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Samsung, LG LED TV market, the two companies battle for upgrade

Comprehensive South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" and other media reports, Samsung, LG the two companies in the next generation of TV --- LED products on the competition, from product quality and other aspects of ultra-thin or a contest, is showing a full white-hot upgrade situation. Integrated in home appliances and discount stores sold the scene, "because the first to the Samsung LED TV sales, LG Electronics in a hurry for technical degrees in thin case has not yet reached, based on impact to avoid damage to the overall brand image of innovation marketing considerations, and therefore against hasty "was very common. , However, recently announced that LG Electronics will launch this month, Samsung Electronics of existing products than thinner, 55-inch LED TV (model 55LH90QD) the new thickness of only 2.4 cm, and 5 from the beginning of this mon...
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DSM Engineering Plastics for the new high-brightness LED Nylon 46

DSM Engineering Plastics Nylon 46, a new target market is for mobile phones, PDAs, notebook computers, chip carrier of the high brightness LED. Stanyl LED1551 grade in high heat and high humidity can still provide high initial brightness and maintain reflectivity; can withstand up to 260 ℃ reflow cycles of three, with silicone or epoxy adhesive bonded together; than the competition PPA resin opponents faster cycle times, high-mobility is able to fill the cavity up to 220 ultra-thin LED. ...
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City of ten thousand ten mainland will purchase 200 billion Taiwan LED

Integrated platform media reports, the Taiwan authorities led economy, "cross-strait cooperation and exchange of LED lighting industry conference" opened yesterday, the Grand Hotel in Taipei, attended by mainland firms revealed that this year will increase procurement in Taiwan LED on the lower reaches size of the product, the total amount of 150 to 200 is expected to billion yuan (RMB, same below), for "City of ten thousand ten" LED street construction projects. According to Taiwan media reports, industry participants said the mainland, plans procurement of goods to Taiwan LED upstream materials, epitaxy, LED die, LED packaging and testing, electronic controller associated with the lamps, lighting systems and radiators, and other related zero component-based, the amount will reach the end of 150-200 billion purchase orders the next 4 t...
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NI successfully host the sixth "Chinese PXI Technology and Applications Forum"

Few days ago, National Instruments (National Instruments, referred to as NI) announced in Beijing, China successfully hosted the sixth "Chinese PXI Technology and Applications Forum" (PXI Technology & Application Conference, the PXI TAC). Nearly 600 engineers and technicians in related fields who attended the meeting. In addition to hosting providers outside NI, PXI eight well-known domestic and foreign suppliers, such as Aeroflex, MAC Panel, VPC, Pickering, ADLINK Technology, and Global China Beijing Branch, Shanghai, multiple star instrument, Shaanxi Haitai to be audience to the latest PXI-based products and solutions. This event also specially invited to the PXI Systems Alliance Technical Committee and Chairman of NI R & D headquarters, Mr. Mark Wetzel, chief engineer and deputy director of Institute of Tsinghua University Professor L...
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ARM said the smart phone will use dual-core processor next year

According to foreign media reports, ARM wireless business manager James Bruce (James Bruce) said recently, ARM will launch dual-core processor next year, Cortex-A9, and based on which the worlds first dual-core processor will be smart phones in the next year. Bruce said: "Next year, everyone will see the A9 dual-core processor-based smart phone." Current, Palm Pre ARM A8 processor-based Apple iPhone also based on ARM processor design, and these are single-core designs. Bruce said: "A8 is a single-core processor, while the A9 a dual-core, to quad-core development, when the performance of mobile phones will be more powerful." Bruce also said that the transition from single core to dual core is fast Now only a year. As concerns energy consumption users, as A9 is used in 45-nanometer process, rather than the current 65nm process, so more...
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GIPS Technology PCCW launched by PC video call service

Global IP Solutions (GIPS) today announced that Hong Kongs leading telecommunications service provider PCCW has been using GIPS VideoEngine technologies in support of its latest PC software service products call 0060 Everywhere. PCCW is Hong Kongs largest Internet service provider of broadband services, with more than 100 million retail and commercial customers, new products, these customers can enjoy the best quality voice and video call feature. GIPS is a world-class industry-leading IP network voice and video processing technology developer for the global telecommunications company providing high-quality product line to expand capacity. PCCW tested several different solutions, the final selection and use of GIPS VideoEngine program. PCCW Consumer Business Product Development and Management Director Dr. Huang Yichuan, said: "PCCW 006...
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Digi forward with the acquisition of the assets of MobiApps Satellite M2M Market

Digi International (R) Inc. (DGII) today announced the acquisition of privately held MobiApps Ltd in the United States, India and Singapore offices of almost all assets. MobiApps is engaged in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications technology development company, whose main business scope include satellite, mobile and hybrid satellite / mobile communication system solutions. MobiApps in India, Singapore and the United States a total of 63 employees, most of which are in its headquarters in Bangalore, India. The acquisition of the assets to Digi products and access to satellite technology, the area of its strategy in the wireless M2M is an important supplement. MobiApps technology and products company in the Orbcomm satellite system plays an important role. "Our wireless M2M customers are increasingly asking us to provide communications ...
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Samsung paved the way for Taiwan DRAM factory disturbed possession of hard security

Been playing the past DRAM market leader Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics), in a recent wave of price increases during the contract, but the silence of abnormal performance, the memory industry, said that Samsung is not only unwilling to follow up the hike, and even the industrys continued Samsung intends to prevent spread prices of 1Gb DDR2 capacity of more than 1.5 U.S. dollars, or even $ 1.3, it seems that the Taiwanese do not want to let a dying plant, a breathing space again, with DRAM industry outlook is still not clear, signs of end-demand is not withdrawn from circulation significantly, but I had heard a number of DRAM chip plant, which began low-key the amount of increase in investment, hoping to catch the second half of 2009 PC market, the traditional peak season, so that the overall DRAM market is not only filled with ...
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ARM introduced drastic Android push into the digital home Internet home

ARM is rapidly changing his image, from the mobile handset market, the core CPU, more areas become the core CPU, which includes the digital home, entertainment, automotive and industrial markets. "A very interesting data is that we have now a new license, 2 / 3 ratio from the non-mobile phone market. Similarly, ARM in the non-mobile phone market shipments are also growing rapidly. The dual growing tendency ARM core is that the entire digital world CPU core. "ARM Jun Tan, president of China held in Shenzhen before" The Second ARM Connected Home Applications Seminar "Introduction. Occupy the mobile phone market dominant position, CPU, ARM in recent years has been extended to other areas, the digital home is one of the most important, and Internet application trends in the digital home, as they enter this market opportunity. "We can easily...
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ANADIGICS WCDMA / HSPA 3G devices simplify amplifier design series

ANADIGICS announced the launch of a new family of WCDMA / HSPA Power Amplifier (PA), the series can be daisy-chained power amplifier integrates the RF power coupler connected to simplify the 3G handsets, network cards, modems and other UMTS user equipment design. Use HELP3 technology, ANADIGICS power amplifiers for the integration of new advanced 3G network to provide the required high output power and linearity, and has the lowest battery current consumption. New series of 3 × 3mm power amplifier dedicated to the 3G WCDMA / HSPA and HSPA + mobile devices. WCDMA (UMTS) is the third generation of GSM operators, change products, but also the worlds largest 3G wireless standard. While mobile phone sales are expected to decline, but said this year ANADIGICS WCDMA mobile phones and other users of the equipment demand is expected to grow. In...
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