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Trends in domestic lighting energy into energy policy take the express train companies compete

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Is Energy Conservation Week last week, the state to promote energy efficient products and DG212BDY datasheet and subsidies, to encounter in the international financial tsunami biggest export crisis in a decade of domestic lighting enterprises offered an olive branch. Reporter from the recently held Asias largest International Lighting Fair 2009 Guangzhou Lighting Fair --- understand that lighting companies are scrambling to take the energy saving policy dispute Express, under the New Deal financial crisis and DG212BDY price and energy conservation, lighting industry has begun to reshuffle.

Lighting export crisis highlights

In the financial crisis, the lighting industry from the end of last year a "deeply divided", as "Asias lighting industry benchmark" to carry out more than ten years of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, is more able to feel it.

Guangzhou International Lighting Fair and DG212BDY suppliers and Exhibition Organizers, chairman of Pan Wenbo Guangya, said this years show to indoor lighting, or export-oriented enterprises decreased by 25%, but the Chinese market mainly to the number of brand building based enterprises than last year increased by 20% to 25%, the number of exhibitors this year, reduced by 10% compared to 2008, but the show did not reduce the size.

"Lighting industry met in exports over the past decade the biggest crisis." Pan Wenbo said, before lighting industry exports are an important part of the differentiation that is now shuffling increased lighting industry to the Mainland market-based lighting company , in good condition, but due to export-oriented enterprises which export volume plunged bankruptcy or diverted.

Lighting industry into a new round of gold on the Although the export market

not pick up signs, but the flames of the domestic market is very strong taste. Journalists at this years Guangzhou International Lighting Fair to see, a joint venture company brands and domestic brands almost full scene lighting, and put a strong lineup of exhibitors.

An industry source, the huge domestic market is far from the lighting industry is not saturated, the current domestic lighting industry is still in the "Spring and Autumn Period", the real boss has not been born. Including Philips, NVC lighting, Foshan lighting, three male Aurora, Osram, Foxconn, and other top 10 companies in total market share of less than 13%, Illuminating Engineering Society of China released statistics show that sales of lighting products in China at present has more than 15 billion U.S. dollars, by the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games infrastructure driven, the Chinese lighting industry into a new golden era, industry is expected to exceed 20 billion U.S. dollars, making more and more intense war lords.

An internationally renowned lighting exhibitors said that as the host the World Expo and the Asian Games, has China as its most important markets. Previously based in the overseas sales of domestic lighting enterprises have plans "export back off", a lighting company in Guangdong Overseas sales manager, told reporters, has begun to carry out large-scale domestic business, and expand domestic production capacity.

It is understood, NVC lighting, "Huayi Lighting" brewing recently listed, more lighting companies listed is still in preparation stage. Energy-saving incandescent lamp into the back

Lighting industry a new growth point in the future lies in the application of environmental protection and energy saving technology. Reporter was informed that the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission in April this year launched the first batch of 50 million by the Financial subsidies to the promotion of efficient lighting products, to take in order to target subsidies to enterprises, the enterprises will allow subsidies to consumers degree of support for the indirect subsidy approach promotion of efficient lighting products. This is the first means to support the use of financial subsidies to promote energy-saving products terminal. "Eleventh Five-Year" period (2006-2010), through financial subsidies to promote efficient lighting products, 150 million, and gradually replace the inefficient incandescent lamps and other lighting products.

"From the current trends, LED lighting will become the mainstream lighting product." Energy conservation technology service centers in Guangdong Province Lexus super head, "said Guangdong has to explore a wider range of subsidies for energy-saving products, including home and business, the intensity will be greater this year, lighting products have been first started. "Subsidies for energy-saving products

seize the opportunities, domestic and international lighting companies ride on the momentum. Look around this years lighting show, "efficient, energy saving, environmental protection," which three words concentrates the current domestic and foreign lighting giant industry direction. Pan Wenbo said incandescent lamp out of the market has become the next big trend.

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