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08 LCD monitor market in China brewing baptism shuffle

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2008 years of Chinese own-brand LCD monitor market is very difficult year, regardless of manufacturer or the channels are under tremendous pressure, the price dropped lower and MAC97A6 datasheet and lower, the market brewing reshuffle.

2008 the first three quarters, China displays its own brand market is down situation, sales reached 9,269,000 units, down 5.5%. Which sold 8,486,000 units LCD, an increase of 13.2%. Not from the distribution of the size of LCD you can see, 19 LCD ratio to 62.5%, leading the LCD market. More than 19 LCD 19 LCD and MAC97A6 price and the composition of sales, accounted for the absolute mainstream widescreen LCD; 19 LCD Widescreen sales in the proportion of 90.2%; more than 19 LCD in the widescreen 97.2% share of sales.

2008 first three quarters of the market structure of Chinas own-brand monitors

2008 own brand in China in the mainstream LCD monitor sizes are: 19 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch and MAC97A6 suppliers and greater than 22 inches price is falling, almost an avalanche. Price war in 2008 to become the main theme of own-brand monitor, LCD monitor panel prices for 80% depending on the price, due to the weak global economy in 2008, the market demand is limited, panel prices continue to fall; the Chinese economy has maintained rapid development, but under the impact of regional economic imbalances, LCD monitor demand in the relative saturation stage - have not yet reached the replacement stage upgrade, not a limited ability to pay. Weak demand and overcapacity, price war makes the end product into the abyss.

2008 Nian display manufacturers competitive, complex and volatile market structure. Brands continue to lower prices in order to consolidate market position, first-line prices Samsung active participation, and the price difference between the space AOC continued to narrow, making the second and third lines substantially reduced sales of the brand, suffered the test of living space, large-scale production cost advantages advantage of the lack of negotiations and the lack of upstream supply makes the second and third tier manufacturers struggling. These vendors continue to cut prices to protect themselves, resulting in a lower and lower down the situation. As a market leader Samsung, which is the market benchmark prices, it does not cut production to maintain plans to temporarily sacrifice profits for more market advantage, the formation of the tremendous pressure other manufacturers; its price cuts to keep it the rising trend. AOC suppressed by the price of Samsung and other brands of price shocks, the larger the pressure of competition; LG As a result of price cuts to follow the pricing and combination of proactive strategy to maintain a relatively stable market position; the Great Wall of the market with higher volatility of its price policy changes large; without a pricing initiative in the ViewSonic is always in a passive position.

Can be predicted that the price war in 2009 the theme will continue through to the end, two, three line companies will survive the test of experience. Intense competition will continue to improve product performance manufacturers and cut manufacturing costs, spare no effort to introduce many new products. First of all, the main push 16:9 joint upstream product manufacturers. 16:9 6 Line will be completed next, before the major cut 6 Line LCD TV panels, the cutting of LCD panels more cost 16:9; 16:9 LCD monitor also has a better entertainment and video game effects. Second, high-definition LCD began to spread. 16:9 widescreen LCD in addition to 18.5 and 20 do not support widescreen resolution of 1080P, other various specifications meet 1,920 × 1,080, and the price is not high; the same time with the 24 widescreen TN panel prices will decline further. Third, the energy-saving LCD monitors become a new bright spot. The future, China will focus on the LCD monitor power conditions, from April 1, 2009 onwards, all commercial energy consumption of LCD displays to be affixed to identify, reach energy efficiency standards for level 3 will be banned for sale, and to achieve energy efficiency standards Level 1 (highest level) of the LCD display will be favored. Fourth, the competition was temporarily paragraphs dynamic contrast ratio, wide color gamut technology to be heating up. Dynamic contrast ratio of 2008 has reached the ratio of 100,000:1, but the main product to the 20000:1 ratio of between 15,000:1 and dynamic contrast ratio of 20000:1 to upgrade to, the picture effect of the improvement has been relatively minor. Therefore, in future mainstream products to upgrade to 20000:1 dynamic contrast ratio can be. While the wide gamut higher product prices, models less than normal, the next to be heating up.

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