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Open Patent Alliance WiMAX patent issued to convene

Committed to support the development and adoption of WiMAX solutions to provide intellectual property Open Patent Alliance (Open Patent Alliance, referred to as OPA) has announced the convening of a patent to cover important to create a WiMAX patent pool of patents (patent pool .) OPA has selected Via Licensing Corporation as a representative, to promote the establishment and management of the patent pool. A WiMAX patent pool to help businesses of all sizes through the simple and cost-effective way to obtain the necessary patents. OPA plans to build a fair, transparent and has a reasonable royalty of intellectual property licensing structure, creating a patent pool is an important part of the plan. By those who wish to develop innovative products and services companies to reduce the "entry threshold", the patent pool will accelerate WiM...
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Login imperative FEOL

Although Taiwans back-panel factory layout module mainland has been a long time, but different from the past panel front section of the module is just an extension of the layout of the plant status, cross-strait cooperation in the display industry, has started to enter the stage of strategic cooperation and division of labor to This trend analysis, Taiwans flat panel industry will further the need for front-end layout of the possibility of an extension of the mainland will be greatly enhanced. Fact, recently the industry has continued to spread gossip. Including the CMO may not yet installed Lujhu 8.5 generation plant (the current equipment is still parked in the port of the home country of foreign equipment manufacturers) to change most of the equipment shipped to Guangzhou, and initially funded by the establishment of a local company ...
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Seoul Semiconductor said that the National Palace Museum of Korea, lighting technology used ACRICHE

Seoul Semiconductor (strain) recently said that the National Palace Museum of Korea 1,2 layer, 1 underground floor lighting showroom all within the main AC power supply using special semiconductor light source ACRICHE. (Strain) FS KOREA NETWORKS to South Koreas National Palace Museum has supplied lighting products using ACRICHE DELICIA. Although ACRICHE lighting (DELICIA) is the LED lighting products, but adjustable brightness light show to close. Also addresses the converter due to the short life of reason is difficult to maintain the long life of the shortcomings of other LED products, LED holders to maximize the advantages of long life products. ACRICHE than traditional halogen lighting not only save an average of 75% -85% of the power consumption, and will not produce the traditional halogen bulbs produce ultraviolet and infrared. I...
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GPS chip vendor disgraced Tuchui

Several recent global positioning system (GPS) equipment plant exported to Taiwan, China and the U.S. market GPS products, the chip can not locate the problem caused by the serious problems facing the emergency recall and compensation issues, the vendors were affected included is John, ring days, Panasonic, Newman, integrity and beauty of such competition, the number of affected products is estimated that at least 10 million units, probably will be the impact of GPS equipment, plant performance, as problems of the GPS chip is from the Morningstar Semiconductor (MStarSemiconductor), but not Morningstar 22, responded to this incident. GPS industry, said the GPS chip in the computing software design error, time to carry similar Y2K problems, leading to use this GPS navigation chip terminals, numerous serious problems occurred can not locat...
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South Korea ATLab developed resistance film multi-touch technology

Announced the development of South Korea ATLabInc resistive multi-touch (ResistiveMultiTouch, R-MT) technology, HanwoolInformationTech (HWIT) will be responsible for production of products. It ATLab said its resistive touch screen technology with low-cost advantage, and sex may be beyond the iPhone. ATLab developed resistance film R-MT Technology is 100% digital circuitry, can achieve rapid response and reduce the power consumption goals. R-MT allows users to use both fingers and handwriting input language restrictions, you can use Korean, English or Chinese characters. Can also zoom in or out pictures with your fingers. In the production cost, R-MT are more capacitive multi-touch (C-MT) advantage. Currently, ATLab has three related patents, including: KRAP10-2008-0127410; KRAP10-2009-0014944; KRAP10-2009-0028199. The new R-MT greatly...
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OEM mobile phone makers a basic balance between supply and demand of inventory

The hands of the current global mobile phone OEM mobile phone manufacturers inventory is 7,500 million. Given the current operating income level, iSuppli believes, indicating that the global wireless supply chain inventory has dropped to an appropriate level of supply and demand balance. From the amount in terms of mobile inventory at the end of the first quarter fell to 6.2 billion in the third quarter of 2008 was a record high of 8.6 billion recently. ISuppli analyst CarloCiriello financial services company, said: "In the current inventory levels, OEM manufacturers have no reason to produce more than demand for mobile phones." The end of the first quarter, the phone inventory days to 30 days. This means slightly lower than normal inventory levels, operating income in the current macroeconomic situation and the weak, which is more approp...
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Chip miniaturization of electronic components of the main direction of technology development

Present, with research and production of traditional elements gradually matured, the electronic components industry is moving into new materials, new techniques and new technology driven product updates upgrade and deepen the development of a new period of industry as a whole shown a piece of , miniaturization trend, and, as the overall development of electronic information industry, the development of the electronic components industry also proposed new requirements. With microelectronic circuits, surface mount technology (SMT) in the adoption and continued development and improvement, light, thin and small as a measure of an important symbol of electronic machine products. In order to make electronic devices smaller, we must first consider the miniaturization of electronic components. Chip, miniaturization of electronic components i...
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Wenxue Li: seize the opportunity to revitalize the electronic components industry

"Electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") has officially announced the "plan" put forward, the next three years, the electronic information industry should focus on computers, electronic components such as the revitalization of the nine key areas of expansion . Government support measures will be introduced in seven areas, for three years to ensure stable development of electronic information industry, speed up structural adjustment, promote industrial upgrading. Plan within three years of electronic information industry GDP contribution to the growth of not less than 0.7 percentage points. Chinas electronic information industry is one of the top ten industrial revitalization program. Chinas electronic information industry to address the long-term development, "plannin...
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Weiwu Godson about patents: the moment the Red Army as early

6 21, architect Weiwu Godson wrote the theme article, "buy on the calculation of the structure of authority MIPS consideration" to buy MIPS Godson authorized to make detailed interpretation of the results. Article, Weiwu wrote, Institute of Computing MIPS structure obtained authorization is permanent, will be free to design a variety of CPU chips, chip manufacturers in the domestic and international flow of films, performance can be constantly upgraded, there is no future Godson development is subject to MIPS big companies. He said the structure of purchased license MIPS little cost, the cost of only a small proportion of total R & D costs, or even much lower than the calculation of the costs for the purchase of EDA tools. And future branded products in the Godson "MIPS-compatible" label is very easy to get formal recognition of large ...
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SMD fuses on a single lithium battery applications

Today, mobile phones, digital cameras (camera), PDA, MP3 / 4 ... more and more products using lithium batteries as the power supply system circuit. Focus on the power lithium battery size requirements are smaller, higher energy density and no memory effect, but also the advantages of recycling used multiple times. However, lithium battery explosion also occurred recently. 2009.1.30 East Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, computer store occurred in association with the cell phone lithium battery explosion inside the neck artery break a young man died on the spot. So for the safety of lithium batteries is also attracting increasing attention. Lithium battery protection board will select the appropriate chip fuse is very important. One. The composition of a single lithium battery Mainly by lithium batteries and battery protection board...
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