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85% of the lighting companies, said 2009 will be fully open up the domestic market

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The face of the economic crisis in 2008, lighting companies suffered some blows. Many industry sources forecast 2009 economic situation is still grim. Recently, on a number of lighting companies conducted a questionnaire survey, 85% said 2009 will be fully open up the domestic market, 30% of companies said they would cut investment in foreign markets. Particular focus on the development had previously been export business, is now said to be heading in systematic, large-scale direction, so as to allow domestic entered the overall operation of the state. Although the lighting business

sales last year, is not optimistic, but the state, the major provinces and HCNW136 datasheet and cities have introduced support policies, plans to invest heavily in infrastructure projects, in order to stimulate domestic demand. In this environment, the development of enterprises in 2009 the direction of lighting, how will it?

Direction of the market: stealth channel multi-faceted flower

Through surveys show that in 2009 most of the companies that want to develop stealth channels, and HCNW136 price and the way to develop diversified, in addition to the exchange will be held in the designer, put invisible channels of media advertising, the companies have said they would focus on home lighting focus on home improvement company, engineers, and HCNW136 suppliers and Design Institute and the Pan-home building materials market, the companies said there will be furniture, ceramics and textile industry in direct contact, to achieve cross-industry communication and cooperation, and expand market coverage.

In fact, many enterprises in the development of the market is going to be very easy to ignore the invisible channels, because the development of invisible channels and can not immediately see a profit, and retail companies, large customers, such as channel construction will soon see to benefit. But as long as the invisible channels mature, it will give a corporate sales, brand influence played a significant role in promoting.

In the traditional distribution channels, 95% of the enterprises that will focus on developing a secondary market, the South China market has been relatively mature, enterprises will be more in 2009, turning China and North China and Northeast markets.

Product direction: the pursuit of novelty and differentiation

Order to increase brand awareness, promote product innovation, in 2008 the major lighting companies have introduced new products. For example, Philips launched last year, breaking the previous LivingColors series of new products in the minds of consumers of professional lighting and conventional lighting, the image on the basis of high quality, fashion design and full integration of emotional life needs. NVC Lighting were offered a "light" series next-generation energy-saving lamps, such "light" series of energy-saving lamps to achieve a wide range of innovative, lamp, lamp, part of the circuit are used environmentally friendly materials and advanced technology, product design life for the environment, the operating voltage and lights and other indicators fit more than a breakthrough.

According to the survey, for 2009 the direction of the lighting product development, corporate attention focused on business, engineering lighting, such as engineering down light and so on. According to many business enterprises that do business in the lighting shop on the premise of homogeneous product lines, the pursuit of new products and differentiation. There are also lighting companies commercial lighting that spotlights the tube will be further developed, mainly in the dual-energy lamp, down light as a design engineering center, and to die for the technical direction of white spray. In addition, the light aspects of light direction will be towards the commercial development, such as metal halide light source, the integration of energy-saving lamps Cup is also being gradually firms.

Marketing direction: store is still the mainstream

2008 the global economic crisis, the pace of lighting companies hampered the marketing, this time about two types of enterprises. The first category of their own limited capital, weak marketing capabilities to face difficulties when they will take a conservative strategy to protect their own "inherent country."

Second relatively strong strength of enterprises, will turn the crisis turned into, the contrarian. This type of enterprise with many years of brand, capital, channel, and personnel and other advantages, in 2008, continue to accelerate the pace of sales, both traditional channels, or the invisible channels, all in a massive attack.

Particularly in the field of home lighting, home lighting with the overall concept of maturity, many home lighting company began the expansion of the domestic market, expanding in major cities have shops or experience center. If last years Jonsson Electric (China) Co., Ltd. President Rong standard once said to use three to five years or so in the Chinese market around 1000, "Jonsson home lighting living museum."

Survey, chain stores are still lighting the mainstream corporate marketing in 2009, while the operations center and logistics center is also gradually develop its own expertise. Besides, some enterprises that are concerned about areas of the supermarket, they think one-stop shopping trend.

Situation forecast: the confidence index as high as 90%

2008 years with the company to increase the difficulties and the rising cost of labor and wages, employment growth is also expected to be affected, thus affecting income growth. Signs of economic cooling may affect the residents from the various consumer confidence is expected to change peoples consumption, the future is likely slowdown in consumer demand, the slowdown of the consumption structure problem. Most lighting companies think the economy needs 1 to 2 years to pick up. Although last year the overall economic downturn

, but a number of lighting companies charge for 2009 is full of confidence. According to the survey, business-to-market situation in 2009 the overall confidence index up to 90%. No matter how bad, companies can only seize the opportunity, head forward, based on strengthening internal management, new ideas and working methods, creating excellent product quality, management quality and business team, give full play to each persons good potential, will 2009 ushered in a more brilliant.

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