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Continental TV plant Meng expediting July bullish LCD TV

Panel prices continue to rise in the price, and the more tendency there is more up in the mainstream panel prices in June rose up to 10 dollars, some panel makers in July will focus on some model LCD TV panels, adjusting prices gyda 15 to 20 U.S. dollars, rising sharply in the prices under the AUO and Chi Mei Optoelectronics and other first-line plant in the third quarter certainly make money. DisplaySearch22 said Wednesday, though panel prices are expected in July will continue to take the Yang, but now you can see, some panel makers for some LCD TV panel models in an attempt to raise prices sharply in the July 15-20 U.S. dollars, which species or more than $ 10 hike over the past month only, it is clear much higher. Although some of the LCD TV brand factory in Europe, North America LCD TV sales decline, but from mainland China LCD TV...
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Qualcomm CDMA2000 performance VIA formations to look forward to

Although China Mobile that supports the worlds largest mobile communications company, TD-SCDMA in order to be successful in China also faces enormous challenges. About TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000 and WCDMA standards of technical literature on the three one thousand and pages, but which one is better with these issues in the vain effort, I would rather care about the process of industrialization. UMTS Forum and the CDG, the figures on the official website, as of the end of March 2009, WCDMA (including HSPA) and CDMA2000 (including EV-DO), respectively, the global number of users has reached 355 million and 4.79 million. One particularly ferocious latter - due to enter the market late in 2006 StrategyAnalytics published report, was a total of 100 million 3G users worldwide, only 30% of CDMA2000 subscribers. CDG said that in the developed and emergin...
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2009 performance of well-being of Chinas industrial electronics markets mixed

According to iSuppli, while Chinas industrial electronic equipment industry is difficult to get rid of the impact of global recession, but because of the industry served by a variety of applications, expected in 2009 will continue to maintain overall growth. ISuppli forecasts that Chinas industry in 2009 the overall turnover of electronic equipment market will reach 40.9 billion U.S. dollars, up 8.9% compared to 2008. The growth rate is lower than in 2008, highlighted the negative impact of global recession. Industrial electronics is the most diverse areas of the economy. According to iSupplis definition, industrial electronics, including: medical electronics, manufacturing automation, semiconductor manufacturing, test and measurement, security systems, military and civil aviation applications. With such a wide range of applications, i...
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iPhone 3GS dismantling Report: Broadcom and Toshiba to win orders

The third generation of Apples iPhone teardown analysis showed that, in part because using a Broadcom chip and Toshiba, this phone more integrated, and may cost less. Therefore, an analyst quipped, iPhone 3GS the "S" might represent "Savings (savings)." Elpida for the first time into the iPhone 3GS, the DRAM die in the two chips being stacked. Elpida, Samsung and Toshiba have been replaced as the phones flash memory and DRAM suppliers. Semiconductor Insights Young Choi, a senior engineering manager, said, "iPhone 3GS most surprising is the non-CSR Marvell Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips," and the previous iPhone, contain these chips. He dismantling of the two mobile phones, and the main chip inside the machine are analyzed. Apple iPod Touch used previously for the Broadcom BCM4325 integrated 802.11abg and Bluetooth, you may save space and cost...
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The third quarter of strong sales driven phone display shipments of small and medium size

According to iSuppli Corporation, Chinas mobile phone sales over the past few months, Jin Wang, stimulating the market for small and medium size LCD panel demand, easing the recession caused by falling prices, and make some of sales growth. Example, the 2.0-inch 240 × 320LCD panel prices in May rose by 1%. 3.2 inches and 3.5-inch 320 × 480LCD panel prices to rise 1% in the second quarter, both the price of LCD panels in the first quarter decreased by 5% and 7%. Taiwan LCD panel makers such as AU Optronics, Chunghwa Picture Tubes and Ling giant in science and technology in the Chinese mobile phone market continues to show strong second-quarter shipments of the first month to 500 million units. For most companies in Taiwan, one month is April 2009, small and medium size display shipments to more than the second quarter of 2008, half of t...
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Photoresists to improve quality and reduce costs to be controlled by others both

Made color filter, may help to reduce raw material costs, but technology and monopoly of raw materials, color filters, and also made the cost of not fully relieve the pressure. Only to break the monopoly, and further expansion of the supply chain upstream in order to compress the real production costs and enhance market competitiveness. TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) panel was able to produce color changes, mainly from the color filter (CF). Color filter is highly customized parts, the glass substrate size and customer substrate size must be matched with CF produce high technical requirements, 5 generation production line than both the large and thin substrates, transport risky Therefore, on behalf of more than 5 CF production line TFT-LCD panel built into the plant growing tendency within the panel increasing pro...
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New material and technology to promote the development of passive electronic components

Tsinghua University, Department of Materials Changjiang Scholar Professor Zhou Ji With the new concepts, new theories, new materials, new technologies, the field of passive components are used, passive components has become a very active area of technology innovation. Nearly half a century, the rapid development of information technology, changes in the process of human civilization, in large part due to the semiconductor device integration technology innovation. This phenomenon has been described as the famous Moores Law, that is, integration of semiconductor integrated circuits doubles every 18 months. In contrast, a large number of semiconductor devices other than the electronic components, passive components, we are collectively referred to as the development is relatively slow, and constitute a bottleneck in the development of ele...
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Stage of hybrid integrated circuits into China should accelerate the development of SOP

Member of Chinese Institute of Electronics Components Branch Wang Ruiting Now moving into the international system to hybrid integrated circuit chip, micro sensors, micro actuators and integrated passive components external film, set microelectronics, photonics technology, MEMS (microelectromechanical system) technology and Nano-technology in one system package (SoP) phase. a multi-function SOP products The development trend of electronic products are highly integrated, high performance and high reliability, and as technology improves the products "light, thin, short and small" to a new level. Active device experienced by the tubes, transistors, small-scale integrated circuits, the size of integrated circuits, large-scale integrated circuits and ultra large scale integrated circuit stage, and now realized the system-on-chip (SoC), veri...
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Wuhan Optical Valley LED industry has entered a rapid development track

Back "thoroughfare of nine provinces" information hub for strength and intellectual resources, the countrys third-largest bank, "Optics Valley of China" never a lack of opportunities for the development of new industries . The latest one, is the LED (light emitting diodes) the new light industries. On the LED, Edison invented the light bulb industry as following after another man lighting the landmark invention. This energy can be transformed into optical semiconductor materials, small size, low power consumption, long life, low in calories. LED lighting industry is a new development effort is the fourth industrial revolution the world an important part of the application of new energy revolution as the main sign. It is generally the new energy revolution, out of economic crisis as a major breakthrough. Unlike in the past, this time,...
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Popularity of LED lighting to the average family

6 9, 4-day 14th session of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre at the grand opening. The exhibition gathered more than 1,500 lighting from domestic and foreign companies, but a decrease from previous years exhibitors, such as NVC, Op and other well-known local lighting companies did not attend this year, but the show is still over 11 million square meters area , covering 11 halls, has become the first in Asia, the worlds second annual lighting industry event. Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Watch Protagonist of this year is still the energy-saving lamps 6 Yue 14 ~ 20, this years National Energy Conservation Week. Show this year, the most fashionable, cutting-edge, energy-efficient LED lights at the show in advance preview of the show called the real pr...
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