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Arizona State University has developed the first flexible OLED display

Arizona State University Flexible Display Center (FDC) and the United States Universal Display Corporation (UDC) announced the development of the first amorphous silicon flexible active matrix organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, this display is the use of DuPont Teijin (Dupont Teijin) the production of PEN films. And the use of use of UDCs phosphorescent materials and proprietary bonding FDC / to bonding (bond-debond) production technology. The 4.1-inch monochrome video graphics array (QVGA) representatives to implement flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display manufacturing solutions milestone. The design of flexible OLED displays main goal is to some military and commercial applications that require more robust display. By UDCs PHOLED technology and materials, the new display has a very low power consumption, and ...
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Green LED printer favored government procurement

Recently, the central state organs in 2009 the government centralized purchasing computers and other products supply agreements (total Fourteenth) project, OKI2009 fiscal year political career again flowed in. mining, its LED printers, and two series of 18 dot matrix printer product to successfully short-listed. Central state organs of government procurement center is the centralized procurement of Central Government institutions of the executive body. The center has a strict procurement procedures and standard monitoring purchasing behavior and a sound mechanism to meet the central government institutions (including Guo Wu Yuan Ge Bu Wei , directly under the bodies, offices and institutions directly under the relevant peoples organizations) as a very special user groups, the product performance, safety, reliability and scalabilit...
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LED headlamps will become a mainstream energy longevity

LED technology in the increasingly widespread application of the car, now in the rear lamps into the headlights of the areas. Concerned about the latest Audi models may have found the past few years been the increasing use of the brake lights on the LED (light emitting diode) headlamps in the car began to appear in. In fact, LED lights, and the role of technology is not only decorative, it is the future direction of development of automotive lighting. Potential, lighting effects to be increased Solutions words: light-emitting diodes can be power by solar energy directly into the crystal made of semiconductor compounds, gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide are its basic materials. Of automotive engineers and designers have a keen interest in light-emitting diodes, as compared with traditional incandescent lamps, LED headlamps made l...
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Each year the Ministry of Industry plans Internet filtering software on Government Procurement

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Ministry of Industry is planning to annually purchase green government procurement online software.

10 oclock on the evening broadcast on CCTV 22 "Evening News" program reported that after the Ministry of Industry is planning to annually purchase green government procurement online software, any advanced technology to filter inappropriate web sites with good effects software can compete.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Chen Ying, deputy director of software services in the TV program that this year, choose the Green Dam - Youth Escort reason is that the softwares advanced technology, "it is the active content filtering , as long as the salacious content automatically shielding ", and other software libraries used by way of the passive filter blacklist.

From July 1 this year, sales of n...
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Ultra-low-end mobile phones in emerging markets as a decisive weapon of the necessary

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics Emerging Markets Communications for the latest report released by industry that the price of 35 dollars or less ultra low-end handsets (ULCH), will be the mobile phone manufacturers and mobile service providers to succeed in emerging markets the key factors. Strategy Analytics estimates that by 2013 global sales of ultra low-end mobile phones will reach 300 million, of which more than half of the contribution of emerging markets, particularly China and India as the main force driving the growth. In addition, the agency also predicted, as companies try to attract new users during the period from 2007 to 2013, ultra low-end phones in the share of global handset sales will triple. Strategy Analytics research manager in emerging markets Rahul Gupta, said: "The emerging markets have huge ...
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Domestic and foreign good dual Montage Technology into the memory buffer markets harvest

Either wired or satellite, Chinas digital TV receiver chip market in recent years, impressive business when none other than the non-Montage Technology. Since the establishment of just 5 years after the start of this local semiconductor companies have won more than 50% of Chinas digital TV receiver chip market share, shipments total nearly 4,000 million, which sound like a win. However, this enterprise is not satisfied. In fact, since its inception, the "walking on two legs," the business strategy has always been in the companys operations adhere to the core strategy. Now, in the digital TV receiver chip as the representative of the "digital home" after the success of the field to the memory buffer chips as the representative of the "digital enterprise" areas will also be a pillar of the companys other business - to pay for several years ...
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R & S RF Microwave and EMC test solutions at EMC2009

In June 2009 16 to 18 held in Beijing International Convention Center XIV International Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility exchanges, R & S leading companies will showcase its comprehensive RF Microwave and EMC test solutions . As the worlds top EMC test instruments, systems and solutions provider, R & S on display in the show its full line of EMI test receiver: R & S ESU, ESCI, ESPI, and ESL, covering the 20 Hz-40 GHz frequency range, all support the latest CISPR-AV, CISPR-RMS detector, from people all compatible standard military standard test to a simple diagnostic test, can meet all different levels of customer demand; also EMF electromagnetic environment test system with R & S? TS-EMF, with a spectrum analyzer analyzer or test receiver with omni-directional antennas EMF testing, automated testing to achieve the electromagn...
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Popular Internet video equipment market shipments to grow fivefold by 2013

According to iSupplis data, due to the rapid development of broadband access, Internet-video consumer electronics devices shipped worldwide from 2009 to 2013 to nearly 5-fold. By 2013, support for Internet video entertainment platform for consumer electronics shipments from the $ 80,500,000 in 2008 rose to $ 376,500,000, these platforms, including TV sets, set-top box (STB), Blu-ray players, game consoles and dedicated video platform. Internet devices during the period 2008-2013 forecast global shipments. (Source: iSuppli Corporation, May 2009) "More and more people through home computers and other equipment STB access to broadband Internet, which makes it way through the online or download to watch Internet video possible." ISuppli consumer electronics company, said Sheri Greenspan, senior analyst. "More importantly, people need to ...
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LSI acquisition AMCC 3ware RAID storage technology to benefit business broadcasting industry

LSI Corporation today announced its Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC) has signed a definitive agreement to acquire about 2,000 million in cash AMCCs 3ware RAID adapter business, including some related assets and intellectual property rights. 3ware SAS and SATA RAID products include adapters for a variety of applications designed to provide low-cost, high performance, high-capacity storage solution. End-users include leading storage products available through distributors and system builders worldwide, including the network of channel partners to buy 3ware adapters. LSI president and CEO Abhi Talwalkar said: "Currently, the increasingly powerful delivery for customers, but usually has a more complex variety of storage solutions in the process, the channel plays an important role. 3ware business once the acquisition completed, LS...
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SunEdison by National Semiconductor power generation efficiency of solar energy system optimizer

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation) today announced that the company North Americas largest solar energy services provider SunEdison LLC launched a series of field tests to join hands to improve the efficiency of solar power generation system. SunEdison using National Semiconductors SolarMagic power optimizer on the solar system in California, conducted a series of field tests. National Semiconductors SolarMagic power optimization can ensure that the same group of individual panels from the impact of other panels, independent for maximum power efficiency. In fact, solar panels are susceptible to shading, debris shield, power transmission loss with aging and other factors as well, so that the system generation decreased. SunEdison company is committed to new ways to provide solar energy services to cu...
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