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PV industry will attract over a hundred billion dollars of private investment

Recently, according to foreign media reports, Chinas solar PV industry is expected to attract over 100 billion dollars in private investment, and the next three years will help China become the worlds leading solar equipment market. Investment Advisor in the energy sector, Jiang Qian, chief researcher believes that since 2009 the solar energy in China successively adopted the New Deal, is that the parties are optimistic about Chinas solar PV industry, the main reason. The present status of PV manufacturing superpower for the judge to add a lot of confidence. Policy areas, first in March of this year, the Ministry of Finance introduced to accelerate the implementation of solar PV building applications and related views measures to aid the construction of photovoltaic demonstration project to fund subsidies. For eligible photovoltaic bui...
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Trends in domestic lighting energy into energy policy take the express train companies compete

Is Energy Conservation Week last week, the state to promote energy efficient products and subsidies, to encounter in the international financial tsunami biggest export crisis in a decade of domestic lighting enterprises offered an olive branch. Reporter from the recently held Asias largest International Lighting Fair 2009 Guangzhou Lighting Fair --- understand that lighting companies are scrambling to take the energy saving policy dispute Express, under the New Deal financial crisis and energy conservation, lighting industry has begun to reshuffle. Lighting export crisis highlights In the financial crisis, the lighting industry from the end of last year a "deeply divided", as "Asias lighting industry benchmark" to carry out more than ten years of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, is more able to feel it. Guangzhou Inter...
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Low prices triggered panic buying half the energy-saving bulbs

"I want 5 watts, give me 50!" Yesterday morning, Nanjing Planning Exhibition Hall Square, waiting in long lines, being held promotion activities in the energy-saving products, Philips, strong bullying the other five field sales energy saving lamp enterprises, the price to enjoy government subsidies, so that passers-by can not help but sigh hot scenes, "In the past only seen queuing up to buy eggs, and have not seen queuing up to buy light bulbs!" 10 diverse energy saving light bulbs sell 3.95 "5-watt, 8 watt hair 5,11 3 9 watts, 14 watts 4 3 hair, these bulbs sold in the market may have more than 10 blocks!" In the strong Ling-site sales of energy-saving light bulbs, staff and the public about constantly. An aunt who lives in Yuhuatai District Xuanwu Lake was originally to play with his granddaughter, also joined the ranks in line to b...
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South Korea said it would fully implemented RFHIC CREE SiC substrates

South Korean companies said they were optimistic about the performance and reliability of SiC substrates for the production of microwave devices. 6 23 News, South Korean manufacturer of semiconductor compounds RFHIC said recently, GaN-on-SiC devices on the market today can be the same silicon substrate competition, thanks to the partner CREE SiC substrate. "Although the GaN-on-SiC is not the cheapest solution, but it CREE consolidated basis, or even been hailed as the most competitive LDMOS ( microwave devices). "RFHIC senior international sales manager, Kevin Kim said. RFHIC GaN module CREE announced that it has and the South Korean wireless component manufacturers signed a strategic agreement, the supply from the June GaN HEMT. In 2006, RFHIC Cree neighbors Nitronex started with strategic alliances, in the production of GaN ...
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Ascent Solar to develop 5m flexible CIGS solar cell modules

American Ascent Solar Technologies has developed a 5m length of flexible CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) solar cell modules. Module width 32cm, weight 2kg. Bottom with polyimide. Openings of the power generation efficiency of 9.1%, output power is 123W. Ascent Solar modules positioned for the integration of building materials (BIPV) solar cells, the main products. Annual production capacity of 1.5MW using the volume of the volume device production. Currently under construction in the annual production capacity of 30MW factory scheduled to import production equipment. ...
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CIIIC IC enterprises settled in the world gather resources in Jinan

International information industry giant - the United States Pericoms decision in its national information and communication International Innovation Park (CIIIC) Jinan subsidiary of $ 7,000,000 capital increase, the registered capital of 2,700 million U.S. dollars. This reporter learned that, at present, the companys five production lines have been installed and adjusted, is about to put into trial operation. It is understood, Shandong Pericom CIIIC Ya Tao Technology Co., Ltd. is introduced after the establishment of the first major foreign investment projects. Pericom is headquartered in Silicon Valley, the U.S. NASDAQ listed company, and the crystal oscillator in the IC design field of research in production largest in the world. Pericom have been coming to visit Shandong crystal oscillator integrated circuit design and production of...
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ADI-digital converter to help CERN Large Hadron Collider reveals the mysteries of the universe

Recently, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will start operation in autumn 2009, more than 100,000 digital converters ADIs will play an important role, through the study of subatomic particles debris generated by collisions to help scientists to reveal the composition and operation of the universe. "ADIs data converters in the Large Hadron Collider plays an important role. We need the converter used in radiation-resistant and reliable, it is because these converters in high-radiation environment must work a few years, "CERN resources manager, said Hans Rykaczewski," LHC will produce collisions caused by energy, the energy can be converted into digital data stream, measurement and analysis. ADIs converter with which we measure by the 64,000 acid lead crystal to capture the energy of the spe...
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Henans first high-power semiconductor lighting R & D center unveiled

Recently, Henan Province, the first high-power LED (semiconductor) lighting research and development center opening in the economic and technological development zones, it will actively promote the research and development of LED lighting products to help enterprises achieve industrial development. Currently, the center of the New Vision Optical (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. has developed the fourth generation of LED products, covering street lamps, tunnel lights and indoor commercial lighting, and in Zhengzhou, Shenzhen and other cities application. According to reports, LED incandescent lamp power consumption is only 1 / 10, while the use of time as long as 10 years. In the future, LED lighting will gradually replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps, the market prospect is very broad. Is only in respect of Henan Province, LED high power str...
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Chengdu start "city of ten thousand ten" pilot project of semiconductor lighting applications

Following this years April Chengdu approved a national "Ten City, ten thousand," Application of semiconductor lighting pilot project cities, "Chengdu" Ten City, ten thousand, "Application of semiconductor lighting pilot project implementation plan (2009-2011)" ( hereinafter referred to as "Program") has officially released. Chengdu, more than 60 million yuan will be invested to start the "city of ten thousand ten" semiconductor lighting pilot and demonstration projects, the introduction of new technologies for urban energy conservation, light metro line 1. Relevant person in charge of Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau said the city started "Ten City, ten thousand," semiconductor lighting pilot and demonstration projects, including the Western high-tech LED lights new road projects, Metro Line 1 LED lighting, Taurus Regional Road L...
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He Shifei LED lights into peoples homes? Price is the key

4-day 14th session of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre at the grand opening. The exhibition gathered more than 1,500 lighting from domestic and foreign companies, exhibition area is still up to 11 million square meters, covering 11 halls, has become the first in Asia, the worlds second annual lighting industry event. Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Watch Protagonist of this year is still the energy-saving lamps 6 Yue 14 ~ 20, this years National Energy Conservation Week. Show this year, the most fashionable, cutting-edge, energy-efficient LED lights at the show in advance preview of the show called the real protagonist. In the early years, although it represents the future trend of lighting, but more difficult application, poor market development, s...
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