lithium ion battery separator and water-based adhesive, an international initiative, has applied for Japanese, Korean and American patents, they developed a manganese lithium-ion polymer batteries and lithium, are also highly supercapacitor applications prospects. The scale production in Changzhou polymer lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries have a higher than normal safety and longer life,...
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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors introduced one of the worlds smallest LED

Recently, Osram Opto Semiconductors has launched a new small size, performance, superb white OSLON SSL LED. LED package which measures just 3 x 3 mm, luminous efficiency is rated as excellent, usually up to 100 lm / W. Because of its high current can maintain excellent luminous efficiency, coupled with a simplified thermal management, and has high reliability, and 80 ° beam angle, so as to achieve high application efficiency basis. In addition, the paragraph or LED spotlights, table lamps and ceiling floodlights the ideal source. New OSLON SSL LED level is 1 W LED, can meet the needs of general lighting applications. LED which very small, stable and reliable performance, even in high current cases, is still able to maintain excellent luminous efficiency. In addition, because it has a 80 ° beam angle, can be very good in the light projec...
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South Korean LG Chemical 1 trillion to build the car battery industry

According to the Investment Adviser Industry Research Center was informed Yonhap Seoul, June 10 Xinhua LG Chemical in Korea first established electric vehicle battery production plant. LG Chemical 10, invited to the Knowledge Economy Minister Lee Youn Ho, North Chungcheong Province governor Zheng Yuze and other guests, warehouse industrial park in South Korea held a "LG Chemical electric car battery production plant groundbreaking ceremony." LG chemical that, the electric car market in the next few years, rapid growth, construction is to respond in advance. LG Chemical plans to invest a total of 2013 until the 1 trillion won (about RMB 50 billion), the birthplace of creating a new generation of battery industry in 2015 achieved in the field of electric vehicle battery sales of 2 trillion won, and the occupation of the world market more ...
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