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300 domestic enterprises fate of dilemma PV

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By the financial tsunami, rumors since last October, the country has more than 300 photovoltaic modules business failures out of business, leaving only 50 or so.

"PV components businesses have closed down the 300 family? I think the number exaggerated." February 19, a domestic PV business executives expressed doubts. In its view, although the late start of domestic enterprises PV modules, PV industry chain is also affected by the financial crisis the biggest part, but three months of the financial tsunami, "estimated that only 100 firms closed down 100 companies to temporarily suspend production, 100 companies in a semi-shutdown state. "

Same day, the China Renewable Energy Society of Professional Committee of photovoltaic Zhao Yuwen, Secretary-General of Jiangsu Province, Wei Qidong Photovoltaic Industry Association, are told this newspaper that the current enterprise bankruptcy PV modules without special investigation, "So 300 do not know bankruptcy rumors come from. "

"Even though there are 300 enterprises of PV modules down, it can not peg teeth", the aforementioned photovoltaic executives also said that as long as the solution of the three aspects of the problem: finance, foreign and XCS30XL-4PQ240C datasheet and domestic market recovery market launch, "or even 600 of the PV modules will immediately emerge out of business."

Crazy investment

According to report, in 2007 the domestic production of photovoltaic modules in a total of more than 200 companies, but by 2008 that number has soared to nearly 400.

"Nearly 400 just a estimated value may be more a matter of fact, this is hard for us to estimate how many PV companies an important reason for fall." The executives said the company does not have a PV module in charge of industry associations, and XCS30XL-4PQ240C price and government authorities around the different units, "Some vested in the local director of Science and XCS30XL-4PQ240C suppliers and Technology Department, Information Industry Department and some are competent, more chaos."

Cause confusion stems from the solar module manufacturing is a low investment threshold. PV industry chain mainly as a silicon material, silicon, batteries, components, systems, and six areas of the grid. In the solar photovoltaic industry chain, component manufacturing as low investment, short construction period, technical and financial threshold is low, the nearest market, and so on, it attracted a large number of manufacturers.

"The fastest time in 2007 and 2008, two years, the PV module industry has reached the point of madness." The executive said, because the two-year development of the world photovoltaic industry golden period, industry upstream and downstream products are in short supply state. The PV module production, for example, if produced, to be taken away immediately, the gross profit of 20% -30% can be achieved, "the results of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces with the production of shoes and the gloves have come in the enterprise, and some even have a town 2-3 companies, as compared to gross profit of around 3% of textiles, which has enable the company crazy. "

Data show that in 2008 the first time, Chinas PV production capacity of more than Germany, the highest in the world; in herein, photovoltaic module production in China in 2007 already reached the world at the time, photovoltaic module production to 1717MWp, 138% over the previous year.

Financial crises led to decline in Europe and the United States demand for energy, utilities (market share it) slow down the new company launched the project, thus delaying the progress of new energy projects. U.S. research institutions ISuppli (the worlds leading electronics manufacturing for the market research company) report showed the global solar cell installation in 2008 the number reached 3.8GW (10 billion watts), but the environment in 2009 due to economic downturn, the number will only be installed growth of 9.6% to 4.2GW, the market supply has increased from last years 7.7GW 62% to 11.1GW.

"The impact of the market and exchange rates, compared to before the outbreak of the financial crisis in the third quarter, the companys first quarter 2009 sales will decline." CSI Artes in charge of market leader Zhang ice, told reporters that reasons for the decline is about half, according to the global PV market in Germany the number of sharp decline in demand, and eye-catching performance in last years relatively sluggish demand for the Spanish side.

Weiqi Dong told reporters, Jiangsu enterprises to 40 PV modules, "but the degree of influence on how, we are still doing thoroughly." He admitted that 98% of the domestic photovoltaic market is that foreign companies to Europe and the United States particularly at night, so the decline in overseas demand the greatest impact on the PV industry, "particularly some small PV module manufacturers are facing difficulties in large , mainly in the loss of orders, such as financial strain. "

However, "failure, suspension or half cut state sector enterprises more than last year, came in the middle of the sales staff, size, components of the conversion rates are not as large enterprises, so in this storm in the first Dao Xia . "executives told reporters the foregoing, the current domestic listed companies, in addition to LDK LDK, Zhejiang Yuhui endures, such as Suntech, Trina Solar, Solarfun Power, CSI and other enterprises will produce Artes PV modules, and hold long-term orders.

Speed shuffle

"Financial crisis may speed up the process of industry reshuffle." Zhao Yuwen admitted, in the shuffling process and can not deny the role of domestic enterprises PV modules. Two years, a lot of money into the component industry, the cost of PV modules for low credit.

"Whether the acquisition-related business, we will, as the market conditions." Ice sheets, said that the current price of PV modules down 30%, for the investment attractive. "Some time ago, and Germanys main customer chat, they said because of the decline in PV prices, the previous power plant project, or did not do launched in the near future."

Secretary-General of China Renewable Energy Society Mengxian Gan said: "In the current situation, the photovoltaic business or closed down to die, or we must develop new markets. That is, development of the domestic market." In 2007, the domestic market to digest domestic product accounts for only 1% of the total output of photovoltaic enterprises -2%.

As a consequence, "98% of the products are sold abroad, leaving only about 2% to domestic products, resulting in a mismatch between industry and market. The domestic PV market has yet to start, and not by solar power in China subsidy policies, laws and regulations related to tariff setting. "company executives said above, due to the late 1990s, solar power cost of 10 yuan / kWh, given the limited state financial resources, not like Europe and the United States through government subsidies to promote the development of photovoltaic power generation industry.

Is worth noting that the Chinese Renewable Energy Association, Shi Dinghuan December 6, 2008 revealed, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board is the policy of photovoltaic power generation to support and subsidies, through the tender approach, according to about 4 yuan to the acquisition price. "Prior is expected to be able to do 3 to 5 years 1.0 yuan / kWh cost of PV power generation is expected to achieve after two years."

Wei Qidong revealed that at present, including Suntech, including businesses have "1 Yuan / photovoltaic power generation" program completed and will be turned over to choose the relevant department.

At the same time, recently, a development led by the Ministry of Industry and the China Electronic Information Industry Development Plan (2009 -2011) of the draft (the "draft plan") has been officially finalized. It is worth noting that the draft plan is clearly stated, "the introduction of supportive policies to encourage solar power, start the domestic PV market and the development application and demonstration of photovoltaic power generation."

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